Ramsey Police Department

  • Agency: Ramsey Police Department
  • Address: 7550 Sunwood Dr NW, Ramsey, 55303 MN
  • Chief: James Way (Chief of Police)
Phone: 763.427.6812
Fax: 763.427.2361

Ramsey Police Department is located at 7550 Sunwood Dr NW, Ramsey, 55303 MN. The Chief of Police of the department is James Way. The Ramsey Police Department phone number is 763.427.6812.

Ramsey Police Department News

******UPDATE AS OF 6:51 PM ON 4/14/2018, THIS EVENT IS CANCELED***** Due to weather conditions. We still plan on having our next event on May 6th same time and location! Stop by the Ramsey Pet Clinic this Sunday, April 15th from 11:30 am -1:30 pm at Elmcrest Park.

Please join us at Coborns in Ramsey tommorow April 12th from 8:00am-10:00am for "Coffee with a Cop" Coffee with a Cop brings police officers and the community members they serve together–over coffee–to discuss issues and learn more about each other.

****Update: April 9th, 2018 at 5:45pm**** This is an open and active investigation; therefore all of the specific details cannot be released. We are working closely with our prosecutors on this case. When the investigation is complete, if appropriate, charges will be filed. Based on the information we have, we do not believe the male is a public safety risk. At no time was there a specific preschool mentioned in the threat. The sharing of this information is not to cause alarm in the public, but rather to be transparent in our response to this incident. We will continue to keep you updated. ****FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE **** Case 18-079868 On Sunday, April 8, 2018, the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) contacted the Ramsey Police Department regarding a threat they had intercepted. The threat had been posted on a chat board for an online video game. The threat stated the person was planning to harm people at a preschool, but did not identify a specific location. The Ramsey Police Department takes these threats very seriously, and responded to assist the FBI immediately. During the investigation, a 19-year-old male Ramsey resident was identified and interviewed. During the interview, the male admitted to making the threat but had no intent on carrying it out. A search of his home was also conducted. Based on the entire investigation, it was determined the threat was not credible. This threat was intercepted and investigated promptly, all prior to school starting Monday. The FBI and Ramsey Police Department are continuing to monitor this incident. We are notifying the public to ensure they are aware of this incident and that it is a top priority. Even though this threat was not deemed credible, we have provided extra police presence to the area preschools. If you would like to speak with a Ramsey Police Officer about this threat, you may call the Ramsey Police Department directly at (763)427-6812. As is always good practice, continue to be vigilant for suspicious vehicles and people, specifically in school areas. If you see or hear anything suspicious, please call 911.

Please join us at Coborns in Ramsey on Thursday April 12th from 8:00am-10:00am for "Coffee with a Cop" Coffee with a Cop brings police officers and the community members they serve together–over coffee–to discuss issues and learn more about each other.

POLICE BLOTTER Citizens save the day On 1/11/2018 at approximately 8:29 PM, Officer Bagne and Officer Pullar were dispatched to JR’S Outpost and Grill on a report of a male that had no pulse, was unconscious, and not breathing. Officers arrived and found the male to be alert and talking. Staff and bystanders stated they performed CPR on the male and used the onsite Automated External Defibrillator (AED) to shock the male once. The male was transported to the hospital via ambulance. The two bystanders were recognized by our police department and the Ramsey City Council for their life saving efforts. Reckless Discharge of a Firearm On 1/14/18 at approximately 1:19 am, Sergeant Hemmerich and Officer Hinnenkamp were dispatched to the area of the 6000 block of 145th LN NW on a report of a gunshot. The caller stated there is a party across the street and a neighbor sent his wife a picture of him holding a gun while he was in his garage. Upon arrival, officers made phone contact with the complainant. The complainant stated approximately ten minutes prior to calling 911, he and his wife were in their residence watching TV, when they heard what they believed to be a gunshot. The complainant stated they then sent a text message to their neighbor asking him if he was up. The complainant stated his neighbor replied to the text message with several texts, one of the texts was a picture of a black handgun. Complainant stated he believed the picture was of his neighbor holding a gun inside his garage. Complainant then provided officers with the neighbor’s phone number. Officer Hinnenkamp called and advised the neighbor to come outside to speak with them. A short time later, the neighbor opened the front door and stepped outside. He was very hesitant when responding to questions. He also appeared heavily intoxicated and officers could smell a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage coming from him. When asked if he had a gun, the neighbor stated he had a gun in his garage. Sgt. Hemmerich asked him if he shot the gun in the garage. He stated he shot a gun into his backyard to make sure it worked. Sgt. Hemmerich located a spent .22 casing and where the bullet was fired into the snow. Sgt. Hemmerich found the gun in the house and arrested the neighbor. Subsequently the male was charged with Reckless Discharge of a Firearm. It’s a Girl! On 1/31/2018 at approximately 2:57 AM, Officer Erickson and Officer Hinnenkamp responded to a woman that was 39 weeks pregnant and in labor. Officers arrived and were told by the husband that the baby was coming. Officers noticed the female was in the back seat of the car, Officer Erickson and Officer Hinnenkamp assisted in delivering a baby girl. Both Officers received a “Stork” pin for assisting in delivering the baby. Cows on the Loose On 3/1/2018 at approximately 2:13pm, Officer Lohse and CSO Pipenhagen were dispatched to two cows running loose near the 6300 block of 167th Ave NW. Officers arrived and noticed two cows running on the south side of 167th Ave NW. Officers tried to locate the owner of the cows, but could not find anyone home at the time. The cows returned home a short time later and there were no further calls on them.

