Braham Police Department

  • Agency: Braham Police Department
  • Address: 201 SOUTH BROADWAY, Braham, 55006 MN
  • Chief: Robert Knowles (Chief of Police)
Phone: 320-396-3383
Fax: 320-396-3478

Braham Police Department is located at 201 SOUTH BROADWAY, Braham, 55006 MN. The Chief of Police of the department is Robert Knowles. The Braham Police Department phone number is 320-396-3383.

Braham Police Department News

Good Morning Braham. It’s Monday! We hope you had a nice weekend even with the rain on Saturday. The Weekend Recap: Our weekend was relatively quiet compared to previous weekends; perhaps due to the rain? We responded to numerous agency assist calls and had numerous traffic stops. We continued the weekend with many COPs related ICR’s as we usually do. We are looking forward to the “coffee with cops” 👮 event on Wednesday. Hope to see you there! Have a great day and week!

Good Morning Braham! I apologize I’m a bit late and don’t have a topic to share as a more pressing internal matter required my attention! Enjoy your Sunday! We’ll see you Monday for the weekend recap!

Good Morning Braham! We hope your weekend is going well!

UPDATE: COLLEEN HAS BEEN FOUND SAFE! We need help!!! We have a missing vulnerable adult female. Pictures are attached of her. Her name is Colleen Johnson if you see her we ask you call 911 and report it

Good Morning Braham! It’s Friday!!! We hope you have a fun and relaxing weekend! Do you have your Halloween costume ready or picked out? We are looking forward to the Halloween evening. If you get a chance, stop by the public safety complex so we can check out the kids in their costumes. Who knows, one or more of us might throw together a scary costume?! We are also looking forward to the “coffee with COPs” event. We’ll see you on the 25th which less than a week away. Have a great day and weekend!

Good Morning Braham! Sadly we’ve noticed an increased amount of fraud or phone scam complaints. Unfortunately the targets are often our older family members and neighbors. It’s very possible some of these individuals might not view this Facebook page. We ask you to share this message with those folks you know don’t have Facebook or use social media. Individuals are calling people and claiming they are IRS agents and ask for immediate payment to avoid the police being sent to arrest them. These claims are false, don’t fall for the scam. Also, there seems to be a scam in which individuals claim they are law enforcement helping their family member obtain bail money after they’ve been arrested. Again... this is false! Don’t fall for it and don’t send these people money. Share this post! Tell your family members not using social media! Have a great day!

The City of Braham's Fall Newsletter is now available. Find information on City ordinances, along with community happenings.

Good Morning Braham! We hope your week is going well! One week from today is our "Coffee with Cops" 👮 event! We hope you can stop in the Park Cafe and say Hi. Please bring your questions, comments, and concerns! Our goal is to engage our community and give citizens an opportunity to personally meet the new Interim Chief of Police, Eric Baumgart and Sheriff Chris Caulk. We are looking forward to the event! Our painting project is coming along nicely at the police department. A special thank you to Captain Shawn Fisher from Braham Fire Department for his panting assistance! Please be patient if you stop in the police department as the process is under way and somewhat cluttered. Thank you and have a great day!

Good Morning Braham! Yesterday afternoons friendly reminder about the speed limit near the schools touched off some concerning comments. The point of the post was part of an enforcement tool plan to control the speeding issue near the schools, specifically during times the children are present. We ask that you follow the set speed limit. As I said yesterday, I've noticed some disturbing speeds coming in to school in the morning and leaving in the afternoon. It's not just students. I've observed more than a fair share of adults speeding. I realize people are busy or running late but those aren't good excuses. Our next step is increasing traffic stops for violators of the speed limit which we don't want to do necessarily. So... please pay some extra attention to the speed of your vehicles to and from the school. Let's achieve the objective this way without increasing enforcement... On a more positive note the weather looks relatively nice for the remainder of the week. It appears we'll be seeing the sun and enjoying some warm temperatures. Have a great day!

