Mendota Heights Police Department

  • Agency: Mendota Heights Police Department
  • Address: 1101 Victoria Curve, Mendota Heights, 55118 MN
  • Chief: Mike Aschenbrener (Chief of Police)

Mendota Heights Police Department is located at 1101 Victoria Curve, Mendota Heights, 55118 MN. The Chief of Police of the department is Mike Aschenbrener. The Mendota Heights Police Department phone number is (651) 452.1366.

Mendota Heights Police Department News

It is everybody's favorite time of the year....Seasonal Parking Restrictions! From November 1st through March 31, there is no parking on any city street between the hours of 2:00 AM and 6:00 AM, no matter the weather. If there is a snowfall of 2 inches or more, there is no parking on a street until it has been plowed curb to curb. [We can't speak for the legislative branch of the City, but we think the idea behind the time restriction is that more people voluntarily comply with a rule when it is consistent and reasonable. Some cities only have the restrictions in effect when there is snow, the problem with that approach is weather can change in an instant. People who go to bed with only 1.5 inches of snow in the forecast and then wake up with a ticket because it snowed another 0.5, will be rightfully upset as the conditions changed while they were sleeping.]

Coffee with a cop tomorrow, November 1st at 0900, at TK’s in Lilydale. Come by and say hello.

Getting into the Halloween spirit

Happy Halloween! It is going to be a cold one, so come and warm up at the bonfire! Starts at 7:00 PM and is located on South Plaza Drive behind the Walgreens.


Now it’s Visitation’s turn.

Cadets are in a nail biter at US Bank Stadium. Warming the place up for Visitation! #highSchoolSoccer

Gave out free samples of electricity last night at the Citizen’s Academy!

You already know...

Come and help shape the future of our community. Comprehensive plan community engagement meetings are scheduled for 11/2, 11/8, and 11/15.

The Halloween bonfire is a week from today! Starting this Thursday (10/26/2017) you can bring brush to the designated area on South Plaza Drive. You can’t just bring any old yard waste. The bush must be less than 4 inches in diameter, no leaves, grass clippings, or construction debris. So, basically you can only bring….

Lucifer Nguyen was indicted by a Grand Jury today. Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard to apply a measure of justice for our victims.

As Halloween approaches, we are on the lookout for large purchases of TP and eggs. We would never blame a victim, but help us out and give away good treats. (Also, consider peanut allergies)

A community so great, they are not going to want to return to minneapolis!

The coyotes are out and about! Please do not feed them, keep your dog on a leash when out for a walk, and check out this link for more info. [We are especially interested in the “hazing” tactics (Canis latrans? More like Canis loser. Awe, SNAP!)]

Representing our community!

We are training traffic stops for our citizens academy tonight. If you see commotion at the PD, that is just is having fun.

Please join us this Saturday for a public safety event designed for children with special needs and their families.

Come out and have coffee with a Mendota Heights Cop tonight at 6:00 PM (calls permitting). We will be at Caribou Coffee (720 Main Street) so please stop by and meet your officers.

Volunteer Police Reserve Officer The Mendota Heights Police Department is accepting applications for the position of Police Reserve Officer. Police Reserves are volunteers who assist the department by performing and participating in critical, non-enforcement duties including custody transports, vacation checks, security at crime scenes and special community related events. Police Reserve Officer Qualifications • Must commit to 12 hours per month and 40 hours annually to cover assignments • Must be at least 21 year old • Possess a high school diploma or GED • Be a citizen of the United States • Have a valid Minnesota Driver's License • Live within a reasonable distance to respond to events and/or incident response To apply, interested applicants must complete an City of Mendota Heights Employment Application and supplemental application questionnaire. Applications are due by 4:30 pm on October 15, 2017.

Good luck tonight!

Why are all those cops standing on the side of the road pointing stuff at cars? The Mendota Heights PD is being certified on our new speed measuring device! Speeders beware.

Have you noticed some occupied cars parked near Marie and Dodd in the evenings? So have we. We have made contact with several of the drivers and they are delivery drivers for services like Amazon and Bite Squad. It turns out, that Marie and Dodd is an advantageous place to stage while waiting for their next assignment. While it is out of the ordinary, it is perfectly legal and we do not ask them to leave. Besides, we would never want to upset our benevolent overlord Amazon lest our midnight impulse purchases be delivered late.

Both westbound 110 and Mendota Heights Road are open. True story!

Continue to be impressed with the staff at White Pines and members of the Mendota Heights Fire Department. Their compassion and professionalism is noticed and appreciated.