Apple Valley Police Department

  • Agency: Apple Valley Police Department
  • Address: 7100 147th St. W., Apple Valley, 55124 MN
  • Chief: Scott Johnson (Chief of Police)
Phone: (952) 953-2700
Fax: (952) 953-2733

Apple Valley Police Department is located at 7100 147th St. W., Apple Valley, 55124 MN. The Chief of Police of the department is Scott Johnson. The Apple Valley Police Department phone number is (952) 953-2700.

Apple Valley Police Department News

The Apple Valley Police Department is conducting an investigation into unauthorized computer use by a ISD 194 administrator.

We're asking for the public's help in a decades old criminal sexual assault case. More information at:

There's still time to register for the Apple Valley/Rosemount Teen Police Academy. Come learn how our police departments work through interactive sessions on Crime Scene Investigation, Use of Force (shoot/don't shoot scenarios), Drugs, SWAT and more. Registration and details can be found at

Join us as we participate in a community conversation on race. Please follow the link below to register. Hope to see you there!

Calling all Teens! The Apple Valley Police are teaming up with the Rosemount Police to offer a Teen Police Academy. High school students interested in learning more about our departments are encouraged to apply!!

CREDIT CARD SKIMMING The Apple Valley Police Department along with the Better Business Bureau want to make you aware that skimming is still a problem around the metro area. Credit card skimming involves thieves placing a small skimming device on a credit card terminal to steal a card's information. When a credit or debit card is swiped through a skimmer, the device captures and stores all the details stored in the card's magnetic strip. Thieves use the stolen data to make fraudulent charges either online or with a counterfeit credit card.

Merry Christmas from the Apple Valley Police!!

HOLIDAY SAFETY TIPS - SERIES 5 1. Be very careful about posting your gifts on social media. If you decide to share what you received, make sure you don’t have your location tagged to the post. Encourage your children to be smart about what they post as well. 2. Dispose of your gift boxes creatively this year. Break down your boxes and other packaging so as not to announce the gifts your family received this holiday season.

HOLIDDAY SAFETY TIPS - SERIES 4 1. Watch out for distracted drivers. Parking lots are busier than usual during the holiday season. Avoid distractions while you are driving. 2. Concentrate on safe road travels this holiday season by making sure every passenger is using a seat belt, car seat or booster seat. Secure loose objects in your vehicle trunk so they don’t act as projectiles in case of a crash. 3. NEVER DRINK AND DRIVE.

HOLIDAY SAFETY TIPS - SERIES 3 1. If you’re traveling, don’t post your travel plans on social media. Posting this information just lets people know when your house will be empty which is an attraction for a would-be theif. Have a trusted friend/relative/neighbor watch your residence and pick up newspapers and mail while you are gone. 2. Make sure your exterior house lights are set to be on from dusk to dawn and consider leaving a light on inside the house if you are away for an extended period of time to give the appearance that someone is home.

Join us as we prepare gifts for needy families in our community. In addition to our annual Shop with a Cop campaign, this year we were also able to sponsor two families. We purchased, wrapped, and delivered gifts to make their holiday brighter.

HOLIDAY SAFETY TIPS - SERIES 2 1. Be aware of the dangers of fires during the holiday season. Check light strands for frayed cords or cracked bulbs. 2. Don’t use indoor lights outside or outside lights inside. 3. Don’t leave candles unattended or hang decorations near a heat source. 4. Make sure your smoke alarms in working order.

The Apple Valley Police Department wants to make your holiday season a safe one. Check out these important safety tips! HOLIDAY SAFETY TIP - SERIES 1 1. Do not leave valuables in your vehicle. Thieves cruise parking lots and neighborhoods looking for vehicles to break into. Park vehicles in garages overnight and don’t display valuables inside if you are parking in lots/ramps. Be careful about storing packages if you are going from store to store shopping. Conceal them as best as possible. 2. Be cautious of having packages delivered to your home if you are not there to receive them. Consider having packages delivered to your work or ask a trusted neighbor to collect your package if you are not home. 3. Be aware of charitable donation scams during the holidays. If you are planning on giving to charity, check the organization out before you donate and make sure they are legit.

Make dinner a selfless act by joining us for a fundraiser to support Apple Valley Police Explorer Post #571. Come in to the Chipotle at 7638 W. 150th Street in Apple Valley on Sunday, January 14th between 4:00pm and 8:00pm. Bring in this flyer, show it on your smartphone or tell the cashier you’re supporting the cause to make sure that 50% of the proceeds will be donated to Apple Valley Police Explorer Post #571.

