Cuyuna Police Department

  • Agency: Cuyuna Police Department
  • Address: 24945 Minnesota Ave, Deerwood, 56444 MN
  • Chief: Tim Leonard (Chief of Police)
Phone: 218-546-5400

Cuyuna Police Department is located at 24945 Minnesota Ave, Deerwood, 56444 MN. The Chief of Police of the department is Tim Leonard. The Cuyuna Police Department phone number is 218-546-5400.

Cuyuna Police Department News

Much deserved award. Officer Van Horn is a great representation for law enforcement in the Cuyuna Range atea and as a citizen, dedicated to his community. Congratulations Officer Van Horn.

You may see the Chief patrolling around tonight playing "Reindeer Games"!

Temps were freezing last night with snow and high winds. Roads are slippery in spots this morning. Please be patient and help us with our Towards Zero Deaths goal, by being extra careful this morning while driving.

It's going to be a gorgeous day in Cuyuna. Woodtick Races start at noon. Jockey meeting at 11am.

Looking to be a beautiful day. We'd love to see you all.

It was an honor for Cuyuna Chief Jesse Smith and Cuyuna Deputy Chief Pat Pickar to be present during the pinning of the newly appointed Chief of Police Mark Taylor for the Deerwood Police Department. Chief Taylor you are a true representative of your community as it was revealed tonight. We are thankful for the working relationship that our two cities share and I know we will continue to backup and assist each other. Great job friend.

Sewer project has begun in the city of Cuyuna. Construction will possibly continue into June 2017. We ask that you be extra diligent in driving through work zones. In 2014 the legislature passed a law, instead of doubling a fine for speeding in a work zone, to a minimum $300 fine. Help us continue with our statewide Towards Zero Deaths initiative.

Congratulations to Officer Kovacic on a well deserved award. You have committed your entire career and life to teaching other law enforcement officers their ability to do their jobs, with confidence and professionalism. We are proud to have you representing the Cuyuna Police Department along with your other endeavors.