Allen Park Police Department

  • Agency: Allen Park Police Department
  • Address: 16630 Southfield Rd, Suite 3100, Allen Park, 48101 MI
  • Chief: Dean Tamsen (Chief of Police)

Allen Park Police Department is located at 16630 Southfield Rd, Suite 3100, Allen Park, 48101 MI. The Chief of Police of the department is Dean Tamsen. The Allen Park Police Department phone number is 313-386-7800.

Allen Park Police Department News

I see just a few folks failed to grasp our words of wisdom yesterday. Ugh

Hey AP, let's play well with others. Let's not take others stuff. When you go shopping, take a form of payment! Dont punch, kick, etc others. If that someone special tells you it's over, It's over. Stop texting, social media stalking,etc. Oooo Yea, don't drink and drive... We are out and about.

Thanks AP for coming out tonight. Another successful Cop on the Block evening. Thanks Biggby on Southfield for the Cold brew coffee and Hot chocolate.

Don't forget. Tonight 6 and 7 pm Rosedale and Englewood 6pm Ruth at Midway 7pm Ish

We were issued our new badges this morning. New badge, new building, new chapter in AP Police. #onecommunity

Tales from the front row-Midweek edition. Well buckle your seat belts and put your tray in the upright position. When at the self scan checkout, you KINDA have to scan every item, not just the clearance items. Granted this type of shopping may have worked for you in the past, just NOT TODAY!! We responded to a fight. Don't Fight. Swordfish steak, Tuna steak, Bison, Bud light, Lysol, 2 floor jacks. Okay a vast assortment of items. However, you can't use a torn off bar code from cream soda to scan these items. You SHALL use the bar code that is on the specific item!! #STOPSTEALINGSTUFFMAN We had a person walk into a home improvement store. Load up a cart full stuff, then attempt to push it right on out of the door. "Passing all points of payment" . This is a form of shopping that is known as Retail fraud lol.... Don't Retail fraud If you obtain your license plate with fraudulent Insurance,expect that your plate will be flagged. Don't act shocked when you get stopped. The 6000 block of Buckingham we had an attempted Home Invasion. The homeowner was awake around 4am , heard someone trying to open his sliding door. The person fled on foot when the lights turned on. 15000 Block of Horger. The homeowner woke to find his tire had been damaged, with what looked like drill?! (That's a new one ugh) We provided assistance to LPPD in taking a suspect into custody for a Domestic issue in LP. We also responded to a large number of accidents??? !!! To sum it up. Do not steal stuff, Don't hit others, Don't damage others stuff, buy insurance. I heard these rules in Kindergarten by the way..... :) pass it along Have a super day AP

AP, Rosedale and Englewood area. Our favorite LYFT driver is passing out Cop on the Block flyers. Say Hi if you see him. Thank you Jordan, we appreciate you helping out,

Wendy's Twitter response to IHOP switch to burgers. If you are on Twitter, follow Wendy's. They are funny and brutal lol Good morning AP.

Cop on the Block. When - This Wednesday. Where- Meeting 1 Rosedale/Englewood 600PM Meeting 2 Ruth at Midway area/7PM ish Come out and say Hey. We will cover Crime prevention tips, programs we offer, then get to know us and let us know what is important to you and your area. There will be free stuff. Also show you some simple security cameras courtesy of our friends at Best Buy.

Weather looking mighty fine for a Cop on the Block this Wednesday. I know short notice. But who wants us on your street AND will pass out flyers for your area. Ready Go...........

Whoa, our favorite day of the week has arrived. Let's start the day with this gem.

Of course when your human brother has a birthday party, he can't be the only one having fun. Phantom may have taken over this slip and slide. :). #dogsandwater

How goes the morning AP? My thought over coffee this morning. What is the oddest food you've ever tried? OR What food would you like to try?


Great story from New Jersey.

When you go shopping, money is the key component of a non Police involved shopping experience. This is the sum of three shoplifters. #dontsteal

OK be honest AP. Did you turn on the furnace this morning? :) Crsipmimorning

Hey AP, here is a picture of a fella that drove away in a car that was not HIS. We are looking to put a name to the face. Any help would be super. Thanks

As always I keep an eye on other FB pages. Lets help her out AP. Thanks.. Attention Allen Park Residents I need your help. This punk has been harassing my Aunt for over a year for no reason. We don’t know who he is. He puts things in front of her door trying to Block her exit. Some may think this is a harmless prank but she is a senior citizen and it could go from a prank to an emergency easily. I am tired of her feeling unsafe in her own home. You never know what he will do if he tires of this game. Please please, if someone knows him, message me. Thank you!!!!

Well good evening AP. Hope your weekend good. Now, let's lock em up and lights on. We don't want you to start your week by having to make a Police report for Larceny from Motor vehicle. :(.

Ok AP. I am working on an event. I am wondering if any AP restaurants etc, would be interested in donating food for a community event. Hmmmm :) Email Det Thorburn Or send a message here. No details will be posted yet. :) It's a work in progress

Saturday is here. Anything fun going on?

Well done.

Ya know, there was just something in the air today that made me :). Then I find out this is an actual thing. Whoa