Minneapolis Police Department

  • Agency: Minneapolis Police Department
  • Address: 350 S 5th St #130, Minneapolis, 55415-1389 MN
  • Chief: Timothy John Dolan (Chief of Police)

Minneapolis Police Department is located at 350 S 5th St #130, Minneapolis, 55415-1389 MN. The Chief of Police of the department is Timothy John Dolan. The Minneapolis Police Department phone number is 612-673-3000.

Minneapolis Police Department News

Crash Leaves Two Dead in Alley June 15, 2018 (MINNEAPOLIS) On Friday evening at 7:52 pm., Minneapolis Police officers responded to a report of a hit and run motor vehicle crash in the area of West Broadway and Russell Avenue North. While searching the area, an officer observed two vehicles pass by him at a very high rate of speed. The officer was able to get the second vehicle stopped in the area of 27th and Russell. In speaking with the driver, the officer found that the vehicle he had stopped was the original victim of the hit and run they were investigating. The officer went back to his squad and buckled his seat belt and radiod this information to other squads. The officer drove in the direction the suspect vehicle was last seen. As the officer was in the area of Lowry and Penn Avenue North, he came across the crash. Additional officers arrived on the scene and provided first aid until they were relieved by paramedics. Two people were pronounced dead at the scene and two people were transported to North Memorial Health Hospital by ambulance. Everyone involved in this crash are adults. Preliminary investigation yields that the suspect vehicle, a van, travelled northbound in the alley between Penn and Queen Avenues North at a very high rate of speed. The van struck two telephone poles and a vehicle that was stopped on the right side of the alley. The van rolled over. One person in the van and one person in the vehicle that was struck in the alley died at the scene. Speed and impairment are possible factors being investigated in regards to this crash. The Minneapolis Police Department’s Traffic and Homicide Divisions are investigating this case. The Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Officer will release the identity of the victims as well as the nature and case of death. Case number 18-198121

We had so much fun with Minneapolis Public Schools yesterday kicking off the Summer Meals program at Jackson Square Park! This program offers free meals to youths at various locations throughout the summer months. Feel free to download the App “Summer Eats Minnesota” to access the sites. Our officers from the Community Engagement Team and 4th Precinct Neighborhood directed patrol will visit sites and engage with youth and family.

The Community Engagement Team, Officer Edwards, Sgt. Gomez and Civilian Jeff Hayes, stopped by the House of Charity and served lunch to the Community this week. Officers had a great time engaging with the community and we were even able to giveaway a bicycle to 7 year old Abraham. While talking to his mother Officers learned he outgrew his bicycle and was in need of a new one.

Message from Chief Arradondo: Yesterday a local media outlet published an article regarding MPD Officers and their actions during calls for service involving hospital EMS personnel. The information released was based on a draft report created by the Office of Police Conduct Review. It is important to know that this report was not complete and devoid of any input from medical personnel. This draft report focused on MPD Officers’ suggestions and recommendations to EMS personnel regarding the use of the drug ketamine on members of the community. The MPD is committed to our procedural justice service to our community. We give voice, respect, build spaces of trust and are neutral in our engagements. A portion of the draft report contained elements regarding language and statements made by some MPD officers that do not reflect our core values. When this matter was brought to my attention, I took immediate steps and made a policy change prohibiting Officers from making medical suggestions or recommendations to EMS staff through both policy and administrative announcement. Releasing the contents from this draft report before its completion was irresponsible. There are significant faults with this draft report, and recklessly disseminating it to our communities is a disservice to those who not only rely upon receiving accurate information – but also put their trust in our police services. This inaccurate draft report has the potential to tarnish much of the good work the men and women of the MPD, as well as our medical partners, do every day and night to save lives in our city. There are thousands of medical-related calls that MPD Officers respond to along with our medical partners in our city every year. There are countless lives that are saved because of the professionalism and life-saving skills and treatment that they provide. When the OPCR final report is complete, it will be made available to the public for review. This is important and something I strongly believe in. It is also my hope that the media outlet that released this incomplete draft report will be responsible enough to correct the record to reflect the true facts in this matter.

