Tracy Police Department

  • Agency: Tracy Police Department
  • Address: 336 Morgan St., Tracy, 56175 MN
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: 507-629-5534

Tracy Police Department is located at 336 Morgan St., Tracy, 56175 MN. The Tracy Police Department phone number is 507-629-5534.

Tracy Police Department News

Tracy is included in a Winter Weather Advisory from 9 a.m. Thursday to Midnight Thursday night. 2 to 4 inches are possible with a possibility of a light glazing of ice.

Maybe the groundhog did know something we didn't. 2 chances of measurable snow this week. First chance tomorrow night and the 2nd is on Saturday.

Another round of snow for Thursday with the possibility of freezing drizzle.

Tracy is included in a Winter Weather Advisory from 6 p.m. Monday to Noon on Tuesday. 2 to 4 inches of snow expected with 4 to 6 inches in some locations. There is also a possibility of some sleet or light freezing rain with this system.

Here's the latest update on the snow.

Possible storm happening tomorrow night.

***SNOW EMERGENCY*** City Plows will be out after MIDNIGHT. Any vehicles left on city streets or alleyways at MIDNIGHT will be ticketed and/or towed.

No parking on city streets after midnight tonight. City crew will be moving snow after midnight tonight. Thank you.

Snow amounts have come down some. With that said the wind will still be up and it won't take more than a couple inches to make travel difficult. Only travel if you have to, if you have to make sure you have a winter survival kit in your vehicle and let someone know where you're going and your route.

I know the NWS has got us excited before but as things come together be prepared for the potential of some heavy snow and wind. With this be prepared for a possible snow emergency for plowing. If declared all vehicles will need to be removed from the roadway.

There is a medium sized black lab with a light colored collar running loose near Sebastian Park that we have been unable to catch. If this is your dog or you know who it may belong to, please contact us at 507-829-8298. Thank you!

Travel conditions are currently extremely hazardous. Wind conditions combines with heavy snowfall have created zero visibility and icy road conditions. We are currently recommending that everyone stays home!

Due to a water main break, some residents may be experiencing water outages. Crews are working diligently to resolve this issue. Thank you for your patience.

The Nation Weather Service has put out a wind advisory. ..WIND ADVISORY NOW IN EFFECT FROM 10 AM THIS MORNING TO 1 AM CDT FRIDAY... * TIMING...Winds will increase dramatically late this morning and continue through Friday. By late tonight, falling snow will accompany the strong winds, reducing visibility at times. * WINDS...Expect northwest winds to average 30 to 40 mph with gusts of 45 to 50 mph. Please secure items in your yards that may be affected by the wind. Dumpsters, Halloween Decorations, Ect...

A single key on a lanyard was found on Morgan Street and turned into the PD. If this is yours you can claim it at the police department.

Tonight is Opperation Edith. Fire trucks will be driving around town with their lights on counting porch lights that are on to support fire prevention week between 7 and 715 tonight. Please turn on your porch lights in support of the fire department. There are only a few fire raffle tickets remaining. Feel free to flag down a truck tonight if you want to purchase one. Hope to see you all at the fire hall for the chili feed tomorrow night.

A cell phone was found on Craig Ave (Hwy 14) near John Deere this morning. Please contact us at 507-829-8298 to identify and claim. Thank you

Thank you to the community for making this a huge success!

We are looking to identify these two males who passed fake $100 bills at a local business yesterday. If you have any information on who these two males are please call the police department at 507 829 8298. Please also look close at any large bills you maybe receiving. These two were passing obviously fake $100 bills.

The siren's this afternoon was just a test of a new antenna system at Sebastian Park. All siren's are currently working again.