Spring Lake Park Police Department

  • Agency: Spring Lake Park Police Department
  • Address: 1301 81st Avenue NE, Spring Lake Park, 55432 MN
  • Chief: David M Toth (Chief of Police)
Phone: 763-792-7200

Spring Lake Park Police Department is located at 1301 81st Avenue NE, Spring Lake Park, 55432 MN. The Chief of Police of the department is David M Toth. The Spring Lake Park Police Department phone number is 763-792-7200.

Spring Lake Park Police Department News

Tower Days are just mere weeks away! Time to plan ahead as some of the city streets will be temporarily closed for the parade on Thursday, June 7th, 2018. Roads will be closed at 6:00 PM until the end of the parade. Please see a copy of the parade route map. The yellow marks show the road closures. Also, 81st Ave between Able St and Middletown Rd along with 79th Ave between Able St and Taylor St are closed due to staging for the parade participants. Plan your alternative routes accordingly.

Now that the warm weather is finally upon us, we are on the lookout for kids being safe while biking, skateboarding or on a scooter. If we see you with your helmet on, we will give you a "ticket" for a free ice cream cone!

Just a reminder that Night to Unite is August 7th, 2018. If you are hosting a party or want information on hosting a party this year please visit our Night to Unite website at http://www.slpmn.org/night-to-unite-.html. Registration is currently open.

Come on down to City Hall to dispose of your old medication. Sgt. Long will be here from 10am to 2pm collecting them for destruction.

This Saturday, April 28, 2018, is the National Prescription Take Back day. Feel free to drop off any unused prescriptions at the Spring Lake Park City Hall for proper disposal. The event will run from 10 AM to 2 PM.

Road closure. Due to an accident last night Elm Dr. between Able St. and Maple St. will be closed until further notice until power lines can be repaired. Thanks for patience.

The Spring Lake Park Police Department will be participating in the Drug Take Back Day on April 28, 2018 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. If you have any old or unused prescriptions, feel free to drop them off safely and anonymously at the police department for proper disposal. More information can be found at https://takebackday.dea.gov/ If you are not able to make it to this Take Back Day, there is a secured drop box located in the lobby at Spring Lake Park City Hall for disposal of prescription drugs during regular business hours.

US Treasury Scam...Do Not Respond if you receive a similar email or letter as below! ~Investigator Baker -----Original Message----- From: Mr. Frank Moore [mailto:postmaster@lilianet.com.br] Sent: Monday, March 26, 2018 7:36 PM To: Recipients Subject: Please Be Informed, U.S Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)U.S Treasury Department's 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20220 Attn: This email is to notify you about the release of your outstanding payment which is truly $6.500.000.00 USD. The New Prime Minister ( UK) scheduled a time frame to settle all foreign debts which includes Contract/Inheritance/ Gambling/ Lottery(Sponsored by Microsoft and National Lottery) and other international loans. News had it that over the past,numerous individual (s) who happen to be impostors (claiming to be individuals, banks and organizations) are claiming to release numerous sums of fund via numerous ways. With the help of the (OFAC)U.S Treasury Department's and the FBI we have noticed that people have being asked to pay outrageous amount of money by these impostors for the transfer of their funds to them. We want you to stop all communication that has to do with these fraudsters who have been requesting unreasonable sums of money from you to release your funds which they do not have access to. We have received a mandate and instructions from the (OFAC)U.S Treasury Department's to commence the immediate release of your funds through the following payment options stated below depending on your choice: 1. Payment via Automatic Teller Machine (ATM card): This is where you will be sent an Automatic Teller Machine card with Pin also known as ATM card (A Master Card would be issued). Upon receipt of your custom ATM card you will be allowed to withdraw $10,000 per day by default and you are given the option to transfer funds from your ATM card to your bank account. 2. Certified Cashiers Check or Bank Draft: In this case you will be sent a certified bank draft or check signed in your favor which you will deposit in any bank for it to be cleared within 3 to 5 working days at most depending on your bank. 3. Online Banking ( Bank To Bank Transfer) to enable you process this operation, $585 Dollars is Required for opening of an online banking operation, that will enable you get access to your account Online. Below is a tracking number you can track to confirm people like you whom have successfully received their payment safely. Name : Mrs Natasha Micheal: FedEx Tracking Number: 786142438400 (www.fedex.com) Name: Mr John Stewards: FedEx Tracking Number: 712603288447 (www.fedex.com) You are advised to select one out of the three options on how you wish to receive your $6.500.000.00 USD, Your Online Banking Acess or ATM card or Check/Bank Draft will be shipped via Courier Shipping Company and would get to you within 2 working days at most. For international shipping as stated by our company We had to sign contract with Courier for bulk shipping which makes the fees reduce from the actual $925 to $590 nothing more and no hidden fees of any sort. You are advised to contact the Department's Officer responsible for the shipping of your Check or ATM card with the following information for shipping of your payment Check or ATM card. Department's Officer: Mr. Frank Moore Email- And provide him with the following information: Your full Name................ Your Address:................ Occupation:................ Home/Cell Phone:................. Age....................... The Department's Officer Mr. Frank Moore will provide you with instructions on how you are to make payment of the $590 only for the shipping of your ATM card or Cashiers Check. You are to adhere strictly to the instructions above for more information contact the Department's Officer. Remember that you are not paying any fees extra no matter what. Once again note that the actual Courier Retail Price: $925 Your Price (Because of our contract signed): is now $590 ( $335.00 Savings!). Thanks, Mr. Frank Moore U.S Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC)U.S Treasury Department's 1500 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20220

