Circle Pines Police Department

  • Agency: Circle Pines Police Department
  • Address: 54 North Road, Circle Pines, 55014 MN
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: 763.784.2501
Fax: 763.784.0082

Circle Pines Police Department is located at 54 North Road, Circle Pines, 55014 MN. The Circle Pines Police Department phone number is 763.784.2501.

Circle Pines Police Department News

Here is a late night Throwback Thursday for you. #tbt

**Reminder** Overnight parking restrictions are now in place in all 3 cities. No parking on Circle Pines and Lexington streets from 2am - 6am. No parking on Centerville streets from 3am - 7am. Remind your neighbors!

Sometimes the process of holding someone accountable for their actions can be a long road. On 5/12/17 the Anoka County Attorney’s Office formally charged Elmer Davis III of Minneapolis with one count of fleeing police in a motor vehicle, a felony, in relation to this case. Mr. Davis’ whereabouts were unknown at the time and a warrant was issued for his arrest by the Honorable Judge James Cunningham. On 10/31/17 at 2330 hours, Officer Rodriguez and Reserve Officer Posterick were in the 4100 block of Ball Road picking up coffee when their attention was drawn to a motor vehicle that smelled strongly of marijuana. They made contact with the occupants and a passenger was ultimately identified as Mr. Davis. He was arrested on the warrant issued on 5/12/17 for fleeing from Officer Rodriguez and was booked at the Anoka County Jail. Mr. Davis is presumed innocent unless proven guilty.

Someone brought their A game for picture day...

Is it us, or does winter seem early this year?


We decided to go as cops for Halloween. It made sense because we already had the gear. Some of us wanted to go as firefighters, but the fire station doors were locked, so there wasn’t much we could do. See you out and about tonight. Be safe. Drive slow in the neighborhoods. Call us if you need us. We’ll be here.

Two adult males were arrested by CLPD this weekend for DWI. One ran a stop sign while a patrol unit was in the intersection. Another was clocked at 54 in a 35. One of the males refused to submit to a breath test and is still in custody. He will be held for court early next week. Slow down. Drive sober.

Sometimes even firefighters need to be rescued! Officer Stepan assisted Lexington Firefighter Mike Maleski and his guests, Brad and Gina (pictured), into their vehicle this afternoon. This is a free service provided by CLPD, so if you lock yourself out in our jurisdiction give us a call.

A lot can happen in 9 days when you are talking Minnesota weather!

In the long run, it’s the little things in life that a warm squad car and a fresh donut on a cold, snowy morning. Have a great weekend. Be kind to each other. Drive sober. Call us if you need us. We’ll be here.

Good morning and happy Friday! The snow is coming down across the metro. Drive carefully!

#tbt September 21, 2016: More than 6 inches of rain fell on southern Anoka County, stranding hundreds of motorists. This photo was taken on South Highway Drive in Lexington at 9:50 PM.

Driving drunk is a selfish and dangerous choice. CLPD is on patrol for impaired drivers day and night. Plan a sober ride.

Day shift responded to a business alarm call. The first arriving officer was approaching the location on foot when he saw this out of the corner of his eye. It was scary.

**All roads are now open.** **The closure has been moved up to 73 St. 20th Ave is closed north of 73 St. If you live in Centerville, you can get home via 20 Ave. If you live north of Centerville, use alternate routes.** **NB 20 Ave from Main St is closed due to an accident. Use alternate routes**

The nice part about living in a small town is that when you call for help in the middle of the night, you get lots of it. Thankfully this turned out to be a minor call, but if it had turned out to be more serious, Lexington Engine 2 was on scene and ready to help. Call us if you need us. We’ll be here...even at 4am.

Sure, palm trees are great, but could they ever really be this beautiful?

We aren’t sure who was having more fun at the CFD open house yesterday, Lt. Weber or Elin! Thanks to everyone who came out!

**Buck has been reunited with his family!** Lost Dog His name is Buck. He has been seen running around near Baldwin Park in Circle Pines. If you see him, call Scott at 254-718-9728.