Wyandotte Police Department

  • Agency: Wyandotte Police Department
  • Address: 2015 Biddle Ave # 1, Wyandotte, 48192 MI
  • Chief: Daniel J Grant (Chief of Police)
Phone: 734-324-4405
Fax: 734-324-4442

Wyandotte Police Department is located at 2015 Biddle Ave # 1, Wyandotte, 48192 MI. The Chief of Police of the department is Daniel J Grant. The Wyandotte Police Department phone number is 734-324-4405.

Wyandotte Police Department News

****************PRESCRIPTION DRUGS************************** Thought everyone would like to know that WPD, as well as many other downriver police departments, has a drop off box for anyone who wishes to safely dispose of any unwanted prescription medications. You can drop off 24/7 without an appointment. We have a large steel container mounted to the wall in our front lobby. Mounted because I couldn't tell you how many times I've seen someone with their arm inside the container. Strangely enough everyone I catch "dropped something" into the box. I have attached a couple of pictures to show you how successful our program is. Each one of these boxes is filled to the top with around 30 lbs. of prescription drugs. Multiply 30 by the 12 boxes we have so far for approximately 360 lbs. I opened one to show you what each one looks like inside (I strategically placed any identifying labels down) to protect peoples private information. This is separate from the Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA) take back that WPD also participates in. Your facebook administrator had the pleasure of being assigned to the DEA for a stint and actively participated and saw first hand how much prescription drugs are turned in during each DEA take back. They use the same boxes as pictured. The DEA would load up 2-3 large box trucks full from top to bottom of these boxes just from the one day take back. It was a sight to see! Now I ask you all do you think we are overmedicated in the U.S.?

This was the majority of crime in Wyandotte this weekend. If I set the over/under for drunk driving arrests this weekend at 7 what would you have picked? Remember St. Paddy's Day fell on a Saturday in what some call a "bar town". Also we had a huge beer tent in lot 1 for TWO days and we had several extra cars working an alcohol detail. DRUM ROLL............................... It was 3. I would have definately gone with the over and lost. Let's hope this is a sign of people making better choices not to drive. HOWEVER, we were very busy dealing with alcohol related calls. The green beer must have been a-flowing. Secondly we got hit pretty hard with car break ins this weekend. They were concentrated on the north end of town, mostly near Goddard. We have some information and potentially some private surveillance video so fingers crossed we will get em. PLEASE people stop making it so easy for these crooks. Take these small measures to deter these petty theft crimes. 1. Remove all valuables from your car. A thief will break a window out if they see something valuable like a computer, wallet or purse. 2. After removing all visible valuables lock your car doors. Most of these small time crooks just check a door handle and move on if it is locked. 3. Instal motion sensored lights to cover your driveway/car. 4. If FIDO barks, look out the window to see why FIDO is barking. 5. Do NOT warm up your car with keys in the ignition and it unlocked. Can't tell you how many stolen car reports we have taken over the years because people did this. Invest in a remote starter if you have to warm up your car. Be safe Wyandotte (and friends).

There has been much talk around shop about the Spartan's quick exit at the hands of a "play in" Syracuse team last night in the tourney. A lot of the green and white faithful have compared it to Michigan falling short of lofty expectations in recent years on the gridiron. This leads me to my question for WPD's faithful followers................ Who is more overrated, Michigan State basketball or Michigan football? This could get ugly.

Week 35 A man was arrested for operating under the influence of alcohol, high BAC following a traffic stop in which the man had been driving the wrong way on Fort St. Luckily, nobody was hurt. It’s always a buzz kill when your drugs fall out of your clothing when you are talking with the police. Most likely the drugs would have been found in booking anyway since the glass pipe and chore boy were found in your car already. This guy made it pretty easy for the officer that stopped him. First off he stops his vehicle in the middle of the road to let a passenger out, impeding everyone’s travel, including the officer. Then when he was pulled over the officer saw his hand had a fresh cut that was bleeding. The man had 13 suspensions on his driver’s license. The blood and cut were from when the guy stuffed a bag of marijuana into a car radio case. The only problem was the case was covered in blood too, leading the officer to the easy discovery of the herb. Not anywhere in the same league as our 380 suspension guy, but a fella that was stopped this week had 25 suspensions on his license. The kicker is that they date back all the way to 1993. I guess he’s been too busy to get his taken care of over the last 25 years. One of our residents alerted his roommate that he saw someone messing with his car. The owner of the car went outside and found his ex-girlfriend “egging” the vehicle. The ex-girlfriend reportedly took off running when her ex confronted her. She was long gone before the fuzz arrived. Not sure at this point if he will be seeking charges. A man tried to drop some prescription pills that he was illegally possessing while he was talking with one of our officers on a traffic stop. “Hawk eye” Officer Gouth saw the pills, recovered them then issued a citation to the man for possession of a controlled substance. If you insist on going to your mother’s house at 2 in the morning to beat on her door and yell horrific insults toward her, make sure you are at the right house. This very drunk young lady was not. She ended up getting arrested for disorderly person. That one was my "FAV" for the week so I will end with it. Let's hope everyone behaves this weekend. I'm a little nervous about a 2 day St. Paddy's event though LOL.