Regarding the water main break in the 8400 block of Westwood Rd, Public Works is on site today to complete the repairs. This will require water service to be shut off to the east side of the city again. Water service should be restored later this afternoon. Thank you for your patience with this matter. If you have any questions, please call our dispatch center at 763-427-1212, and we will do our best to answer them.

Public Works is aware of the water main break in the 8400 block of Westwood Rd. There are crews out working on the issue, but it required water service being shut off to part of the east side of the city. As soon as it is under control, service will be restored. Thank you for your patience with this matter.

With the nicer weather comes pot holes! Local crews are out working to fill the pot holes on our roadways. Please be courteous by slowing down and moving over for these workers trying to make your commute less bumpy. The same law requiring motorists to move over for emergency vehicles also applies to maintenance vehicles working on the roadway as well.

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend with the warmer weather predicted. ⏰ Also, remember this is the weekend to set your clocks ahead one hour for Daylight Savings Time.🕰️ It's also good practice to replace the batteries in your smoke detectors at the same time. Happy Friday!

Join Judges and Justice Partners from Anoka County to hear what is going on in the Courts and to listen to your concerns about the Courts in Anoka County, and ideas on how to improve the Justice System. http://mncourts.gov/mncourtsgov/media/tenth_district/documents/Community-Dialogue-Invite.pdf

The Spring Lake Park Police Department will now have limited Office hours on Saturdays starting January 6, 2018. This will be every Saturday and the hours will be 10am to noon.

With the seriously cold weather we are in, we understand many people want to warm up their vehicles before heading out the door. If you do plan to warm your vehicle, please do not leave the keys in the ignition - this is an easy target for someone looking for a quick ride.

Congratulations to Officer Dave Chlebeck who was recognized for 20 years of service with the Spring Lake Park Police Department this week. Thank you Officer Chlebeck for your dedicated service to the City, Police Department and community.

Effective today, we regret to inform you that Laddie Lake Pub has closed.

Even though it is just the start of the winter season, we are starting to plan for Night to Unite 2018. If you are interested in having a block party, please visit the link below on how to get the process started. There is information on how to host a party and contact information for Sgt. Antoine if you have other questions pertaining to Night to Unite. Hope to see you at the neighborhood parties! http://www.slpmn.org/night-to-unite-.html

For those in our community that are involved with or interested in Night to Unite in 2018 check out our new Night to Unite page under the police department website.

With our ever-changing weather here in Minnesota, please remember to turn on your headlights when it is raining, snowing, or when visibility is reduced.

Just a reminder to all residents of the City that winter parking restrictions are now in effect.

Remember, if you have any unwanted or expired prescription medication, you can bring them to Spring Lake Park City Hall for disposal. Simply drop them off in the boxes - no questions asked! Sgt. Long will be here until 2:00 pm.

UPDATE: Relating to the latest scam report, we have spoken with the actual employee of Edward Jones. It is verified she has been in the area and does possess a permit to solicit issued by the City. However, another female, posing an employee of Edward Jones, was seen leaving the area in the black Monte Carlo. This vehicle description does not match the one driven by the permitted individual. Please be aware this is more than likely a scam. If you are ever in doubt about someone soliciting door-to-door, please ask to see their permit or call 911. And again, do NOT give out personal or banking information.

NEW SCAM ALERT: It has been reported a female has been posing as an employee of Edward Jones Investments and going door to door asking questions regarding investments and banking information. The female left the area after the resident stated they were calling the police. She was last seen in a black Chevrolet Monte Carlo that was said to be in very good shape. Please be advised that anyone soliciting door-to-door must first apply for a permit through City Hall. Call 911 if you see this type of activity occurring, and NEVER give out your personal or banking information.

Although some do not like the thought of snow, it will be here before we know it. Please remember, beginning November 1 there is no parking on city streets from 2:00 AM to 8:00 AM. Also, if there is a snowfall of three inches or more, please do not park on the street until it has been plowed curb to curb. Thank you!