Battle Lake Police Department

  • Agency: Battle Lake Police Department
  • Address: 108 East Main Street, Battle Lake, 56515 MN
  • Chief: Joseph Hjelmsted (Chief of Police)

Battle Lake Police Department is located at 108 East Main Street, Battle Lake, 56515 MN. The Chief of Police of the department is Joseph Hjelmsted. The Battle Lake Police Department phone number is 218-864-8989.

Battle Lake Police Department News

As some may have just noticed we have changed up our police shoulder patch. We were nearing the end of our last few patches that we have in stock and felt it was a good time to make some changes. The new patch has a smaller rounded yellow sun verses the orange colored one and we added "Minnesota" to the patch. The Eagle was also lowered a bit and is now grabbing the Protect and Serve ribbon. The new patch will be worn as officers order new shirts and coats in the future.

Pet owners! Just a reminder to care for your pets. Please don't leave them out in the cold. Extremely cold temperatures and wind chills are approaching today and tomorrow. Keep them indoors and only let them out for short periods of time.

The Battle Lake Police picked up a female Terrier named Annie. Please let us know if anyone recognizes the dog or knows who the owner. Call us at 218-864-8989. May have come from the Underwood area.

Just an informational update. Due to the rain that we are experiencing this afternoon we have been forced to cancel the bike rodeo that was scheduled for this evening. It has not been rescheduled, but we will look for a date in September or October . Please check with the community education office at that time.

This update is a follow up to the possible abduction that was reported to our office on Friday, April 7th at 7:07 pm. Further investigation has led our department to interview a resident of Battle Lake who was driving the described vehicle near the location and at the approximate time. The driver stopped at a nearby residence while a male passenger exited the vehicle to put a dog in the house and then got back in the rear seat of the vehicle. While the vehicle began to leave the area a male teenager had riden by on a skateboard and left in a different direction. Unfortunately the events that had been witnessed by the younger children did not accurately portray what had actually occurred. Given all of the activity that was occurring at one time it is understandable how witnesses can interpret things differently. After learning these recent facts we have concluded that there was no abduction that occurred. We appreciate and thank the community for all of the assistance that was given to help us come to this conclusion.

This is another update to the possible abduction that was reported to our office on Friday, April 7th at 7:07 pm. As of Sunday morning April 9th we still have had no reports of anyone missing. At this time we believe that what ever was witnessed may have been either misinterpreted or was a parent picking up there child. We will continue to investigate the circumstances of this report to ensure that we are not overlooking something. Be reminded that this information was put out as a possible abduction based on the information that we received. Law enforcement needed to get as much information out at the onset of this report as we take these reports very serious. In this case the witnesses were very young and it is difficult to determine factual information.

This is an update on the possible abduction that was reported to our department last evening. As of this morning we have not received any reports of anyone that is missing. Based on the fact that we don't have an identified victim we are not able issue an Amber Alert. There are certain criteria that needs to be met and at this time we are not able to meet that criteria in order to send out an Amber alert. To clarify the report we have young witnesses that observed an adult male grab a possible 14-15 year old male and throw them into the back seat of the black SUV. The witnesses did not know the person who was grabbed but that he yelled for help and was pounding on the window. One of the witnesses observed a pink breast cancer awareness ribbon on the right side of the rear window. A female passenger was also noted to be in the front of the SUV. Witnesses stated that the person who was grabbed was riding a skateboard before being confronted and the suspect also grabbed the skateboard. We want to make sure that all children are accounted for including someone that may have been going to a friend's place for the night or the weekend. If anyone has information about this incident please contact the Battle Lake Police @ 218-864-8989 or the Otter Tail County Sheriff's Office @ 218-998-8555.

This notification is going out as a request for assistance. We are actively searching for a black SUV possibly involved in a child abduction. The victim has not been identified but is believed to be a male around 14-15 yoa and was riding on a skateboard.. The suspect is believed to be an adult male with a female passenger. The SUV had a breast cancer awareness sticker on the rear right. If anyone has information regarding this case please contact either the Battle Lake Police Department at 218-864-8989 or the Otter Tail County Sheriff's at 218-998-8555.

An orange female kitty was found by the Battle Lake Public School on January 26th. This kitten is less than a year old, very tame and cuddly. Not that any of us were cuddling with it, but she is friendly. She has been taken to the Fergus Falls Humane Society where hopefully someone will claim her or adopt her.

Pet owners! Just a reminder to care for your pets. Please don't leave them out in the cold. Extremely cold temperatures and wind chills are approaching today and tomorrow. Keep them indoors and only let them out for short periods of time.

Network Battle Lake is offering help for those who request it for the city wide cleanup scheduled for May 6th and May 7th. Request for help forms are available at the city hall, First National Bank, LACC, Senior Center, and Battle Lake Review. Forms need to be completed and turned in by May 2nd to get on the list. The help may be for cleaning up yard waste, leaves, brush, and other outdoor cleanup project. Let's all help to beautify Battle Lake and clean up our yards.

Submitted for the Battle Lake Post Office. Attention: The Blue Collection Box at the Battle Lake Post Office was broken into sometime between the hours of 4:30 p.m. January 22, 2016 and 7:10 a.m. on January 23, 2016. If you have any information or mailed anything between those times please let us know. Collection boxes at the Hewitt, Henning, and Vining Post Offices were also broken into. You may call the Postal Inspector, Barry Bouchie at work 612-349-4726 or cell 651-775-5721. Or the Postmaster, Renae Boyle at work 218-864-8962. The Battle Lake Police Department would like to remind persons that if you believe your personal information may have been compromised such as credit card information or banking information, please contact those companies and advise them.

Seeking public's assistance in locating a possible suspect vehicle involved in a burglary at Cenex at Battle Lake. Looking to identify a late 90's Model 1500 Dodge Ram pickup. Appears to be green with a gray bottom and has a yellow caution light on top of cab. Pickup has damage on the driver side front fender and possibly rear fender. Any information regarding the plate number, owner, location can be provided to the Battle Lake Police Department 218 864-8989 or the Otter Tail County Sheriff at 218-998-8555.

Found men's wedding band at the Wayside Rest - Halvorson Park restroom. Inscription reads JT to BH 10-25-58. Contact Battle Lake Police if anyone has information as to the owner.

Battle Lake PD is investigating the theft of an Ultra Light Quicksilver plane taken from the Battle Lake Airport. This is a 2 seater with a Rotax 530 motor. Colors are yellow, orange, and brown. Wing span is approximately 33 feet and 8 feet from nose to tail. Anyone with information is encouraged to call the Battle Lake PD at 218-864-8989.

The older yellow lab posted yesterday has been claimed and picked up by the owner. Thanks to all for spreading the word.

Older male yellow lab. Obviously no tags, but does have two collars. Found running at large in Battle Lake near N. Lake Avenue and Dunton Street. Contact PD if anyone knows who he belongs to. Found on Wednesday, August 26, 2015 at 2:30 p.m. Thank you.

Assistance in locating owner. Male hound mix with brown leather collar. Found on Hwy 210 west of Battle Lake about 2 miles. Contact police department at 218-864-8989.

These two dogs were picked up on Lake Shore Drive near Lions Park in Battle Lake. The white one is female and the black one is male. They have been running loose for a couple weeks. Transported to Humane Society in Fergus Falls today.

Passing this along to the residents of the City of Battle Lake. Take advantage of this cleanup opportunity to get rid of things in your yard. Please help beautify the City of Battle Lake.

Very happy dog but still missing her owner.

Just found a large female Shepherd collie cross by First National Bank. Real nice dog. No tags or collar. Contact the police department if you are missing yours or know who it belongs to.