Hector Police Department

  • Agency: Hector Police Department
  • Address: 301 Main St. South, Hector, 55342 MN
  • Chief: Mike Nguyen (Chief of Police)

Hector Police Department is located at 301 Main St. South, Hector, 55342 MN. The Chief of Police of the department is Mike Nguyen. The Hector Police Department phone number is 320-848-2500.

Hector Police Department News

Small white dog that was found near the dollar general. The dog has a collar but no ID tags. Please let us know if you know who the animal belongs to.

A small cat was found near the First Lutheran Church in Hector. It has a collar but no tags. If you know of somebody who is looking for him please give us a call. Thank you.

LOST DOG. Male with collar, but no tags found in Hector. He is very friendly and someone has to be missing him.

Regarding the power outage: Hector/Buffalo Lake/Stewart/Brownton all are without power as I type this. I spoke with Excel Energy a bit ago and this call is a high priority for them. They have a crew working on this problem and will hopefully have the power back on soon.

At risk of being Captain Obvious, terrible roads around Hector today. We have some people staying at the community center due to the roads and vehicle problems. A couple of years ago, our community came together after a pretty bad snow storm and donated blankets/soap/toothbrushes ect. We put those items to use tonite and the recipients were very thankful! Just wanted to share some good news out of this.


Name : Smith, Moira Rank: P.O. Shield #: 10467 Command: 013 Pct. Date of Death: 2001-09-11 Cause of Death: World Trade Center Attack On Sept. 11, Commissioner Raymond Kelly said, Officer Smith had seen the attack from miles away at the 13th Precinct station house on East 21st St. She could have done 100 important tasks there and no one would have questioned her courage and dedication, he added. But she wanted to be where she could make the most difference. She gathered together a group of officers, including Police Officer Robert Fazio, who also died on that day, and headed to the World Trade Center. For her efforts on Sept. 11, Smith, the only female NYPD officer to die in the attacks, was posthumously awarded the department's highest accolade, the Medal of Honor.

09-10-16 (Saturday morning) at around 3 AM, there was a vandalism at a residence on 5th St East in Hector. HPD believes that the vandalism involved 2-3 teenaged persons. We also believe that these persons may have been checking vehicles for unlocked doors along 5th St East. If anyone happens to know anything about it, we want to hear from you! You can message us here, or call the office 848-2500.

Free open swim at the Hector Pool. Come check out and get rides in the fire trucks, check out the ambulance and the new police car. Free root beer floats, hot dogs and snacks!

Family event

April 29, 2105 BLHS Mock Crash event at the school in Hector.

I finally got the username and password figured out to our agency facebook page! Going to try to use this to send out memos and such. Please everyone check out the mock crash event that is being hosted in Hector on April 29th (see details below). We are putting a TON of effort into this event and it is OPEN TO EVERYONE. We have an outstanding speaker who will be sharing some stories after the demonstration portion of the event. We will make this worth your time.


Event to discuss and show the possible effects of distracted driving. Speaker from the Shreya Dixit Foundation will be giving a presentation.

Hector Mustangs Powder Puff Football tonight, Seniors won, and free hot dogs too! Go Mustangs!

Remember the heroes and the innocent.

A couple of our finest representing Hector Police Department at the Minnesota State Fair. Thanks for serving Minnesota at the "great get together" Officer Craig Kosse and Officer Kurt Kozel!

Welcome to the Hector Police Department, stop in a say hi anytime!

One of our part time officers attended fallen Officer Scott Patrick's funeral, over 4000 officers attended. Never Forget!

Thank you Deputy Luke Jacques of the Renville County Sheriff's Office for the K-9 demonstration at the Hector Library. And special thanks to his partner Duke!