Jordan Police Department

  • Agency: Jordan Police Department
  • Address: 705 Syndicate St, Jordan, 55352 MN
  • Chief: Robert Malz (Chief of Police)
Phone: 952.492.2009
Fax: 952-492-3225

Jordan Police Department is located at 705 Syndicate St, Jordan, 55352 MN. The Chief of Police of the department is Robert Malz. The Jordan Police Department phone number is 952.492.2009.

Jordan Police Department News

Today the Jordan Police Department hosted their annual Kindergarten Safety Day. 130 students from the Jordan School District and St. John The Baptist Church participated in the safety presentations. This was a great opportunity for the students and staff to ask our presenters questions on safety protocol. Thank you to the Jordan Fire Department Jordan Public Works, Minnesota Valley Electric Cooperative, Scott County Sheriff's Office, Jordan Public Works, and Scott County Dispatch for their informative presentations. We would also like to acknowledge and thank Benjamin Bus Inc for providing the transportation today and for keeping our students and staff safe! Ridgeview Ambulance was scheduled to come also but they were busy responding to medical emergencies in their service area.

Join Scott County Attorney Ron Hocevar and Prior Lake Police Chief Mark Elliott at the Wilds Golf Club May 30 from 6-8pm for an informational presentation on the realism that human trafficking does affect our communities in Scott County. See the link below.

Check this out - this amazing bench was made by Dave Strack and is being donated to our police department by the local Strack Family of Jordan. Acceptance of the donation will officially be completed by our City Council in the near future. Thank you Strack family!

***GOOD NEWS FOR LOCAL COMMUTERS*** The bridge at Scott County Road 9/Carver County Road 11 will open today at 1:00pm.

School Resource Officer Strack was humble after finding himself on the losing end of school wide badminton tournament at the River Valley Ed. Center on Hope Avenue last week :) The student champion was also just as humble in winning :) Congrats to the champ!!

Local 3rd grade student Olivia (pictured with Chief Empey) and her mother stopped at our police department yesterday afternoon to deliver us some May Day baskets they made and to show their support to our Officers. Thank you to you both!

*****UPDATE - the dog's owners have been located and they are in process of being reunited with the dog***** **CALLING ALL ST. BERNARD OWNERS - FOUND DOG** The pictured St. Bernard wondered into the police department parking lot this morning. He was not wearing a collar so there is no identification on him. He was a little skiddish at first but some slabs of lunch meat from our Officers got him to warm up pretty quickly; he's a very nice dog. We were able to walk him to our temporary kennel at our facility. Anyone who might be the owner is urged to contact us as soon as possible as we will need to have our animal control authority take him from our facility soon.

Officer Crohn snapped a picture of a rainbow that he noticed this morning near our police department. See the right side of the picture. Unfortunate for Officer Crohn however he did not find the pot of gold :)

"They say it takes a village to raise a child, but for a special needs child - it takes a whole city."

**Photos from last Friday's mock crash** Thank you to members of the MN State Patrol, the Scott County Sheriff's Office, Jordan Fire, Ridgeview Ambulance, Ballard-Sunder Funeral Home, John's Mobil, Benjamin Bus Company, the JHS SADD group, and various other JHS students and staff who helped to make last Friday's mock crash a success! Here are some photos from the event.

***River Flooding Forcasts in the Area*** The National Weather Service has issued three Flood Warnings for the Minnesota River throughout Scott County. Jordan Area: a. At 11:00am the river stage was at 23.75ft in Jordan. b. Flood Stage is at 25.0ft c. FORECAST: The Minnesota River is expected to rise above flood stage Wednesday afternoon and continue to rise to near 27.9ft by Sunday afternoon. i. IMPACT: at 26.7ft the bridge at Scott County Road 9 and Carver County Road 11/Jonathan Carver Parkway will be closed. 1. NOTE: Hwy 41 between Shakopee and Chaska has historically closed when the Jordan river gauge is at 29.5ft. Currently, the river is not forecasted to reach this level. Savage Area: a. At 11:00am the river stage was at 699.76ft in Savage. b. Flood Stage is at 702.0ft c. FORECAST: The Minnesota River is expected to rise above flood stage by Thursday morning and continue to rise to near 707.1ft by Monday morning. Additional rises are possible thereafter. Henderson Area: a. At 11:00am the river stage was 730.5 feet in Henderson. b. Flood Stage is at 732ft c. FORECAST: The Minnesota River is expected to rise above flood stage at this location by tomorrow evening; the river is expected to rise to 735 feet by Friday afternoon. i. IMPACT: At 734.0ft the floodwall gates are closed ii. IMPACT: At 733.7ft Hwy 93 may be closed due to high water south of Henderson and north of US 169. iii. IMPACT: At 733.0ft Water begins encroaching on Highway 19 east of Henderson. iv. IMPACT: At 732.0ft Water begins impacting residences and agricultural buildings north and south of Henderson.