Minneapolis Police Begin Homicide Investigation Following Evening Shooting June 14, 2018 (MINNEAPOLIS) Officers from the Fourth Precinct responded to a ShotSpotter activation at Lowry Avenue North and Fremont Avenue North at approximately 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 13th. When officers arrived, they found a male in the street with an apparent gunshot wound. The victim was immediately transported to North Memorial Health Hospital where he died a short time after arriving at the hospital. The identity of the victim, as well as the nature and cause of his death, will be released by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office. The criminal case number associated with this incident is 18-195607. Anyone with information is encouraged to call CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). All Tips are anonymous and those who provide information leading to an arrest may be eligible for a financial reward. People with information may also text their tip to 847411 (TIP411). Enter MPD, a space, and then the information. The text messages are assigned a tip number and the police department has no way of identifying the source of the information. All texts are anonymous. People with information may also call the MPD TIP Line at 612-692-TIPS (8477). Media Release Contact: Scott Seroka, Public Information Officer (Mobile) 612-412-2889 (Email) scott.seroka@minneapolismn.gov (Twitter) @MinneapolisPD

Sgt. Grant Snyder has taken on a new position which strives to bridge the gap between police and people who are homeless. If you are curious about how to help or have questions about donations please contact Sgt. Grant Snyder at grant.snyder@minneapolismn.gov

Message from Chief Arradondo: The Minneapolis Police Department does not make the laws officers are sworn to enforce. We do not have the option to pick and choose which laws we enforce. However, we can control how we, as a law enforcement agency, conduct details (operations targeting specific crimes and/or issues). In this particular instance, I’m only speaking about details; narcotics details in particular. In consultation with the Mayor’s Office, the MPD will no longer engage in any details specifically focused on “low level” marijuana. Details focusing solely on “low level” marijuana offenses have produced an unintended consequence; one we must confront together as a community. Recently criminal justice system workers studied downtown public safety details and a concern was raised over the disproportionate number of African American males arrested for small amounts of marijuana during these details. These 1st Precinct public safety details were focused on reducing violent crime and improving livability conditions, and I want to commend 1st Precinct officers for achieving the goals we set earlier this year. Their hard work and attention to detail has produced both a reduction in violent crime and an overall improvement in livability conditions in the Downtown area. It is important to note the details did not focus on specific demographics. Instead, they focused on behaviors that drew officers’ attention to criminal activity. Every aspect of the MPD’s service is centered on Procedural Justice; treating people with respect, giving them voice, being neutral and building spaces of trust. The officers’ actions as we conducted these details were professional and legal. However, as the Chief, I need to raise my voice when I see a concern that impacts our city as a whole. I need to speak up when I see major problems, and from what I have observed, some of the conduct downtown is alarming and has prompted me to ask for a community “Call to Action.” I believe there is a large number of African American males who feel their only choice to survive and provide for themselves is by selling illegal narcotics. That deeply troubles me as a Chief and as a citizen. I never want the MPD to contribute to a sense of hopelessness to our community and I also know police cannot solve this problem alone. Solutions will require a collaborative effort to address these systemic challenges that, unfortunately, are still present in our great city.

Please join us as we partner with Minneapolis Public Schools for their Culinary and Wellness Services event!

Officer Ali, Sergeant Mohamed, Inspector Waite and Chief Harrington from Metro Transit Police Department celebrated Iftar with the community at the Karmal Mall on Pleasant Avenue South on Sunday, June 3rd.

Chief Arradondo Recognizes Community Partners for Crucial Street Outreach Work During SB52 “Our street outreach teams were visible, accessible, and perhaps most importantly, indispensable!” Chief Medaria Arradondo remarked at the Downtown Council’s Board of Directors meeting this morning. 6 teams provided unprecedented levels of street outreach during the 10-day Super Bowl operating period, producing nearly 500 community contacts. They focused on visitors, residents, the homeless, youth, and women who may be victims (or vulnerable) to sex trafficking. The teams walked the streets on the coldest days of the year to connect folks to helpful resources, and they never asked for any credit or recognition. The Chief presented Awards of Merit to the following organizations: • St. Stephen’s Human Services Street Outreach • YouthLINK • Youth Coordinating Board • MAD DADs • The Link • DID Livability Team Thank you to our community partners! You’ll see more of them on the streets of Downtown in the coming months, connecting more and more people to resources on some of our warmest days of the year.

