Braham Police Department

  • Agency: Braham Police Department
  • Address: 201 SOUTH BROADWAY, Braham, 55006 MN
  • Chief: Robert Knowles (Chief of Police)
Phone: 320-396-3383
Fax: 320-396-3478

Braham Police Department is located at 201 SOUTH BROADWAY, Braham, 55006 MN. The Chief of Police of the department is Robert Knowles. The Braham Police Department phone number is 320-396-3383.

Braham Police Department News

Good Morning Braham! Enjoy your day and weekend ahead. Remember to plan a safe and sober ride if you’re out with friends and family enjoying alcohol.

Good Morning Braham! Enjoy your day and the warmer temperatures!

Good Morning Braham! We hope you have a great day!

Good Morning Braham! It looks like our weather is warming some. Have a great day and week!

Use caution when driving this morning. Officers are assisting the MN State Patrol and Isanti County with numerous accidents and cars in the ditch between Braham and Cambridge on Highway 65. The highway is reported to be very slick!

Good Morning Braham! We hope you’re enjoying your weekend, which is extended for many with the holiday today. It looks like the cold weather produced a weekend of reduced ICR activity for us. We did however respond to a burglary which is under investigation. We also arrested an individual for Gross Misdeamnor DWI. We responded to numerous medicals and other calls for service. We had the ususal amount of COPs ICR’s. Congratulations to our Vikings!!! Enjoy the holiday and week ahead.

Good Morning Braham! Stay warm!!! Go Vikes!!!

Good Morning Braham! Have a great weekend!

Good Morning Braham! It’s Friday!!! Stay warm. It looks like the cold is back 😩 Have a great day and weekend! 🚓💨💨💨

Good Morning Braham! Please give yourself some extra travel time. The on duty officer is reporting the side streets and roads are slick in spots. He reports the highways are in fairly decent conditions. The city street maintenance supervisor has been contacted and will be coming in to sand and salt. Have a safe commute this morning and a great day!

Please plan for extra time for your morning travels. Roads are very icy!

Use caution in the area of Highway 65 and Highway 107. Braham Police and Fire are assisting the MN State Patrol and Isanti County with a Motor Vehicle crash.

Good Morning Braham! Have a great day!

Good Morning Braham! We hope you are enjoying the warmer weather! It’s looks like we have some snow in the forecast. With that in mind, we’d like to remind everyone that winter parking restrictions are in place. No on street parking from 2am to 7am. With snow fall expected, there is a potential for the city plows to be out. If you’re in violation of winter parking and impeding the plows or snow removal, you’re subject to a vehicle citation and/or impounding. Please follow the restrictions and park off the city streets. Thank you, have a great day!

Good Morning Braham! Well the 1st weekend of 2018 proved to be busier than usual for us. Officers responded to numerous welfare checks, agency assists, and medicals. Officers also had several public assists and the usual amount of traffic stops and COPs events. Looks like the cold weather has subsided and we’ll enjoy some warmer temps! Have a great day and week.

Good Morning Braham! Looks like we are going to warm up a bit! Enjoy your Sunday and the upcoming week!

Good Morning Braham! Have a great weekend!

Good Morning Braham! We hope you have a great day and weekend coming up!

Good Morning Braham! 🚓💨💨💨 We hope your week is going well. Please join us today at City Hall for Chief Robert Knowles retirement open house from 2pm to 4pm. Again we’d like address the hacking. It appears our Facebook account was hacked. Many of you may have received a forward or message from us. We’ve since changed our passwords. We’d suggest you not forward the message as it suggests. Also there is no need to call our office or Isanti County Dispatch about this information. Thank you and have a great day!

Good evening Braham! It appears our account was hacked! Please disregard the forward you may have received from Messenger. We are changing the passwords and suggest you do that if you received a messenger message from us. There is no need to call the dispatch center to report this event. Thank you and Sorry for the inconvenience. We’ll see you in the morning.

Good Morning Braham! I’m humbled and honored to announce Braham “officially” has a new Chief of Police. I want to thank the Mayor, City Council, and City Leaders for their support throughout the hiring process. I also want to express my heartfelt gratitude to the community members that have supported me and continue to support me. Thank You! The last few months have been very busy but things are looking good. I’m excited to begin the challenge of being your Police Chief. We have some exciting plans in our future! Have a great day!

Good Morning Braham! 2018 is up and running! We are excited to continue our community oriented policing model! We have some new points of contact which rolled out yesterday. Your new chief of police is in his position and will be sworn to the position this evening! Our policy management system was completed yesterday and issued to the officers. We hope you’ve begun to notice a more community oriented flair with our officers. Projects, Programs, and Events are in place to strengthen our relationship with our community. They will continue throughout 2018 and beyond! Have a great day!

We have added a couple additional points of contact for the Braham Police Department. As always in an emergency call 911. Non-emergency contact is achieved by calling our dispatch center at Isanti County. That number is 763-689-2141. We have added two cell phones for the department to use. 320-591-0122 is the Officer/Duty phone. You can text or call this number with your non-emergency needs. You can leave a voice mail for any officer on this line as well. Just include their name when doing so. The number is an additional point of contact and not a primary number for emergency needs or calls for service. 320-591-0140 is a number for the chief of police. You can call and text as you need. Email him at as you need. Please understand he won’t be answering it 24/7 but will be returning your calls promptly. Thank you!