One of your midnight shifts taking pic's before the new shift assignments start on Monday. Some of them are sad behind those smiles because they have been assigned to other shifts. A good group of young men, some of which may see daylight again soon.

Week 34 Two of Wyandotte’s finest went above and beyond this week. They helped a stranded female motorist who had run out of gas. Our boys purchased a gas can and gas with their own money and then put the gas in and made sure her car started before leaving. That deserves a G.J.B…….. (Good Job Brothers). A drunk man went into the 711 store at around 1 in the afternoon. He was too cheap to buy a lighter so he borrowed one of the display lighters to light his cigarette, IN THE STORE. When the clerk told him he couldn’t smoke inside the store he threw the lighter down onto the floor and had some choice words for her. Police located him a short distance from the store where he continued his unruly behavior to the police and was arrested for disorderly conduct after making a drunken scene in public. Two different establishments sold beer to an under aged decoy this week. Both places were issued violations. Do the smart thing and always card. It will save you a lot of grief and money. Remember a lot of these kids look older than they are! A female hit a street sign in Lincoln Park and was observed driving erratically in Wyandotte. Our officers pulled her over and observed her to have vomit all over her clothes as well as many other indicators that she was drunk. The female failed sobriety tests and was arrested for drunk driving. Officers were called to a bar to investigate a possible fight. 3 men were pointed out as being involved in the fight and when officers made contact with them all 3 took off running. All three were caught within a few yards. Remember folks you may think you’re faster when your drunk but you’re not. Truth be told these gents wouldn’t have even been arrested had they not led police on a foot chase. Ended up the complaints didn’t stick around anyway. Hopefully there was a lesson learned by these young men. Shoplifting booze from Jerry’s Market when you have two Wyandotte warrants and a felony Wayne County warrant is a bad idea. This girl “rolled the dice” anyway. She is now residing at the steel bar hotel. Have a great weekend Y&.

I'm looking to I.D. these three peeps. We have some pretty solid information to suggest that they had some sticky fingers while shopping at our CVS. I know the pic's are a little grainy but hopefully someone recognizes them. Note the one gent. has a severe limp. Thanks folks 734 324 4434

It's "Throwback Thursday". Check out these sweet pic's!!!!!

For obvious reasons, most recently being the school shooting in Florida, many people have asked what the Wyandotte Police Department (WPD) is doing regarding critical incidents at the schools and overall general school safety. These are valid questions and I would like to take a minute to tell you some of the things that your police department has done, is currently doing and will be doing in the future to ensure our children’s safety. For starters Wyandotte PD has been training their officers in active shooter response for about 10 years. Some of these trainings even include live simunition rounds being used during the training(s) giving it a more realistic feeling. All of the training(s) take place at a school. We have sent every WPD patrol officer and many other officers to additional active shooter response training within the last year. These trainings are taught by SWAT teams and SWAT team members. We regularly practice these drills and tactics too. WPD also has floor plans to every school in the city limits and we are very well versed with the lay outs of the buildings. Additionally our officers frequent the schools and do unannounced walk-thrus regularly. This is why you see a fully marked Police car at of our schools so often. WPD also equips our officers with tactical weapons and tools to better address a critical incident. WPD is also a part of the Downriver SWAT and Crisis Negotiation Team (CNT). WPD has members on both of these teams. WPD is currently collaborating with school administrators, including the superintendent to address safety issues at our schools. In the future we will continue to keep our officers highly trained. We will continue to equip them with tactical weapons and tools. We will be highly visible at our schools. We will also keep working side by side with school administrators, staff and parents to ensure the highest level of safety at our schools. I strongly encourage you to visit the Wyandotte Public Schools website for some of the measures they have taken regarding school safety and the safety measures currently in place. Ultimately we need to realize that we are all a team when it comes to safety at our schools and in our community. The public is our best ally in being our eyes and ears. If something appears to be suspicious you must report it immediately. As always I encourage you, the community to call us with any questions or concerns and to talk to our officers when you see them at the schools or in and around town. Sincerely, WPD “To serve and protect”

