Corcoran Police Department

  • Agency: Corcoran Police Department
  • Address: 8200 County Road 116, Corcoran, 55340 MN
  • Chief: Sean Gormley (Chief of Police)

Corcoran Police Department is located at 8200 County Road 116, Corcoran, 55340 MN. The Chief of Police of the department is Sean Gormley. The Corcoran Police Department phone number is 952-258-5321.

Corcoran Police Department News

Here is this week's CPD press release.

Plow truck update: Hennepin County is clearing main roadways the best they can. Corcoran Public Works will be out at 2am to hopefully get everything cleared by morning. The squad car will be pushing snow with its front bumper until further notice.

How are the roads? I found this 1/10 of a mile of Hwy 55 clear of snow. The only downside is that at the end of the cleared road was a complete whiteout of blowing snow. Be safe and stay home.

UPDATE: This beaultiful girl's owner has claimed her. She is back home with her family. Thank you all for your help! A resident called in and had found this sweet pup! Anyone know who her owner might be? She was found in the 79XX block Eagle Ridge Road. If you know where this girl belongs, please give the PD a call at 763-420-8966.

Here is the latest CPD news...

Another from Chad Dickie with the beautiful backdrop of Stonehenge! #CorcoranNTU2018

The Corcoran Can Koozie was in Hawaii! It got to see two humpback whales, and was exactly 3,911 miles away… a beautiful Maui sunset with Lani in the background. Keep the photos coming! Mahalo! #CorcoranNTU2018

In honor of the MN Twins Home Opener today....Jeanie Heinecke at Spring Training in FL! #CorcoranNTU2018

What does a Corcoran Night to Unite coloring contest winner look like? Like this awesome 4th grader! After winning a visit from a Police Officer, Danielle chose to wait over 6 months so that she could invite us to her school! Officer Pete and Officer Jesse got to go to Hanover Elementary, talk with Mrs. Mutterer’s 4th grade class, eat school lunch, and have recess with the kids. Thanks again for the invite Danielle! We don’t know who had more fun, the kids or the cops. Be sure to watch for this year’s coloring contest coming soon! #CorcoranNTU

Thank you to Corcoran Public Works and all the plow truck drivers out there working so hard to keep us safe on the roads!

Our Officer Chad Dickie with London's finest in front of the Tower Bridge. How awesome is that? Enjoy your trip Chad! #CorcoranNTU2018

Our very own Police Technician, Emma, was in Amsterdam and took this wonderful picture! #CorcoranNTU2018

Here is the latest CPD press release.

Please drive safe! Watch out for those that are helping stranded drivers! Remember to move over and slow down!

The Alps! Wow! That looks absolutely beautiful!! Thank you Christopher Halvorson! #CorcoranNTU2018

Something to brighten up the mid-week - photos from Retired Part-time Officer Brian Fragodt from beautiful South of Playa at El Dorado Sensimar, Mexico. #CorcoranNTU2018

The MN DNR has advised that the annual Spring burn ban will go on in two weeks (about April 9th) and will continue until Mid-May. Check out the link below for more information.

We are getting around out there! Thank you Kelsey and Lindsey (Ivan Waterworth) for showing us beautiful Okinawa, Japan! #CorcoranNTU2018

The newest CPD weekly press release.

Media Release Date: 03/25/18 Re: Corcoran House Fire On 03/25/18 at 2:55 pm the Loretto Fire Department, Hanover Fire Department, Rogers Fire Department, and Corcoran Police were dispatched to a house fire at 8100 County Road 19. Upon arrival first responders observed heavy smoke coming from the residence. The following Fire Departments responded to assist: Maple Plain, Plymouth, Mound, Dayton, Wayzata, Long Lake, Excelsior, Delano, St. Michael, Hamel, Maple Grove, Medicine Lake, St. Bonifacius, St. Louis Park, and Buffalo. Corcoran Public Works, the Medina Police Department, the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office, and North Memorial Ambulance also assisted on scene. The fire is believed to have started in the lower level of the home. No one was injured but the home and its contents are a total loss. The Hennepin County Fire Investigation Team is investigating the cause and origin of the fire. Matt Gottschalk Director of Public Safety

Our very own Officer Steve Warren in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Antgua and the middle of the ocean! #CorcoranNTU2018

You may see some changes around the Corcoran Police Department that we are very excited about! First, you will see a new style squad car rolling around town. Have no fear, they are still being driven by the dedicated and professional Officer's that you have come to know and (hopefully) love! The change is a part of updating the Police Department image. The squad car graphics we used in the past were dated, and with advances in graphic designing, we were able to take on a new unique look that you won't see at other departments! If you see the squad around town, feel free to stop and talk with the Officer and find out some of the changes, and see them up close! In addition, that squad has been outfitted as a Commercial Vehicle Inspection squad. That means it has specialized equipment that Officer Hunter uses in keeping our roads safe when it comes to commercial vehicle traffic. The squad is also used for regular patrol duties. Officer Hunter is one of only a handful of municipal Commercial Vehicle Inspector's in the State of Minnesota. That duty is normally reserved for State Troopers or Civilians with the MN State Patrol. Officer Hunter attended extensive training to receive this certification and we are proud of his accomplishment! Watch our page for more reveals, and BIG NEWS over the next couple weeks!

We need your help! The Police Department did two events last year, "Decreasing Crime by Increasing Involvement". The first was on trending scams, local community problems, and general knowledge, and the second was on residential safety. We are trying to plan an event this summer about narcotics education and awareness, but we need ideas for more events!! What would you attend? What would you like to know? What would increase your involvement in the community to help us decrease crime? Without our citizens, we can't succeed!

Last week to sign up for FAS training!