Youth First Community of Promise 24rd Annual Mayors' Prayer Breakfast is scheduled for Friday, March 23rd at Lord of Life Church, Ramsey. More information can be found at www.youth1st.net or by calling 763-421-8530. https://youtu.be/KCnmciVVuoE

*****Update as of 3/9/2018 at 10:00pm, the owner of this dog has been found! Thanks for all of your help!*****

This weeks episode of FAQ Friday is on The Drug Take Back Program. For more information please click on the link below. http://www.ci.ramsey.mn.us/drug-take-back

***Update: The dogs have been released to their owner.*** Are you missing your dogs? These two were located in the area of the 15500 Block of Andrie St NW. To claim, please call our dispatch at 763-427-1212, reference case number 18-039715.

The 10th Judicial District Equal Justice Committee is holding a dialogue and listening session. The event will be held at the Fridley Community Center on February 21, 2018. More information on the event can be found at http://www.mncourts.gov/10th-Listening-Session

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for "Tip-A-Cop" this Thursday, January 25th from 5:00-9:00PM at Acapulco Restaurant in Ramsey. Hope to see you there! http://specialolympicsminnesota.org/event/tip-cop-ramsey/

This FAQ Friday’s episode is on dogs. Thanks for viewing!

6 vehicles are for sale on the Public Surplus website. We encourage you to check them out. Please click on the link below for more information. http://www.publicsurplus.com/sms/all,mn/browse/cataucs?catid=4

SCAM ALERT: Special attention T-Mobile users In the past few weeks, we have received several reports of phone porting fraud. The fraud occurs when criminals contact your mobile provider, pretend to be you (by using your personal information they have found) and request your phone number be ported to another device. Once they transfer your number to a new device, they contact your bank, email provider, etc. to request your user name and password to be changed. A phone call, text message and/or email is sent to the new device to verify the change. The criminal verifies the change and then uses the info to transfer money out of your bank account. We recommend T-Mobile customers contact their provider and request the Port Validation feature. It is free feature that will add an additional level of security by requiring a 6 to 15 digit password. Once in place, the password will be required to validate a port transfer. More information about the porting scam and how to protect yourself can be found at the link below. https://www.t-mobile.com/company/privacy-resources/account-security/account-verification.html http://www.king5.com/…/thieves-are-stealing-y…/281-501725049 https://www.forbes.com/sites/laurashin/2016/12/21/hackers-are-hijacking-phone-numbers-and-breaking-into-email-and-bank-accounts-how-to-protect-yourself/#11fcc1a5360f

Want to enjoy a tasty meal while supporting Special Olympics Minnesota? On Thursday, January 25th from 5-9 p.m. our police department will be participating in “Tip-A-Cop” at Acapulco Restaurant in Ramsey. Officers will be volunteering their time to help Acapulco staff serve you while you dine. All tips our officers receive will be donated to Special Olympics. We hope to see you there!

Are any of these items yours? We are still looking to return a large amount of suspected stolen property to the rightful owner. Please look through these photos and see if any of these items belong to you or someone that you may know. Help us get the word out by letting your neighbors know that we have this property and are looking to return it to the rightful owners. Soon the unclaimed property will be disposed of in accordance with state statute, by being set for auction or destroyed. To claim an item, contact our dispatch at 763-427-1212, reference case number 17-246073.