Car Seat clinic at Wolf Motors this coming weekend!

Not the greatest photo in color, brightness, or clarity, but can anyone identify this male. He passed counterfeit currency at a local business and we have reason to believe he likely resides in Jordan, Belle Plaine, or Shakopee. Thanks for looking and if you can identify him please message this FB page with your information and a phone number we can contact you at.

***Happy Birthday to Bennett! Today Chief Empey and Officer Culpepper had the opportunity to eat breakfast at McDonald's with JES kindergarteners Bennett and two of his friends; Madden and Rowan*** The three were picked up at Bennett's house this morning where each received a little gift bag of police related souveniers. From there they got a ride in one of our police cars to eat breakfast at McDonald's with Chief Empey and Officer Culpepper. After breakfast Chief Empey drove them to school and they received a personal police escort all the way to their classroom for a quick hello with all of their classmates. It also just happened to be Bennett's 6th birthday today, he's the big guy in the police shirt, pretty cool! The breakfast and escort to school was a donated item by our police department to a recent Jordan ECFE fundraising event.

Looks like Jordan PD School Resource Officer Otto and S.C. Deputy Lueck had a fun time serving lunch today and bonding with students at the Jordan Elementary School!!

***MOCK CRASH PLANNED AT JHS ON APRIL 20*** The Jordan Police Department and Jordan High School will be hosting a "Mock Crash" on Friday, April 20th, at 1:20 pm in the rear South East parking lot of the Jordan High School, near the softball and baseball fields at 100 Hope Ave. The Mock Crash is an event established to show the students the fragility of life and the life of others. This event also encourages JHS students to make wise decisions about drinking and driving, driver distraction (cell phone use while driving) and driving responsibly. There are several agencies that will be participating in this event. Many emergency vehicles will be present with lights and sirens to help convey the severe reality of a motor vehicle accident caused by a drunk driver. The mock crash will be viewed by 9-12th grade students of Jordan High Schoo and was organized and planned by Jordan PD School Resource Officer Angie Otto, SAAD member students, and JHS SAAD Coordinator Mrs. Hjemland. The Jordan Police Department asks that neighbors not be alarmed by the event as this is just a mockup of a real life crash. Every hour, day, and weekend, a teenager dies in a car crash. According to the MN Department of Public Safety, traffic accidents are the 2nd leading cause of death in teens. This event is intended to create an unforgettable impact highlighting that bad choices can have life and death consequences.

Please take a few minutes of your time to take the 2018 City of Jordan Visioning Survey to share your thoughts on the future of our City and to rate our current services. The survey link is attached. Thank you!

***To dismantle civil asset forfeiture in our State would be like hanging out an "Open For Criminals" sign to drug traffickers*** Please read the attached article and speak to your local State Senators and Representatives if you are against these two proposed legislative bills. The passage of these bills would be a massive detriment to law enforcement's fight against drug dealers and the drug epidemic our society is currently facing. The passage of these bills may very well signal the end of cooperative drug task forces that are so important in our fight against drugs. Much of the budgetary funding of many cooperative drug task forces is obtained through asset forfeitures; forfeitures from those drug dealers funds the task force agents who investigate and take drug dealers off our streets; without asset forfeitures these drug task forces will be severely underfunded and may become non-existent.

**Don't Get Scammed During Tax Season**

To access the 2017 JPD Annual Report click on the dropbox link below:

CHOOSENOTTOUSE.ORG It's staggering to see the statistical increase in treatment admissions in MN over the last 10 years where opiates are the primary substance of abuse.

Jordan PD is now carrying these cards in our squads to aid in communicating with the deaf and hard of hearing community.

The City of Jordan is accepting proposals for vacant lot mowing services for the 2018 season. Click the link to learn more: