Circle Pines Police Department

  • Agency: Circle Pines Police Department
  • Address: 54 North Road, Circle Pines, 55014 MN
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: 763.784.2501
Fax: 763.784.0082

Circle Pines Police Department is located at 54 North Road, Circle Pines, 55014 MN. The Circle Pines Police Department phone number is 763.784.2501.

Circle Pines Police Department News

We stopped out at Circle Pines Public Works this afternoon and found a worn out, but upbeat team that worked throughout the largest April snow storm in Minnesota history. The men and women that operate our local, county, and state plows deserve a huge amount of credit for keeping our roads clear so we can get to you in an emergency. We also acknowledge the hard work of the hundreds of private contractors that supplement their efforts. A special thank you goes to our teams from Centerville, Lexington, and Circle Pines. We know you worked dozens of hours of overtime this weekend. We see and appreciate you. Make no mistake, without your dedication and tireless work, we’d all be snowed in.

Bravo Shift was busy today: Medical emergency call Medical emergency alarm (false alarm - no problem) Crash – no injuries Vehicle off roadway Parking violation 8 traffic stops (unsafe speed, fail to use headlights, stop sign violations) Domestic assault – male in custody (felony assault, terroristic threats) Have a good week. Call us if you need us. We’ll be here.

Reminder: There is no parking on any city street until the snow has been cleared. Plows will be working throughout the night and tomorrow.

Current Conditions: County Road 23. Roads are snow covered. Heavy snow is falling and visibility is low.

Plow Operators: We see you. Thanks for keeping our heads above water. Special thanks to Circle Pines Public Works for rescuing two stuck squads during the initial storm. #AprilShowersSnowPlowers

No rest for the weary. Snow continues to fall. Roads are better, but not great. Crash reports are starting to come in and there are plenty of slick spots. Snow is expected to pick up through the evening. Drive carefully.

This about sums up our day yesterday. #minneSNOWta

Current conditions: Lake Drive at Pine Drive ***STAY HOME*** Do not travel unless absolutely necessary.

“Oooo-oooo child...things are gonna get easier...”

Trying to brighten things up in defiance of the storm.

The blizzard warning now includes all of Anoka County.

It’s a good weekend to snuggle up on the couch with a box of donuts and binge-watch your favorite show. We suggest COPS. Just remember, the average temp reaches 60 degrees in just 2 weeks. It can’t snow forever. Be careful out there. We’ll be here if you need us.

Good morning!

#CoffeeAndVigilance #PicsFromPatrol

******* The pup (Betty Lou) has been reunited with her beloved owner. Thanks to everyone in the community who assisted! ******** FOUND DOG The pup was found in the 9400 block of Dunlap ave in Lexington. Anyone know her? No tags or chip. Call 763-427-1212 if you have any info on her.

Driving at unsafe speeds because you are late for work could make you even later. #SlowYourRoll

It’s 2:42 AM and we are protecting you. Who is protecting us? These photos are the answer. Our dispatchers are the largely unsung and unseen professionals that serve and protect us while we serve and protect you. In your worst hour, they are the calm voice in the dark that connects you with us. It is National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week and we thank our dispatchers for their diligence, dedication, and unparalleled professionalism. Without them, our mission could never succeed.

The CLPD reserve officers are spending their Sunday evening learning about the computer aided dispatching system that will allow them to do their job more efficiently. Did you know CLPD reserve officers donate hundreds of hours to our community every year? They supplement sworn officers on patrol, during community events, and on critical incidents or natural disasters. They also assist with jail transports, traffic control, and animal enforcement. CLPD is seeking additional reserve officers. This is a uniformed volunteer position. No prior law enforcement experience is required and we provide your training, equipment, and uniforms. For more information, contact Officer Spreng at

Officer Spreng was under the impression that it’s spring, so he wore his short sleeve uniform. This is his “I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed” look.

This young man was stopped for speed by Officer Wahlberg. It turns out he was driving without insurance. This is a serious matter and the driver was cited. We are on patrol day and night for unsafe drivers. Slow down. Drive sober. Have insurance.

It’s a very cold night in Centerville and flurries are falling, but Vanilla Ice is on the radio, so we’ve got that going for us.

We’re not sure if it’s April or December, but at least it’s Friday and the sun is out. Have a great weekend! Call us if you need us. We’ll be here.

Winter might be over, but it continues to snow. Local plows will be working on clearing our roadways. Please take a moment to make sure your car is parked legally so they can do their job. See the links for more info. Circle Pines: Lexington: Centerville: