Crosby Police Department

  • Agency: Crosby Police Department
  • Address: 2 Second Street SW, Crosby, 56441 MN
  • Chief: Kimberley Coughlin (Chief of Police)

Crosby Police Department is located at 2 Second Street SW, Crosby, 56441 MN. The Chief of Police of the department is Kimberley Coughlin. The Crosby Police Department phone number is 218-546-5137.

Crosby Police Department News

***PRESS RELEASE*** See the press release below for the victim and suspect information from the homicide at Heartwood Senior Living.

***PRESS RELEASE**** See the press release below regarding the incident today at Heartwood Senior Living. We thank you all for your patience as we processed this complex scene.

At the Crosby City Council Meeting on January 8th five citizens were honor by the City of Crosby and the Crosby Police Department for their actions in two separate incidences in 2017. The actions of these "Good Samaritans" not only assisted police and medical personnel in their duties but ultimate made the difference between life and death for those involved. The Crosby Police Department wishes to honor and extend our deepest gratitude to Katherine Asplin, Brad Suitter, Scott Ryan, John Radinovish and Don Tysk (Not Pictured) for their selfless actions to protect their fellow citizens. Below are also the descriptions of the events for which these citizens are being honored.

As Law Enforcement Appreciation Day comes to an end, the Crosby Police Department would like to thank Joan Hasskamp for the card and treats she dropped off for our officers. The Crosby Police Department is proud to continue our service to the citizens of Crosby!

All of us here at Crosby Police Department would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays. We hop that this chilly Christmas day you are warmed by the love of the family and friends who surround you. We ask that you remember those who are away from their familes in service to us all. Stay warm our there and as always stay safe!

It’s Christmas Eve and Santa is already making his rounds. You can track Santa’s yearly flight with NORAD by following the link below. Crosby Officers will be keeping an eye out for Santa and any Grinches as they patrol the city tonight. If you are traveling today Santa and the Crosby Police Department ask that you drive with care and take your time. Christmas is a time of celebration and we want all who we serve to avoid tragedy on Minnesota roads.

The Crosby Police Department along with our partners at the Cuyuna Police Department, Deerwood Police Department, Emily Police Department, Crow Wing County Sheriff's Office and Minnesota State Patrol would like to thank all of our community members who stopped in for the Cuyuna Lakes Coffee With a Cop. We had a great turn out and a lot of great conversations were had. A huge thank you to the staff at Mixed Company who were fantastic hosts and made everyone feel welcomed. Keep an eye out for details about our next Coffee With a Cop event in April!

Come join us at the Mixed Company for Cuyuna Lakes Coffee With a Cop. Lots of great coffee and treats here along with some great conversation.

Come join KGIF/KKIN along with the Minnesota State Patrol and local law enforcement at the Spalding for the Live Safe & Sober Program.

Don’t forget tomorrow is the Cuyuna Lakes Coffee With a Cop at Mixed Company from 9 - 11 AM. Officers from the Crosby, Deerwood and Cuyuna Police Departments will be there along with Deputies from the Crow Wing County Sheriff’s Office and Troopers from the Minnesota State Patrol. Stop on in for some free coffee and great conversation. See you tomorrow!

A reminder that next Tuesday the Crosby Police Department will be hosting Cuyuna Lakes Coffee with a Cop at Mixed Company from 9 - 11 AM. This is a free event. Officers, Deputies and Troopers of the Crosby Police Department, Crow Wing Count Sheriff’s Office, Cuyuna Police Department, Deerwood Police Department and Minnesota State Patrol. Will be at the event to answer questions, talk about issues in the communities they serve or even talk just talk about sports and where the fish are biting! We hope to see you all there for some good conversation and great coffee.

The Crosby Police Department wishes to extend it's deepest thanks to the owners, managers and employees of the following businesses who provided food, drinks and support to our responding law enforcement officers, fire fighters, emergency medical personnel and dive team members during the events of yesterday on Serpent Lake. Super One Foods of Crosby Cuyuna Regional Medical Center's (CRMC) Cornerstone Coffee CRMC's Dietary Department Heartland Senior Living's Dietary Department North Country Cafe Holiday Station of Crosby The Crosby Bar Iron Range Eatery Kangas Enterprises, Inc.n Subway of Crosby We would also extend the biggest thank you to the Bohlin Family of Irondale Township who graciously opened up their home to first responders before all logistics were in place. This exemplifies the selflessness of the citizens of the Cuyuna Lakes Area, who rally together as a community during tragedy.

***UPDATE*** Despite the gallant efforts of all responding personnel, from multiple agencies, this afternoon the body of an adult male snowmobile operator was recovered from Serpent Lake. The Crosby Police Department offers its condolences to the victim’s family and friends and asks that all in the community remain respectful as they begin the grieving process. Our officers are currently assisting the Crow Wing County Sheriff's Office with this incident. Please contact the sheriff's office with any information you may have regarding this incident.

The Crosby Police Department is happy to be hosting the inaugural Cuyuna Lakes Coffee with a Cop in December 19th. Coffee with a cop is a national program that brings together law enforcement officers and the citizens they serve for good coffee and good conversation. There is no agenda, no planned topics and no pressure just officers from the agencies that serve the Cuyuna Lakes Area conversing with those they serve about their communities. We hope to see you all there!!!

All the beards have been shaved away and our officers have returned to their less fuzzy looking selves. With the generosity of our officers and community members we were able to raise $300.00 for the Courage Cabinet at CRMC. These fund will benefit the daily lives of those battling cancer. The Crosby Police Department would like to thank the community as a whole for it's support in this fundraiser. We can't wait until next year!!!

TEXT-TO-911 a new service that will help the Crosby Police Department and our partners in public safety better serve Minnesotans.

This will be the final week to apply for the initial class of Reserve Officers. You can follow the link below to the applications online or stop by the police department for a copy. All applications must be turned in by the end of business hours on Friday December 8th to be considered for this initial group. To those who applied via Facebook: There was a glitch that we thought had been resolved but turns out was not so your application provided only basic information about you. We ask that if you’re still interested that you fill out a full application and turn it in. An email to each of you will be sent shortly as well. We apologize for the inconvenience.

For those still interested in applying for the initial group of reserve officers there is just one week left to get your applications in. Only applications receive prior to the end of the business day on December 8th will be considered for the initial group of reserves. Look to see our reserve officers on patrol starting in the new year!

Just two days left for No Shave November. With some of our Officers beginning to look like Grizzly Adams the Crosby Police Department can’t wait to make our contribution to the Courage Cabinet at CRMC. A continued thank you to those members of the community who have joined us in donating.

Happy Thanksgiving!!! The Crosby Police Department hopes everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving surrounded by family and friends. As you enjoy the festivities we hope that you will take a moment to remember those who are away from their families in service to their community, state and nation. We thank them for their sacrifices and wish for them to make it home safe. Have a great day everyone and as always stay safe!

As you make your way over the river and through the woods for your Thanksgiving Celebration please remember these tips to avoid a holiday catastrophe: 1) Drive Defensively - follow speed limits, don’t use you phone and give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination. 2) Move Over - if you see an emergency or road work vehicle with its lights on slow down and move over. Those dedicated public servants have families that want to see them home safe. 3) Don’t Drink and Drive - there will be extra patrols on the roads throughout the holiday seasons. If you drink and drive plan on spending thanksgiving dinner in the Crow Wing County Jail. The Crosby Police Department wishes everyone safe travels!

The Crosby Police Department would like to remind everyone that we are accepting applications for our newly formed Reserve Division. If you are interested in serving your community as a Reserve Officer follow the link below to the application and flyer. Applications can also be picked up in person at the police department. We have received a great response so far and look forward to starting our program with a great group of volunteers. On December 1st we will begin reviewing the applications and setting up interviews. Have a safe weekend and as always, stay safe!

We've passed the halfway point of No Shave November and our officers are looking a tad bit "scruffy". With today being "Give to the Max Day" the Crosby Police Department wanted to post an update and reminder of our fundraiser for the Courage Cabinet at Cuyuna Regional Medical Center. Through the month of November Crosby Officer's are allowed to grow facial hair for their generous giving. The Courage Cabinet provides funds for the basic needs of cancer patients to help alleviate some of the stress that comes with the fight against cancer. If you would like to help our officers raise money for this great cause please stop by the police department and give a cash or check (made out to CRMC) donation. We appreciate the great support we have received from the community so far and hope to finish the month strong for those brave folks in the fight of their lives!

For almost 40 years, the Crosby Police Department has proudly served the citizens of Crosby while wearing the same patch. Today, we are proud to present the new shoulder patches that our officers will wear while continuing our heritage of service and sacrifice. The new patch will be phased into service over the coming months as the old patch is retired with remembrance of past officers who have served honorably with it on their uniforms. The new patch represents the past and present of policing on the Cuyuna Range: The Midnight blue background symbolizes the original night watchmen whose legacy our officers continue; standing on guard and ready so that our citizens may sleep peacefully in their beds. The bronze border and lettering represent the equipment of our mining past that gave birth to our communities. Kahnah’bek stands guard over serpent lake, as he has for the past 40 years, and remains front and center of the patch. The sprocket completes the patch to celebrate the Cuyuna Lakes Bike Trails and the renaissance of activity that it has brought to the Cuyuna Range.