Week 33 Going to court after violating your bond conditions is something that most people would take very seriously and cause them to be on their best behavior. Not this gal who showed up with cocaine on her person. A bad plate led to a traffic stop, which led to a driver who was suspended, which led to open alcohol and weed in the car, which led to a stolen handgun in the glovebox. Another illegal gun off of the streets! Woot Woot! A 73 year old resident’s car broke down in Lot 1. An officer tried to jump her car using a jump box from the PD. When that didn’t work the officer called her insurance company to see if she had free towing. Much to her surprise she did. The tow truck was lined up for her by the kind officer. That's going above and beyond sir. On Thursday a female, along with a couple male accomplices was involved with stealing a hospital employee’s debit card. This female was the one who was caught possessing the stolen debit card. On the following Monday the same female was at the hospital for an unrelated incident causing problems. She refused to leave the hospital and made a scene cussing at staff and patients. When police arrived she continued this behavior and refused to leave until she was arrested for disorderly conduct. Wyandotte Hospital has now “trespassed” her from the hospital. She seems to like to push her luck so who knows if she will show up again. I will keep you posted. If you know you have a felony warrant stay at home until you take care of that sh$#. This guy didn’t. Instead he got liquored up and decided to stumble into traffic while crossing the street at a busy intersection. Fortunately he wasn’t hurt but he did attract the attention of an officer who discovered the felony warrant. Buh-bye. This guy used a non-traffic lane to pass several people that were stopped for a red light, then cut them off so he could make the turn ahead of them. This was observed by an officer who stopped him and saw an open beer. This led to a search of the car which yielded a bag of crack cocaine. Again, nothing like attracting attention to yourself when you’re “riding dirty”. That's it. Hope your week is fantabulous.

Anyone have any idea what year the old cover photo picture was taken? It is the old police station located at Biddle/Pine (still standing and in use as offices). The houses are now Portifino and McDonald's parking lot. I think I'm going to recreate this picture soon with current officer's and vehicles and maybe do a side by side. Now for the week in review (delayed a week so you will get another in two days). WEEK 32. A man led police on a vehicle pursuit through Wyandotte and Southgate before surrendering peacefully. He was arrested and arraigned on charges of fleeing and eluding. We are not sure why he made this poor choice as his driver’s license was good and he had a clear record. Reports like this make me proud to work in Wyandotte. A watchful citizen noticed that his elderly neighbor’s car door was open and groceries were in the car. He then saw that her front door to her home was open. He called for her but didn’t get an answer. Concerned, he called the police. Police responded and found that the elderly woman had fallen inside her home. She was helped up by officers and appeared to be fine though she refused medical treatment. The nice officer’s even brought in her groceries. Not sure if it was texting and driving but a female made several motorists angry when she sat through two different green lights. An officer witnessed this from about 8 cars back and made a traffic stop. The driver didn’t have a valid license, title or insurance. Nothing like attracting attention to yourself. Much to the pleasure of the angry motorists she was cited and her vehicle was towed. Does anyone believe that a legit person would be carrying highly abused prescription pills in a cellophane cigarette wrapper? The officer didn't either. DID YOU KNOW? You can be cited and or arrested for knowingly allowing a person to drive with a suspended driver’s license? Three different people on three different traffic stops do now. And for those handful of followers that want to play lawyer, we had at least five stops in which the driver was suspended and the passenger was valid and the officer’s afforded the passengers the benefit of the doubt because the burden of proof wasn’t met. Bottom line don’t let people drive suspended! Especially when you have a license. It makes no sense. A man was arrested for Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol (OWI) and possession of marijuana after he fell asleep behind the wheel and struck a parked car in lot 1. Fortunately nobody was hurt. A good Samaritan/witness physically removed the sleeping man’s foot from the gas pedal, put the car in park and removed the keys from the ignition. See you in two days peeps!

