Olivia Police Department

  • Agency: Olivia Police Department
  • Address: 105 South 5th Street, Suite #245, Olivia, 56277 MN
  • Chief: Don Davern (Chief of Police)
Phone: (320) 523-2700
Fax: (320) 523-2772

Olivia Police Department is located at 105 South 5th Street, Suite #245, Olivia, 56277 MN. The Chief of Police of the department is Don Davern. The Olivia Police Department phone number is (320) 523-2700.

Olivia Police Department News

This friendly little guy was found in the area of 6th and Walnut in Olivia. Has a red collar on also. Call the PD at 320-523-2700 to claim him.

Captured this morning (10-19) this young lady walking the downtown streets looking for trouble. If you recognize her please call the PD at 320-523-2700 so we can get her back home.

Oct 12 1pm Our UPS delivery person just turned in a ring- found in a city park-if you are missing one call us and identify it so we can get it back to you.

**Missing dog**This dog has gone missing from the area of 4th St and Depue Ave in Olivia. He answers to the name of "Percy". His hair is also a little shorter than the picture shows. Please call the Olivia Police Department at 320-523-2700 if you see him. He is missed greatly by his owners!

A cellular telephone was turned into the police department today. It was found in the area of 6th and Depue Ave in Olivia. Contact the police department to claim it.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Officer Mathews' family and friends along with all the men and women of the Wayzata Police Department.

Looks like someone lost a pair of eyeglasses and a case. They have been found by an astute Olivia Officer near the intersection of 4th and Fairview. Call the PD at 320-523-2700 to identify and claim.

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The Olivia Police Department has received a few complaints of attempted vehicle thefts over the last two weeks. If you have any information on this or any crime please notify us. There may be crimestoppers cash rewards for information. Always lock your vehicle doors even in your own driveway Do not leave your keys or valuables in your car. If you have a garage, use it, and keep it locked. Always park in a well-lighted area. Please report any suspicious activity immediately to the police by calling 9-1-1

Owner wanted for this small male wearing a black collar with studs. Contact the PD if you own it or know the owner.

Found in the area of 706 Evergreen Ave in Olivia. Tan, male, Chiuaua, no collar. Contact the Olivia Police Department at 320-523-2700 to claim.

Found near 4th St & Hwy 212 in Olivia. Brown mix lab with pink and green collar. Call the PD at 523-2700 to claim.

***Attention Olivia Residents!*** The City of Olivia has declared a snow emergency from 1:00 a.m. to 8:00 a.m.. No parking is allowed on city streets during this time.

Found this chocolate lab with a camouflage collar near 9th and Maple. Call the pd to claim.

Basset Beagle ?? Found in Olivia near St. Als Church needs to be reunited with his owner. If you recognize me please call the Olivia Police Department to get me out. 523-2700 or Sheriff’s Dispatch.

Happy Halloween! Join memembers from the Olivia Police and Fire Departments for fun activities tonight at the Olivia fire station! OPD officers will also be on patrol throughout the city giving away glow sticks to the trick or treaters. Remember to travel safely and keep an eye out for the little ghosts and gobblins!

Renville County Peace Officer Appreciation-October 22, 2016. Olivia American Legion 4-7pm. The event is open to the public. Dinner available, free will offering.

Earlier in the week Officer Michelle visited with Katie Bahl's 8th grade classes at BOLD High School. The topic of conversation was Social Networking/Social Media. BOLD has a great group of 8th grade students-thanks for the invite!

Officer Michelle stopped to visit the BOLD Kindergarten classes today. As always, it was fun and the students had lots of questions!

For nearly 27 years the Wetterling's and all Minnesotan's have been waiting to hear that Jacob has been found. Now they (we) have answers. RIP Jacob. **Pease note that details described in this article are disturbing to many readers.**