While Officers Saunby (Community Engagement Team) and Goodman (Police Activities League) will tell you they were just doing their jobs, we’re not about to let them downplay this tremendous honor. The Officers were the proud recipients of Minnesota Association of Woman Police (MAWP) Melissa Schmidt Community Service Awards this week. The officers were recognized for their outstanding and ongoing mentorship work with young women who live in Little Earth. We’ve tried to give you a snapshot of some of that work here on Facebook, but our posts could never give you a full picture of the impact these officers are making. Congrats to Officers Saunby and Goodman!

Chief Arradondo's statement to MPD on Minneapolis PRIDE Parade: Members of the MPD, First and foremost I hope my message finds you well. I want to take the time to share with you a decision I have made regarding the MPD and the upcoming Minneapolis PRIDE parade. After thoughtful deliberation and intentional conversations with community members, elected officials and MPD officers, I have decided to not allow MPD officers to march in this year’s Minneapolis PRIDE parade in uniform. My decision is based in part on the adamant opposition of law enforcement’s participation by some representatives of our local LGBTIQ communities who have stated they feel strongly they do not want any law enforcement officers marching in uniform in the parade. Representatives have conveyed to me that there is still a great deal of pain and harm that has occurred in their community, specifically our LGBTIQ communities of color, which has not been completely heard and addressed. As Chief, I am committed to ensuring that the MPD increases our capacity to build allyship with our city’s LGBTIQ communities. This will require all of us in the MPD to create opportunities for genuine dialogue. For us as a department, every day, to listen and learn from other’s life experience and seek to first understand, and then be understood. I have the highest respect for our sworn and civilian team members of the MPD. Your true, authentic self is one of the key qualities that make you the wonderful public servants and leaders that you are. As you continue to represent the MPD and the honorable profession of law enforcement, I support you doing so by showing your authentic self and I would never want you to feel de-valued or minimized by not being allowed to proudly adorn your full MPD uniform while marching in the PRIDE parade. I want everyone we engage with in our city on a day-to-day basis to be just as proud to share their full authentic selves with us as well. Genuine relationship-building work should be done on a daily basis and not solely focused around a singular event. I have, and will continue to reach out to members of our LGBTIQ communities over the next several days to help create opportunities for important conversations regarding trauma and the harm that has been experienced both with law enforcement in general and specifically with the MPD, and how we might forge a pathway forward that involves healing and trust. For those MPD employees, both sworn and civilian, that wish to participate and march in this year’s PRIDE parade, please feel free to do so and show your support. For sworn members who wish to march in the parade, you must be in civilian attire. During the parade, both sworn and civilian members are able to wear MPD rainbow t-shirts with a badge design on the front. Please contact PIO Sgt. Darcy Horn (612-231-4486) with your t-shirt size if you wish to receive one. I am hopeful that through listening, learning and healing with members of our LGBTIQ community we as members of the MPD will get to a place in the near future where we will be able to participate fully as our authentic selves and march in the annual Minneapolis PRIDE parade. Wishing all members of the MPD and our communities Happy PRIDE! Rondo Chief Medaria Arradondo Minneapolis Police Department

Shooting Just Before Midnight Leaves One Dead May 22, 2018 (MINNEAPOLIS) Shortly before Midnight Monday evening Minneapolis Police Officers responded to the 3400 block of Newton Avenue North on a report of a ShotSpotter activation. En route to the scene, a 911 caller reported that there appeared to be an adult male lying in the alley. Numerous squads arrived in the area and located the victim in the alley. Officer could not locate a pulse and CPR was started. Life saving measures proved unsuccessful and he was pronounced deceased at the scene by medical staff. The Minneapolis Crime Lab technicians are processing the scene while officers and investigators are canvassing the area to speak with people who may have heard or seen something. Investigators will recanvas the scene on Tuesday to speak with people they may have missed tonight. The identity of the victim, along with the nature and cause of death, will be released by the Hennepin County Medical Examiner’s Office. Case number 18-165405 Anyone with information is encouraged to call CrimeStoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS (8477). All Tips are anonymous and persons providing information leading to an arrest may be eligible for a financial reward. Person with information may also text their tip into 847411 (TIP411). Enter MPD, a space, and then the information. These text messages are assigned a tip number and the police department has no way of identifying the source of the information. All texts are anonymous. Persons may also call the MPD TIP Line at 612-692-TIPS (8477). ###

