Allen Park Police Department

  • Agency: Allen Park Police Department
  • Address: 16630 Southfield Rd, Suite 3100, Allen Park, 48101 MI
  • Chief: Dean Tamsen (Chief of Police)

Allen Park Police Department is located at 16630 Southfield Rd, Suite 3100, Allen Park, 48101 MI. The Chief of Police of the department is Dean Tamsen. The Allen Park Police Department phone number is 313-386-7800.

Allen Park Police Department News

For your lunch time viewing. :) Tales from the front row... We responded to a threats complaint. These days it seems folks just keep going till a Personal Protection Order is obtained. ugh Sitting in you car and you see a car coming towards you, almost hit your car, then up over a sign and onto the sidewalk. Then back on the road to a gas station. Driver casually exits the vehicle and heads into the gas station! There are a few thoughts going on here. First whew, second what the heck did I just see? The driver was waiting for us when we arrived and had no recall of his off road adventures. His night became a lot longer. There was a Home Invasion in the 9300 block of Quandt. Know who is in your neighborhood and hopefully know your neighbors. There was a cell phone stolen from the High school . Some folks mistook the newspaper delivery person as a person whom was taking items from others vehicles, Some drama ensued , but we were able to provide clarity ;) Retail fraud- The subject failed to pay for some earrings , 2 video games and some silly putty. The ironic part the games were, Dishonored-The death of the Outsider and Grand Theft Auto. There were more then a few accidents. Car verse garage. Garage lost. Car exits the road and through a garage , thus causing the garage to collapse. The driver had complaint of pain. Once again, bringing your own bags to shop is a awesome thing to do. BUT filling the bags and walking out into a waiting vehicle will place you on Santa's naughty list as well as ours. There ya go, a few items from the first weekend in Nov.

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Don't be that person tomorrow. :) Fall back those clocks tonight.

Hello AP. What's for breakfast?.. Or was for breakfast

Thanks Realty Transition for an amazing lunch. Food from Byblos banquets.

We were out and about last night, passing out candy and making new friends . The pics were " borrowed" from another posting :) Hope all had a great evening. Now, who is ready for Christmas :)

Its Monday, yuck! But Tales from the front row is here . When stopped and you tell us , " I don't have a license and my car possibly has no Insurance". Oddly, :) they were correct. Stroll on into Target. Select those headphones you have had your eye on. Take em out of the package, in an area of where you think isn't in view of cameras. Put them around your neck and roll on out of the store. Umm Don't do that.. Someone tried to return a $1,600 guitar. The criminal aspect of the return was it was stolen the night prior from another location. How do you think that was going to work out for you? Then your friend lies to us about his name!! You rode to the store together, but leave in separate cars, WITH US :) #notpandorabracelets The ole price tag switch game. To the tune of appx $900.00. The game is not new folks. Driving down the road , you see sparks from under the hood of your car. Next thing you know, car is on fire. ugh We did have an attempted purse snatch near Panda Express. We do not have pictures or video. Just always be aware of your surroundings. We did assist several agencies in a purist that ended in our city. The individuals were taken into custody by the agency that began the pursuit. Retail fraud- Pay for EVERYTHING you wish to take home please..... Or don't go shopping. There ya go , some but not all of an AP weekend.

Monday has been suspended, go back to bed. :) #baseball #football

Also, we were able to fit in the AP 2020 trunk N treat. Thanks for letting is sneak in late :)

Some pictures from Trunk or Treat today. The event was at the MSP post in Taylor. There were 14 Departments in attendance. As you can see from the first picture, very well attended. The trunks were amazing. I also want to take time to thank all those that helped make our Candy land trunk a huge hit. It put a ton of smiles on faces of young and old alike.

Come on out. MSP South Post in Taylor for Trunk or Treat. Till 4 pm

Just a quick peek at some of what APPD is bringing to WIN, Trunk or Treat at the MSP post this Sunday 2-4. #onecommunity

The City of Allen Park has received some great news for the Allen Park Police Department! The Police Department was awarded a 2017 Bulletproof Vest Partnership (BVP) grant from the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA). The award of $4,506.70 will be used for National Institute of Justice (NIJ) compliant armored vests. Of the six Downriver Police Agencies to be awarded this grant, APPD received the second largest allocation.

Saw this floating on the net. Funny, yet sad. Let's hope it's a joke.. How is your Friday AP?

Goddard road will be closed from Reeck Road to Old Goddard Road starting Monday Oct 30 at 7:00 a.m. and will be open on Thursday Nov 02 at 5:00 p.m. for the demolition of bridge.

Traffic fatalities to date in Michigan- FOR THE DAY: 0 FOR THE MONTH: 29 FOR THE YEAR: 804 LAST YEAR TO DATE: 825

We are excited to announce that we will be taking part in Trunk or Treat at the MSP Metro South Post. Come on out this Sunday and watch us take home the award for best dressed trunk. :)


Tales from the front row. Well Happy Monday AP.. Lets think about this. Going 82 in a 55 mph. We pull behind you, lights and sirens, Your reaction is to speed up to about 100 mph. Now we are very interested in you. However, your driving skills are not top notch as you try to negotiate a turn off the freeway Thus you and your car come to a stop, SIDEWAYS in the dirt. A few things take place now. You are arrested. The numerous pills and marijuana in your pocket is seized. You might think the previous time you choose to Flee and Elude you should have learned...SMH Hey a couple folks were driving with no Insurance. Shocked right? Fun fact- Warrants are attached to plates in your name. So if we run your license plate. Guess what? That Warrant you " forgot" about is now a talking point and the BRACELETS we use are not Pandora. A couple folks walk into a store. Grab a shopping cart, walk straight to the liqueur aisle. Load said cart up with about $525.00 with the good stuff. Then walk on out . But you kinda need to pay for that high end stuff. We had a person load up 54 cans of baby formula into a hamper and then walk on past the points of purchase. Ya, try not to do that!! That was a slice of our weekend here in AP.

Here are some pictures in case you missed the Fox 2 coverage. This is our scenario based training. We used 11 different scenarios. The scenarios were based on calls we have had or instances other departments have had. We used simunition, which are rounds that have paint tips. Yes they hurt when you are "taught". But it just may pain the Instructor more so to "teach" you with the round. :) Everyone did a great job.

What a great evening AP, but looks to be a longgggggg night for the Wolverines. Let's lock up the vehicles and porch lights on.