As you all know by now Wyandotte P.D.’s dear friend and colleague Detective Jay Sharpes passed away on February 20th after a bout with Leukemia. The Wyandotte Police Department would like to thank all of our facebook followers for your kind words of encouragement and support during this extremely difficult time. We would also like to thank everyone that attended or participated in the funeral, visitation, escorts and celebrations of Jay’s life this week. We love you all!

A memorial fund has been established at Monroe Bank & Trust for Detective Sharpes’ daughter Miranda. For those who would like to contribute to Miranda’s memorial fund please do so at any Monroe Bank & Trust branch in person or by mail using the account title: Jay Sharpes Memorial Fund Monroe Bank & Trust (800) 321-0032 467 Eureka Rd Wyandotte, MI 48192 2517 Fort St, Wyandotte, MI 48192 1998 Biddle Ave, Wyandotte, MI 48192

I am writing this post with tears in my eyes. Wyandotte P.D. and the city of Wyandotte has suffered an enormous loss. Yesterday morning we had the untimely passing of Detective Jay Sharpes. Jay had been hospitalized recently and it was learned that he had Leukemia. Jay fought hard for nearly three weeks before passing away at age 49. Jay was a 16 year veteran of WPD. Prior to working for Wyandotte Jay worked at the Wayne County Jail and at metro airport as a deputy. Jay was also a navy veteran. Jay was an awesome co-worker who made everyone laugh throughout each work day with his many antics. WPD is going to be strangely quiet now without Jay’s constant singing, humming and whistling. The dude would regularly break out into song and dance at any time and he didn’t care who was around when he did it. God what I would give to hear him sing boyz to men one more time. Jay was also famous for his unique sayings like “finer than frog’s hair”, “I could have stayed at home and been insulted”, “audi 5000” and many others that I can’t put on social media due to their “R” ratings. Jay truly was one of the kindest and most compassionate human beings that I have ever met. I know I share the same feelings as every other co-worker of Jay’s when I say that it was a pleasure to be his co-worker and an absolute honor to be his friend. I can personally tell you that not a day will go by that I won’t think about my dear friend Jay Sharpes. Heaven just got one of the goofiest most fun loving people that ever walked this earth. I just wish heaven hadn’t got him so soon.

Well we survived the snow storms and snow emergency. A big thank you is in order to everyone that moved their vehicles for the snow plowing. An equally big thanks to everyone that shoveled their sidewalks. It looks like all of the white stuff should be gone soon as temperatures are going up to the 50's Monday and Tuesday. Get your sunscreen and shorts ready! Without further ado here are some of the happenings from last week: Week 31 A man was turned over to our custody from another agency in order to take care of two outstanding warrants. His judgement became clouded, most likely due to the alcohol he had consumed, when he pushed an officer during booking. Now he faces an additional charge. Kind of ironic that one of his aforementioned warrants was for assault on a police officer. Officers saw a car driving too fast for the weather conditions veer off of the road twice and into snow banks. The vehicle also struck a no parking sign on Biddle Ave. Officer’s made contact with the female driver and eventually arrested her for suspicion of drunk driving. The uncooperative female gave the officer’s plenty of lip service and refused the breathalyzer test. A search warrant for her blood was issued and she was taken to Wyandotte Hospital for the blood draw. Two different victims reported their snow blowers stolen. One is a YardBird while the other is an Ariens. Keep your eyes and ears open folks. Any information is appreciated. Police recognized a man driving that they knew had 3 outstanding warrants with Wyandotte. We are pretty sure he recognized us too as he quickly turned into a gas station and "speed walked" inside. Officers went inside the gas station and he was arrested for the warrants and for driving on a suspended license (29 suspensions). A subsequent search of the man’s vehicle yielded heroin. Let's enjoy this warmer weather while it lasts. Be good to yourselves and each other Wyandotte and friends.

I will keep one police stereotype going by wishing everyone a Happy Paczki Day 2018 from WPD.

Wow, we got a visit from "Batdog" this week. He would like to let all of you know that WPD will be accepting donations from the Downriver Central Animal Control's "WISH LIST". You can drop off any donations from the list at WPD this week only (now through Sunday the 18th of February). Thank you for your support.

The Snow Emergency previously declared in the City of Wyandotte has now ended. You may resume legal street parking.