12/12/17 – Felon in Possession of a handgun At approximately 0147 hrs, Ofc Hinnenkamp made a traffic stop on Hwy 10 NW. Sgt Hemmerich arrived on scene and noticed Ofc Hinnenkamp had the male driver against his car and was searching him on the passenger side of the vehicle. The male was leaning so his waist was against the vehicle. Ofc Hinnenkamp asked the male to step back away from the vehicle. The male would not comply. Ofc Hinnenkamp then pulled the male away from the vehicle and lifted up the front of his jacket. Sgt Hemmerich observed a black handgun grip in the front of the male's waistband and at the same time, Officer Hinnenkamp yelled "gun.” The male tried holding his waist against the trunk of the vehicle so the gun was blocked. Officers believed he was reaching for the weapon. After a short struggle, officers were able to remove the gun safely and take the male into custody. Once they arrived at jail, the male became uncooperative and would not unlock his hands. Ofc Hinnenkamp assisted jail staff with unlocking the male’s hand and Ofc Hinnekamp found the male was trying to conceal methamphetamine. The male was subsequently charged with Gross Misdemeanor Carry/Possess a Pistol without a Permit, Felony Possession of a Controlled Substance (Methamphetamine), Felony Ineligible Person in Possession of a Firearm. 12/27/2017 – Too many video games At approximately 1533 hrs, Ofc Elliot was dispatched to a single vehicle property damage accident near the 17100 block of Nowthen Blvd NW. A male was driving a blue passenger car traveling northbound on Nowthen Blvd NW. The vehicle veered off the roadway to the right, striking the mailbox near the 17100 block of Nowthen Blvd NW. It then swerved back onto the roadway and went in the ditch on the west side of Nowthen Blvd NW. The male stated he was driving home from work in Minneapolis and had fallen asleep just prior to the crash. The male said he was extremely tired from staying up late playing video games with his roommate. 12/17/2017 – Vehicle Pursuit At approximately 2035hrs, Ofc Erickson was monitoring a house in Ramsey that an occupant whom had a felony warrant. Officer Erickson made a traffic stop on a vehicle leaving the residence for speed near the 19100 Block of Baugh St NW. The passenger exited the vehicle and the driver took off and fled in the vehicle. Ofc Erickson pursued the vehicle for eight miles and ended up successfully using the PIT maneuver to disable the vehicle. The male driver was taken into custody and transported to Anoka County Jail. He was booked on Petty Misdemeanor Speed, Exceed Limit, Misdemeanor Driving After Revocation, Misdemeanor Driving Without Insurance, Felony Fleeing in a Motor Vehicle, and his Sherburne County warrant. 12/25/17- False Alarm At approximately 1805 hrs, Ofc Schlender responded to the 8900 Block of 159th LN NW for a blinking light on the front of the home. The caller believed there was an alarm going off and the residence might have been burglarized. Ofc Schlender was able to speak with the homeowner, who said he has a bad porch light and he removed the bulb from the light. There was no alarm or burglary.

UPDATE: Due to the weather, the search on Saturday, January 6th has been canceled. United Legacy will still be searching on Sunday, January 7th as planned. Attention Landowners!! United Legacy will be doing another search for David Dahl on January 6th and 7th in the area of 181st Ave between Baugh St NW and Nowthen Blvd NW. They might be using ATV's and horses for this search. For more information or to volunteer please click on the links below. https://unitedlegacy.org/ https://www.hometownsource.com/abc_newspapers/search-continues-for-missing-ramsey-man/article_b7dc03c6-f626-11e7-bf7f-c75d1bc9fdec.html

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Thank you for viewing this weeks episode of Frequently Asked Questions Friday. This week's episode will be covering permit to purchase and permit to carry questions.

Thank you for viewing this weeks episode of Frequently Asked Questions Friday. This week's episode will be covering snowmobiling regulations in Ramsey. For more information please click on the following link http://ci.ramsey.mn.us/recreational-vehicles.

On Saturday, December 2, United Legacy will be conducting a search for David Dahl, who has been missing since November 14. The search will be conducted in the area of the 7600 block 181 Ave NW. Due to the search, there will be a large number of volunteers walking through surrounding properties. Please see United Legacy’s post for additional information regarding the search and ways to help.