MPD Leaders Visit 12 Year Old Victim of Gun Violence (May 21, 2018) As two members of the Minneapolis Police Department’s Violent Crimes Investigations Team knocked on doors on the west side of Irving Avenue North, “Bike Cops for Kids“ Officer Mike Kirchen approached a home on the east side of the street, plastic Foot Locker bag in hand. He found a 12 year old boy sitting on a front steps next to his mother. They were chatting with Aaron Biard, the 4th Precinct Inspector in charge of North Minneapolis. The 12 year old’s left leg was heavily bandaged. On Friday night, he was the victim of gun violence after a bullet struck him as he was hustling to catch up with his mom. A few days later, Officer Kirchen and Inspector Biard were there to check up on the young man, hoping to bring a smile to his face. Earlier, Kirchen had dropped off a brand new bike as part of his Bike Cops for Kids program. But on this visit, he was dropping off a new pair of kicks and the boy was quick to approve of the officer’s style choice. Inspector Biard offered his cell phone number, promising the young man’s mother that officers were increasing patrols in the area. Meanwhile, detectives continued to work the west side of the block, hoping someone out there has information that would help police find the person who pulled the trigger. If you have any information regarding this crime, please call the MPD Tip Line anonymously at 612-692-TIPS (8477).

Minneapolis Police Use of Force Rates Dropping Over 10 Year Span "As Chief of Police I fully recognize that of all the areas our department will be judged most critically it will be our use of force, and rightfully so. Use of force that is not justified or reasonable is by far the single greatest act that can shatter trust between us and the communities we serve. The MPD will continue to be guided through our transformational procedural justice efforts giving those we serve Respect, Voice, being Neutral and building spaces of Trust." -Chief Arradondo In 2017 there were 380,765 calls for service citywide. Of these calls for service, 847 resulted in the use of force. This is 0.22% of calls for service resulting in the use of force. As we look back at the data available we see this as a downward trend of use of force in the MPD from 2008 when the rate of use of force was .46% of calls for service. This is a 48% decrease in MPD’s rate of use of force from 2008 to 2017. In 2018 (YTD) there were 131,650 calls for service citywide. Of these calls for service, 274 resulted in the use of force. This is 0.21% of calls for service resulting in the use of force. Please visit Inside MPD to view our data dashboards: http://www.insidempd.com/datadashboard/