You know it is going to be a good day when you put on a clean pair of pants and find 5 freshly laundered dollars in the pocket that you didn't know you had. This day is looking up! Now for your weekly review: Week 30 WPD teamed up with the Michigan Department of Corrections (MDOC) for home probation checks. While interviewing one subject during his home visit we found that his roommate possessed two felony warrants. He was arrested and turned over to the agency holding the warrants. A man threw an empty prescription pill bottle out of his car prior to pulling over for police. Officers were able to retrieve the empty bottle which led them to the Norco’s (very addictive pain killers) that had been inside the bottle. They Norco's were floating in a soda that was in the driver’s cup holder. A motorist was arrested for drunk driving after bombing field sobriety tests and then blowing a .18 on a PBT (this is basically a portable breathalyzer used on the road). Once arrested the man began threatening officers. This is an all too common occurrence. If we had a dollar for every time someone threatened to beat us up we could eliminate the country’s debt. People we are the police, not MMA fighters, I don’t know why so many guys turn to the “I’m gonna kick you’re a$#” routine as soon as they are told they are under arrest. The driving while license suspended (DWLS) “king” was crowned this week by WPD. This guy has over 380 suspensions on his driver’s license. In my nearly 20 years of police work I’ve never witnessed any one with close to this amount. He has been convicted of DWLS 21 times already. He also had 45 warrants out for his arrest. 380 current suspensions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The judge sentenced him to do 6 months in jail. To the person(s) who stole the hockey equipment out of a person’s driveway. By now you should have realized that the equipment belongs to a kid. Have a conscience and return the stuff. Bring it up to the station and say you found it, we really don’t care how it gets here. We just want the kid to get his stuff back. Let's all try to do something nice for someone this week Wyandotte. Take care of each other and yourselves.

Please note that a SNOW EMERGENCY has been declared in the City of Wyandotte effective Friday, February 9, 2018 at 8 a.m. Per City Ordinance Section 35-73 “Parking During Snow Emergencies”: If or when a Snow Emergency is declared, residents must move vehicles from the roadway. Failure to remove vehicles will result in towing. Once the street has been cleared of snow, curb to curb, vehicles can be returned to the street. In an effort to assist the Department of Public Service, residents are asked not to park on any city street when a Winter Storm Warning or Advisory is forecast by the National Weather Service. Your cooperation will allow the Department of Public Service to better serve you in providing efficient plowing services. Any vehicle left on the roadway after a snow emergency has been declared will be towed at the owner's expense. Cars may be moved back to the street, once the streets have been plowed curb to curb. Thank you for your cooperation. Snow Emergency Parking Lots The City of Wyandotte has numerous Snow Emergency parking lots available for use during a snow emergency. The locations for emergency off-street parking are as follows: Route #1 – North Drive to Goddard, River Drive to the Detroit River Parking: FOP Park (St. Johns and Bondie, Lindbergh and 8th Street) West of St. Johns and Biddle (behind My Place Bar) Route #2 – Goddard to Ford Avenue, Fort Street to the Railroad Tracks Parking: 6th Street & Alkali Park Route #3 – Ford Avenue to Eureka, Railroad Tracks to Fort Street Parking: Walnut & 15th Street Lot; Oxford & 15th Street Lot; North Side of Eureka between 12th & 14th Streets (West of Prush’s Bar); Northwest corner of 17th Street & Eureka; Southwest corner of Sycamore & 17th Street Route #4 – Eureka to Pennsylvania, Fort Street to the Detroit River Parking: Memorial Pool (Ludington & 20th Street); 11th Street & Lee; Department of Public Service (4201 13th Street); 11th Street south of Cherry; BASF Park (3625 Biddle Avenue) Route #5 – Former St. Elizabeth Church Parking Lot at 2nd Street and Goodell. Goddard to Eureka, the Detroit River to the Railroad Tracks Parking: Copeland Center (2306 4th Street); Police & Court Parking Lot (2015 Biddle); Museum Campus Parking Lot (2610 – 2630 Biddle);

GOOD DEED CAPTURED!!!! A dynamic duo of Wyandotte PD's best were caught doing something pretty special in this picture. This is them shoveling the walk of a 99 year old resident Monday night. They shoveled a few more walks that night too just to help out a couple of known person's with limited mobility issues. Nice job fellas!