Maplewood Police Department

  • Agency: Maplewood Police Department
  • Address: 1830 County Road B East, Maplewood, 55109 MN
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: 651-249-2600
Fax: 651-249-2699

Maplewood Police Department is located at 1830 County Road B East, Maplewood, 55109 MN. The Maplewood Police Department phone number is 651-249-2600.

Maplewood Police Department News

Responded to a senior citizens apartment where a squirrel had trespassed into the apartment via the 2 nd floor balcony and was barricaded in the shower. The squirrel was captured unharmed He was cited for trespassing and lurking and released on his own recognizance

The Weaver Elementary students sent us Thank You cards. They were awesome 😎

#copquestions "What's your take on medical cannabis and legalization of cannabis?" Our job as police officers is to enforce laws and protect the citizens. As long as it is illegal in MN, we will enforce the law. Obviously, if it was legal we would not enforce it. I also don't have the expertise to say if cannabis is medically useful. However, on a daily basis I deal with people and situations where drugs, including cannabis, are the root of the issue and result in other poor decisions and crimes such as thefts, vehicle break-ins, burglaries, etc. Every officer may have a different opinion, but we will do whatever we can to make the community safer, with or without legalized cannabis.

#copquestions "Could you explain the legal "tint" law? MN State Statute 169.71 in a nutshell.... -sedan type vehicles- side/rear windows can have light transmittance reduced to 50% plus/minus 3% -vans/SUVs/trucks- tint level above only applies to front (driver/passenger) side windows, otherwise any window behind driver can be darker -windows must have sticker indicating % of light transmittance (if after 1985) -doesn't apply to side/rear windows of funeral establishment vehicles, limousines, and police vehicles

#copquestions "What happens if Batman is bitten by a vampire?" Well if you want to get technical..... In the 1991 comic, "Batman & Dracula: Red Rain," Batman was bit by a vampire and gained powers of a vampire in order to overpower and defeat Dracula's army of vampires...

#copquestions "Do you sanitize handcuffs? If so, how?" There are times when we just have to completely wash the handcuffs due to bodily fluids. Otherwise, antibacterial wipes are useful for a quick wipe down.

#copquestions "Laurel or Yanny????" How did I know you would ask this?? Is this going to turn into a debate like Edward and Jacob??

#copquestions "Any advice for motorists involved in a traffic stop? How can citizens let the officer know they are compliant and safe?" Every stop is different, but actions speak louder than words. Act respectful and compliant, and we would expect the stop to go smoothly.

#copquestions "What is the ticket quota for the month?" This is very common question...there are not ticket quotas. In an effort to make roads safer and prevent accidents, officers in every agency are encouraged to enforce traffic laws when possible. We participate in traffic enforcement saturation events regularly with all Ramsey County agencies, but there is no specific quota for tickets.

#copquestions For those who posted questions to the Facebook inbox, we are having technical difficulties and cannot view those at this time! We will get to those questions as soon as we can! #copquestionsdifficulties

Chief Nadeau and City Manager Coleman are getting leadership tips from students at Weaver Elementary School at Leadership Day.

The Jr High Police Academy students met K9 Officer Kody and his handler Officer T. Langner this week. I think the part the students enjoyed the most was watching Kody show off his ability to retrieve articles and catch Officer Peterson and Detective Parker.

#copquestions ???????? Is there anything you want to ask me today ???????

Today the city honored staff with significant employment anniversaries. In the police dept CSO Krekeler and Ofcr Pheng Her celebrate 10 yrs each, Ofcr Scott Langner celebrates 15 years, and Ofcr Tommy Kong celebrates 20 years. Ofcr Nick Lenertz celebrates one-year on the job.

Today was the 7th annual Ramsey County Law Enforcement Memorial Service. It was hosted by White Bear Lake PD at St. Mary’s of the Lake church. A group of children from Frassati Catholic Academy sang the National Anthem and Everyday Heroes. Great job!!! Here is a clip.

Thank you so much to the Maplewood Police Wives Group who gave every person in the department a gift bag. We all know that the most important thing in the world is family. Love you guys!!πŸ§‘β€οΈπŸ’œπŸ’™πŸ’šπŸ’›πŸ’–πŸ’

Please share and help us identify. The female has been smashing car windows in Maplewood and St Paul Park school parking lots, stealing wallets, then using the victims' cards at various locations. Please reference CN 18011514. Call Detective at 651-249-2623

But seriously, thank you to everyone who came out to make sure bikes and helmets were in good shape for the start of summer!! Thank you to the Fire Dept. for letting us participate.

CSO Krekeler showing the kids how it’s done at the bike rodeo.

It's a GREAT day for a bike rodeo!!! Join us at the bike rodeo hosted by the Maplewood Fire Dept. at the fire station, 1955 Clarence St. from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Here are a couple of photos of our officers standing guard at the MN Law Enforcement Memorial today honoring all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice. As they leave the post they read the name of a fallen MN officer and ring the bell once.

Today, thousands of fallen officers' family members, friends, and colleagues will gather on the grounds of the nation's Capitol to remember the sacrifice made by these heroes.

When Maplewood Police pick up a stray animal we take them to St Paul Animal Control In this case we dropped off a dog but made a new friend

Click on this link to watch the 2018 National Law Enforcement Week Candlelight Vigil for Fallen Officers.

May 13-19 is National Police Week. The week started off last night with the 30th Annual Candlelight Vigil held at the National Law Enforcement Memorial in Washington D.C. This year, 360 fallen officers were honored during the vigil.