CITY OF MINNEAPOLIS invites applications for the position of: Police Cadet SALARY: $20.73 - $20.73 Hourly $43,118.40 - $43,118.40 Annually JOB TYPE: Full-time DEPARTMENT: Police LOCATION: Special Operations Center (SOC), 4119 DuPont Avenue North, Minneapolis VACANCIES: 32 APPLICATION DATES: 05/20/18 - 07/01/18 11:59 PM POSTING TYPE: Open to the public POSITION DESCRIPTION: Attends and successfully completes a program in law enforcement with a department authorized institution for the purpose of meeting the academic and technical skills requirements of the Minnesota Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.) Board. • Cadets hired will be promoted to Police Officer upon successful completion of the P.O.S.T. Board academic, skills requirements, completion of academy and successfully meet the academy fitness standards. Current salary range for Police Officer begins at $63,814 per year, with the final step at $82,243 per year (effective July 1, 2018). • Cadets hired must commit to three years of employment with the Minneapolis Police Department following their promotion to Police Officer or pay back, on a pro-rated basis, the costs of the tuition paid by the department for the academic training and/or the skills course. • Failure to successfully complete the Minnesota P.O.S.T. Board licensing exam and meet the academy fitness standards at the end of academy may result in termination. Supplemental documents must be uploaded and submitted with your on-line application by the deadline. These documents will not be accepted by email, fax or in-person. INFORMATION SESSION (optional): The Minneapolis Police Department has prepared a detailed information session which you are highly encouraged to attend. Attendance is optional for all applicants or potential applicants. Registration is NOT required. Each session will last up to 1.5 hours. We will highlight and discuss the following: • Application process and educational requirements • Fitness Exam details • Background Investigation information • Oral Exam expectations • Medical, psychological, and drug & alcohol testing • Cadet Academy and Education Program Dates: • Tuesday, June 5, 2018 - 6pm • Thursday, June 21, 2018 - 6pm Location: Location: Emergency Operation Training Facility (EOTF) 25 - 37th Avenue NE, Fridley, MN 55421 FITNESS FAMILIARIZATION SESSION (optional): New this year, an opportunity to receive hands-on practice with the fitness components. You are highly encouraged to attend. Attendance is optional for all applicants or potential applicants. Registration is NOT required. Date: Saturday, June 30, 2018, 10am-2pm Location: Special Operations Center (SOC) 4119 Dupont Avenue North Minneapolis, MN 55412 Enter through the main entrance on Dupont. REQUIRED QUALIFICATIONS: Must be at least 18 years of age by November 1, 2018. EDUCATION: An Associate or Bachelor Degree awarded prior to July 30, 2018 in any field from a regionally accredited college or university is required. LICENSES: • Must have and maintain a valid driver's license that is accepted by the State of Minnesota by July 30, 2018. • Applicants must NOT have taken and passed the MN Board of P.O.S.T. licensing exam or other state equivalent before July 30, 2018. • Applicant cannot be, or ever have been, licensed as a police officer in any state. • Failure to successfully complete the Minnesota P.O.S.T. Board licensing exam at the end of the academy may result in termination. STATE REQUIREMENTS: Must not have a felony conviction. Fitness Entrance Exam: Must complete fitness entrance exam as established by the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) for consideration in moving forward in the hiring process. Employees will also be expected to pass Academy fitness standards set by the MPD to graduate from the Academy. EYESIGHT: Vision no poorer than 20/100 without correction in the poorer eye; correctable to 20/40 in both eyes. Ability to distinguish the colors red, yellow and green. HEARING: Possess standard hearing average threshold without correction or no worse than a 40-decibel loss on the average at 500, 1,000 and 3,000 Hertz frequencies in the better ear. MEDICAL/PSYCHOLOGICAL: Must be deemed medically and psychologically fit and successfully pass a drug and alcohol screening prior to hire. SELECTION PROCESS AND DATES: Any one or any combination of an evaluation of related education/experience/screening question responses, fitness exam, oral exam, etc. may be utilized. It is to an applicant's advantage to be as thorough in the online application as possible. Applications and resumes are screened for completeness and requirements. The City of Minneapolis reserves the right to select and limit the number of candidates at any point in the exam process, based on a review of application materials. Qualified candidates, as determined by Human Resources, will be invited to the fitness exam. The fitness entrance exam is tentatively scheduled for July 17, 2018. Qualified candidates will be notified by email to self-schedule. Candidates must attend and complete all components of the fitness entrance exam. The fitness entrance standards are: • Vertical Jump (13 inches) • 300 Meter Run (82 Seconds) • Bench Press (102 lbs. Or 60% of your body weight) OR Push Ups (20) • Sit Ups (25) • 1.5 Mile Run (15 Minutes 44 Seconds) Selected candidates will be contacted to schedule a background investigation, conducted by MPD, which may take up to three (3) months to complete. Qualified candidates will be notified by email to self-schedule for the oral exam, which is tentatively scheduled for November 5-7, 2018. The eligible list is established by Human Resources after all testing components are completed. Conditional offers are contingent upon successfully passing pre-employment exams. Final offers are made inviting candidates to the Cadet Academy which is tentatively scheduled to begin Monday, January 28, 2019. Candidates unable to complete any portion of this process will not be eligible to move on in the hiring process. NOTES: For more information about this position and the Minneapolis Police Department:http://insidempd.com/help-mpd/get-involved/police-cadet/ For more information on P.O.S.T. requirements: https://dps.mn.gov/entity/post/becoming-a-peace-officer/Pages/default.aspx ELIGIBLE LIST WILL EXPIRE SIX MONTHS FROM THE DATE OF CERTIFICATION. KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS AND ABILITIES: • Relate and work effectively with people from diverse cultures, economic and ethnic backgrounds. • Must have physical ability to run and chase suspects, wrestle and subdue suspects, jump and crawl over and under objects and lift and drag heavy objects. • Proficiency in any of the following second languages is desired but not required: o Spanish o Somali o Hmong o Laotian o Amharic o Oromo o Vietnamese o American Sign Language (ASL) APPLICATIONS MAY BE FILED ONLINE AT: http://www.minneapolismn.gov/jobs 250 South 4th Street Room #100 Minneapolis, MN 55415 (612) 673-2282 human.resources@minneapolismn.gov Position #2018-00182 POLICE CADET HR

