Faribault Police Department

  • Agency: Faribault Police Department
  • Address: 25 4th Street NW, Faribault, 55021 MN
  • Chief: Daniel Collins (Chief of Police)
Phone: 507-334-4305
Fax: 507-334-0990

Faribault Police Department is located at 25 4th Street NW, Faribault, 55021 MN. The Chief of Police of the department is Daniel Collins. The Faribault Police Department phone number is 507-334-4305.

Faribault Police Department News

Happy Friday, FB fans! Here's our latest The Point After for the week. Be sure to come out and see us during Heritage Days. Have a safe weekend! http://www.faribault.org/DocumentCenter/View/3553/TPA---v7-issue18

This mixed breed dog was picked up in the 400 block of 2nd Street NW. It can be reclaimed at Muddy Paws Resort.

Happy Friday, FB fans! Enjoy our latest The Point After. Have a safe weekend! http://www.faribault.org/DocumentCenter/View/3544/TPA---v7-issue17

We are aware of the suspicious individual in the blue bus, and have addressed complaints about his behavior and demeanor. While his behavior has been concerning, while he is parked on private property we are unable to move him along unless the property owner instructs him to leave. Thank you for the calls and please continue to report suspicious or criminal behavior.

Our apologies for the late notice - the Explorers annual Bike Rodeo is scheduled for Monday, June 4th from 6pm-9pm. It will be held at Alexander North Park.

Happy Friday, FB fans! Here's The Point After to start off a new month. Have a safe weekend! http://www.faribault.org/DocumentCenter/View/3531/TPA---v7-issue16

Your odds of dying in a car crash when you’re not wearing a seat belt are one in two. Do you want to take that chance? Buckle up. Extra seat belt enforcement is on Minnesota roads May 21 through June 3.

You’re the No. 1 influence. Research shows children whose parents buckle up are much more likely to do the same. Be a role model for seat belt safety. Extra seat belt enforcement is on Minnesota roads May 21 through June 3. https://www.safercar.gov/parents/SeatBelts/Seat-Belt-Safety.htm

UPDATE: The vehicle and driver were located within 45 minutes of our post. The driver confessed and was cited. Thank you to those who called with information! We are trying to identify the driver of a vehicle which hit a bicyclist this afternoon. The crash occurred at 7th Street NW and Wilson Avenue between 5pm and 530 pm. The vehicle was described as an older tan Chevrolet or Buick. The vehicle will have a smashed windshield. The driver was described as a white male in his 20's,, thin build, about 5'9" tall with blond hair. The driver did stop to check on the bicyclist before leaving the scene. The bicyclist received minor injuries. Anyone with information is asked to call us at 507-334-4305.

The weather should be great. Take some time to come out and honor those who have sacrificed for our great country.

This black and white male was picked up in the 3000 block of 8th Avenue NW. He can be reclaimed at Muddy Paws Resort

Our lobby will be closed on Monday, May 28, in observance of Memorial Day. You can always call us at 507-334-4305 or 911 for assistance.

Happy Friday, FB fans! Keep cool with this week's The Point After. Have a safe weekend! http://www.faribault.org/DocumentCenter/View/3496/TPA---v7-issue15

Did you know that 2,456 additional lives nationwide could have been saved in 2016 if everyone had buckled up? Buckle up. You could save a life — maybe even your own. Extra seat belt enforcement is on Minnesota roads May 21 through June 3.

On Wednesday morning at 830am Faribault PD along with Faribault students, Kathy Cooper from Rice County Safe Roads Coalition, Josh Ramaker from Rice County Public Health, Teacher Brian Coleman and several FHS students met with the assistance of dedicated crew from the Rice County Highway Department to paint Buckle Up logos on school exits in Faribault and Northfield. It was a good reminder to all students to buckle up as they exit parking lots onto public roadways. It was estimated that 25% of motor vehicle crashes involving serious injury and death in Rice County over the past 5 years were due directly to being unbelted. Law enforcement wants everyone safe and reminds them all to “Buckle Up”.

Even if you are the best driver in the world, it’s hard to avoid that distracted or drunk driver, or that deer darting out in the middle of the road. To protect yourself and your loved ones, buckle up. Extra seat belt enforcement is on Minnesota roads May 21 through June 3.