How about a little Monday afternoon trivia? What is the speed limit by the schools? Hint... it’s not 44 mph! 😉

Good Morning Braham! It's Monday!!! 👍😊 The weekend recap! Braham Police Officers responded to an average amount of ICR's or calls for service. These included medical calls and COPs events. We also responded to some drug activity calls again this weekend and a disturbing the peace type call. Officers also made a few traffic stops as usual. Officers did not make any arrests over the weekend. We are closing in on a couple community events at the end of the month. "Coffee with Cops" on October 25th and "Halloween with Public Safety" on Halloween evening. We hope to see you there! We are also in the planning stage for a November or December COPs event. Enjoy your Morning and Week!

Good Morning Braham It looks like a decent morning in Braham! 🌞 Are you a Viking fan, or Packer fan, or no fan at all? Have a great day!

Good Morning Braham We hope you had a good time at the Chili Feed and Homecoming events! Enjoy your Saturday 🚓💨💨💨

Good Morning Braham! Happy Friday the 13th! We hope you've got an exciting weekend planned. We hope to see you today at the Braham Fire Department Chili Feed and the Homecoming Events. At roughly 1015 this morning, Interim Chief Baumgart will be live on KBEK for a short radio interview. Yesterday we had a bit of an agency assist by Captain Shawn Fisher from Braham FD! He began the repainting process in the police department! Thanks Shawn!!! Enjoy your day and weekend!

Please vote and support our local K9 program!

Good Morning Braham! We hope your week is going well. We are looking forward to the Chili Feed on Friday at the Braham Fire Department, the Homecoming game, and events to follow. We look forward to seeing you there. It looks like the weather might be fairly cooperative for the outdoor events! Have a great day!

Good Morning Braham. Happy Wednesday! Did you hear or see the medical helicopter come into Braham last evening? Many medical teams, Fire Departments, and Police agencies participated in some training. Braham Police and Fire were in attendance. The training focused on helicopter scene safety and landing zone safety should we have a situation requiring air ambulance services. The training also included trauma care in rural settings which one would expect on a farm. The training was very informative. Have a great day!

Good Morning Braham! Burrrrrr... Looks like a chilly start to the day. Recently I watched a local news channel. They reported on a school bus safety which I thought we could share today. Minnesota statute 169.444 spells out the law related to school bus safety. We are all required to stop when the flashing "red" lights are on and the stop arm (sign) is extended. Failure to follow the law is a misdemeanor if no children are in the street or sidewalk. If children are outside or present it enhances to a Gross Misdemeanor meaning the violator could be arrested and booked into jail. Please pay attention in the morning and afternoons. Enjoy your day!

Good Morning Braham! We hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather yesterday🌞 It's time for the Monday morning recap. The weekend proved to be a less than average weekend for call counts. Officers responded to a few medical calls, a few agency assist calls, one suspicion call, and one disturbing the peace. Officers made numerous traffic stops over the weekend as well. Finally, we had a normal amount of COPs related ICRs. So overall a quiet weekend for our city. We are looking forward to the week with the Braham Fire Department 🚒👍 Chilli feed on Friday. We hope to see you there and the homecoming game following that. Have a great day! 🚓💨💨💨

Good Morning Braham! We hope your weekend is going nice. Yesterday a topic came up which I thought we could talk about. Recently I had a civilian ride-a-long in my squad and we had a rather lengthy emergency run. This person commented after we had cleared the call that they were amazed how drivers don't get out of the way of emergency vehicles, specifically ours! I explained, unfortunately, it happens all the time. They suggested perhaps drivers don't know or have forgotten what to do. So I'll take a few seconds to explain. My 1st suggestion is people need to pay attention to what's behind them. Monitor your mirror and watch other traffic. If the opposing traffic is all pulling over to the shoulder that's a good indication an emergency vehicle is behind you. The second thing would be once you notice the emergency vehicle pull to the FAR RIGHT SIDE OF THE ROAD and COMPLETELY STOP YOUR VEHICLE until the emergency vehicle has passed. Often times drivers will not pull to the right or not stop forcing us to maneuver around them. Failing to yield is a traffic offense you can be cited for. This is also an excellent job for your passengers. Have them looking around and willing to alert you of approaching emergency vehicles. Have a great Sunday!

Good Morning Braham! I'm running somewhat late this morning! Have a good weekend!