On Friday the Community Engagement Team, Bike Cops for Kids and the 3rd Precinct Beat officers handed out coffee and ice cream to residents at Cedar Fields. The park was packed with kids ready to play. Both the Officers and the kids had a blast together in the park!

Saying Goodbye to Sgt. Carlson Sgt. Brian Carlson, MPD leader and nationally recognized investigator retires. Lt. Jeff Rugel and Chief Rondo were all classmates in the cadet academy. Congratulations Brian!

On 05/17/2018 the Community Engagement Team with the assistance of the 3rd Precinct Beat Officers hosted a Coffee with a Cop at the McDonald’s at 4121 Hiawatha. Officers assisted employees taking orders behind the counter and at the drive thru. Officers also served coffee to community members and answered concerns regarding issues in the neighborhood.

The joint Hennepin County and Minneapolis Police Department Law Enforcement Memorial Service was held Thursday at the Hennepin County Government Center Thursday afternoon. The ceremony paid tribute to fallen law enforcement officers in honor of National Police Week. The guest speaker was Wayzata Mayor Ken Wilcox in remembrance of fallen Officer William Mathews who was tragically killed by an inattentive driver on September 8, 2017. There was also a roll call of the fallen. Throughout the week thousands of peace officers attended memorial ceremonies throughout our country to recognize the men and women who have lost their lives in the line of duty.

The 4th Precinct held their open house at the Special Operations Center Thursday afternoon. There were demonstrations and exhibits from: MPD SWAT Unit MPD Bomb Unit MPD K-9 Unit MPD Mounted Patrol Minneapolis Fire Hennepin County Sheriffs Water Patrol Hennepin Healthcare Ambulance Minneapolis Dispatch Center Minneapolis Mobile Command Bike Cops for Kids gave away two bikes! There were also soft drinks and refreshments. It was a great time to get to know the 4th Precinct Officers!

Tyler, the pint sized super hero “The Donut Boy”, came to visit the MPD yesterday. Tyler began a mission to thank every Police Officer in America in August 2016 after using his allowance to buy donuts for four deputies he saw in a convenience store. Because those deputies were so happy to be appreciated, Tyler decided he wanted to do more for officers. Tyler is on a mission to thank every officer in America, and give them their favorite treats-DONUTS! As a thank you to Tyler, officers took him and his mom out to the Mounted Patrol barn in the afternoon. Tyler was able to ride an MPD Mounted Patrol horse and try on some gear. We thank you Tyler for your support of law enforcement around the country. We are honored that you took the time to visit the MPD. Thank you for your service, and of course, thanks for the donuts!!! You can follow Tyler’s mission “I DONUT need a reason to thank a cop” on Facebook.

5th Precinct Open House Many residents and friends joined MPD staff at the 5th Precinct for lots of fun, games, and great food on Wednesday. People were able to sit in police cars and check out MPD’s SWAT, Negotiator, and Mobile Command vehicles. The Mounted Patrol and Canine units were there as well. The MPD would like to thank all those who took time out of their busy schedules to come and spend the evening with us!

We had an an awesome time and an amazing turnout at the 3rd Precinct Open House this afternoon! Residents and friends gathered outside together for a great afternoon of beautiful weather and a lots of fun. MPD SWAT, Negotiators, Mobile Command, Mounted Patrol, and Canine Units, along with Minneapolis Fire, and Hennepin County EMS were there to help celebrate Police Week. There were lots of games, lots of food, and lots of ice cream, but the highlight had to be the petting zoo! Way to go 3rd Precinct!

A big thank you to everyone who joined us downtown at the 1st Precinct open house this afternoon! It was a beautiful day to enjoy good food and great company as people were able to check out the squad cars, SWAT and negotiators vehicles and a Hennepin County EMS rig and a Minneapolis Fire truck.