Maple Grove Police Department

  • Agency: Maple Grove Police Department
  • Address: 12800 Arbor Lakes Pkwy N, Maple Grove, 55311-6180 MN
  • Chief: David Jess (Acting Chief of Police)
Phone: 763-494-6100
Fax: 763-494-6431

Maple Grove Police Department is located at 12800 Arbor Lakes Pkwy N, Maple Grove, 55311-6180 MN. The Acting Chief of Police of the department is David Jess. The Maple Grove Police Department phone number is 763-494-6100.

Maple Grove Police Department News

It's an EPIDEMIC! #putitdown #justdrive #payattention #tellyourfriends

TEENS who ADMIT to texting while driving, learn that a texting driver caused both of her parents to be killed. #selfienotworthit #itcanwait #putitdown #lifechangesinasecond

There will be a statewide tornado drill today, April 12, as part of Minnesota Severe Weather Awareness Week. Hennepin County will activate outdoor warning sirens at 1:45 p.m. and 6:45 p.m. Source: Hennepin County

EVERYONE, Take it from Kaitlyn, it can wait. #stopdistracteddriving #itcanwait #putitdown #AprilDDawareness

April is Distracted Driving Awareness month. Here are reminders for parents and teen drivers.

Cell Phone and Texting In Minnesota: It's illegal for drivers under age 18 to use a cell phone, whether hand-held or hands-free - except to call 911 in an emergency. It's illegal for drivers of all ages to compose, read, or send text messages or access the Internet while the vehicle is in motion or a part of traffic.

Beginning today, April 9th, Maple Grove police officers will join agencies statewide in targeted DISTRACTED DRIVING enforcement. This extra enforcement will run through 04/22/18. Maple Grove Police and other agencies will be focusing efforts on locating violators and enforcing distracted driving laws. Remember, wait until you arrive until you respond to texts or emails. Taking your eyes off the road for 5 seconds the average time to respond to a text is like travelling the entire length of a football field without looking at the road. No message is worth hurting yourself or hurting someone else, wait to use your phone and remember if you are not watching the road we will be watching for you.

Don't let the snow fool you....It's Severe Weather Awareness Week!

Today, Reserve Officer Tim Woodbury and CSOs Bouta and Neubauer spent time teaching the kids at Playhouse Preschool about safety!

23 time more likely to crash when's why.

Parents, be the driver you want your teen to be. #eyesup #endDD

Motorcycle season is near... #eyesup

Texting while driving is a BAD CHOICE. Where do you keep your phone when you're driving?

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"The reality is a K-9 can do certain things much easier, and much more safely, than humans can do," Werner said. "If we get a report of a lost child, or an elderly person who's walked away, the dog has the ability to track and find out where those individuals are at. If you're conducting a search, the K-9 can use scent and other senses to pick up things that maybe wouldn't be detected otherwise. Having that resource will allow us to be more effective, more efficient and do things more safely than we'd otherwise be able to." KSTP-TV