Text-To-911: CALL if you can. Text if you CAN’T You may have heard that you can now text 911 in an emergency if you are unable to call. The service can be the first contact option for individuals who are deaf, deafblind, hard of hearing or those with speech impairments. It’s true the technology exists and the service has been rolled out “statewide” as of Tuesday, December 5. That being said, the Dakota Communications Center which serves Dakota County is not currently equipped to handle text messages to 911. Current 911 texts are going to the Hennepin County Dispatch Center which will then relay the information to the appropriate communications center. Here’s how it works: • Enter the number 911 in the “To” field. • Text your exact location and type of emergency (exact address). • Send the message. • Promptly answer questions and follow instructions. TIPS: Use simple words. Do NOT use abbreviations or slang and do not text emoji’s or pictures. Do not text and drive! DID YOU KNOW: Emergency response may be lengthened due to the time it takes for a text to 911 to be typed and sent. Your location is not as accurate with text to call as it is with a call. Also, there is a 160 character limit with text to 911 and there is no language translation service available. Dispatchers prefer calls so they can get cues from background noise and voice inflections. If you text to 911, dispatchers will ask if they can call you. Remember CALL if you can. Text if you CAN’T.

Enjoy the latest edition of Off the Cuff!!

Tis the Season for Package Thefts As people increasingly shop online during the holiday season, we see a rise in package thefts throughout our community. Recent crime analysis information provides insight to some new twists on this age-old crime. • Suspects are having packages shipped to random addresses or vacant homes, tracking the packages and delivery dates, and then showing up at the address to retrieve the package. Typically the packages arrive with a bogus name that is likely the name of a real person whose identity has been stolen and whose credit cards have been used to make the purchase. • Unsolicited credit cards are being opened in victim’s names and delivered to their residences via FedEx. The suspect tracks the delivery of the card and shows up at the victim’s residence to retrieve it shortly after it has been delivered. • And we are still seeing a lot of good, old-fashioned theft of packages left on front steps/porches. Here are some prevention tips to remember during this busy holiday shopping season: o Consider having packages delivered to your work address or a friend/relative who will be home for the delivery. o Work with the package delivery company to have packages held at their office location or ask that packages be dropped off at a more secluded location at your residence (back door, inside garage, behind a bush near the front of the house, etc.) o Work with the delivery company to schedule the delivery for a time when you are home. o Track your package so you know when it is going to be delivered. Work with the delivery company to see if you can receive a text alert when the package has been delivered. o Ask a trusted friend/relative to pick your package up and hold it for safe keeping until you return home. o When shopping on Amazon, you can choose to have your packages delivered to an Amazon Locker located near you. Amazon Lockers are secure, self-service kiosks that allow customers to pick up packages at a time/location that is convenient for them. Amazon Lockers are located at Cub Foods in Apple Valley. o Watch for slow moving vehicles in neighborhoods, parties following delivery drivers and even people on bikes trolling neighborhoods. o Call 911 if you see anything suspicious in your neighborhood! Have a safe and enjoyable shopping experience this season!

Happy Thanksgiving! Special thanks to all the first responders working today and tonight away from their families to keep us safe.

An update on Saturday's crash at 140th St. W. and Cedar Avenue: One passenger from the SUV is still in the hospital and stable. Apple Valley Police and the Minnesota State Patrol are investigating the crash. The driver of the box truck admitted he was talking on his cell phone prior to the crash. He is in custody at the Dakota County jail pending charges for criminal vehicular operation

Spotting a Scam: When Something’s Free, Until It Isn’t How It Works: • Free trial offers often lure you into accepting a free product or subscription, but require you to cancel after receiving your offer. • When you don’t cancel, you receive more product, whether it’s face cream or magazines, and you’re stuck with the bill. • Often the fine print makes it very difficult to cancel in time to avoid a charge. What You Should Know: • Unfortunately, the tactics are generally legal, unless the seller fails to disclose that you will be charged following the free offer. • These kinds of offers are all over the place, so be very careful to read the fine print before accepting a free trial, or simply decline the offer. • It’s a good idea to search online for reviews about the company offering the free trial – you can learn a lot about potential customer service issues this way. • Review your credit card statement regularly. Keep an eye out for unauthorized charges. What You Should Do: • If an unauthorized charge appears on your statement, don’t call the toll-free number next to it to dispute the charge. Rather, call your credit card company’s customer service number to report it. You’ll have a better chance of canceling out the charge this way. • If you get caught in this trap, file a consumer complaint with the Federal Trade Commission and the Better Business Bureau.

Multi vehicle crash on cedar avenue and 140th. State patrol assisting. One passenger with serious injuries. Please drive safe.

As we head into a weekend and into the holiday season, please take 6 minutes to watch this video and consider how important it is to drive sober.

The Apple Valley and Rosemount Police Departments responded to a string of thefts from vehicles and vehicle thefts on the east side of Apple Valley and the west side of Rosemount last night. All reports were related to a mini-crime spree resulting in the arrest of two adults and five juveniles by the Rosemount police earlier this morning. All suspects are from North Minneapolis. Apple Valley and Rosemount police departments took over 12 reports of thefts from vehicles related to the spree. In addition, the suspects stole several vehicles in Apple Valley which were all recovered. The suspects were taken into custody and an investigation is pending. The vehicles that were entered were parked in driveways of houses on residential streets and many were unlocked. Remember to always lock your vehicle doors when parking your vehicle outside. Call 911 to report any and all suspicious activity when it is occurring.

Learn how Apple Valley PD and 360 Communities work together to better serve our residents with Ranger, a service dog.

Our officers are out on patrol tonight armed with lots of goodies. Flag down a squad while supplies last! Trick or treat!