Avon Police Department

  • Agency: Avon Police Department
  • Address: 140 Stratford St. E., Avon, 56310 MN
  • Chief: Corey Nellis (Chief of Police)

Avon Police Department is located at 140 Stratford St. E., Avon, 56310 MN. The Chief of Police of the department is Corey Nellis. The Avon Police Department phone number is 320-356-7575.

Avon Police Department News

Informational for those who travel this route and area in Albany.

On June 16, 2018, the Avon Spunktacular Parade will be at 7:00 PM and will feature as Grand Marshall our very own Chief Corey Nellis! For more information see: https://avonchamber.weebly.com/spunktacular-days.html See you at the Avon Spunktacular Days Beach Party - Avon Spunktacular Days - June 15, 16 and 17, 2018!!

Our sincere appreciation!

BE STREET SMART – ***** A follow-up! ***** On May 15th, a vehicle was reported as being suspicious around a child just outside of the city limits of Avon. This incident was reported to law enforcement, as well as being shared many times on Facebook by private citizens. We wanted to be transparent and post here on our Facebook that the person driving the suspicious vehicle was located, spoken to and we have determined through collaborative investigation by the Avon Police Department and the Stearns County Sheriff’s Office, that no criminal activity was intended or occurred. Our thanks to those who assisted in locating the driver and the willingness of the driver to speak to us. This was a successful and now a closed investigation, however, this does not mean to completely let all of our guards down. We stand by and will continue to promote education about being street smart… not only for children, but for all adults as well. Be vigilant in teaching children the safety points of being safe: who are strangers, making whereabouts known, sticking with a friend, having safe spots and avoiding places that aren’t safe, and letting grown-ups (and only grown-ups) help strangers. (http://kidshealth.org/en/kids/street-smart.html) If you have any questions in regards to being STREET SMART… please contact us! We have willing and knowledgeable staff that will assist with answering your questions. And as always, if you see something… say something!!! Stay safe and enjoy the Summer months of Minnesota!

Summer Safety Tip For Kids: STREET SMART -- PLEASE SHARE!!!!! It has come to our attention, as well as we have seen in the news, or even on other Facebook posts about strangers in vehicles pulling up to kids and attempting to lure them to the vehicle. Please share this, print the web page, listen to the audio with your child, grandchild, daycare kids, or other children very important in your life. THIS IS VITAL INFORMATION! Be STREET SMART!!!! ➡️FOR EXAMPLE: "If a stranger walks up or pulls up in a car and you're too far away to hear the person, don't go closer, even if the person waves you over. Just get away. Run the opposite way that the car is heading. Get to an adult you know, a police officer, a security guard, or one of your safe spots as fast as you can if the stranger comes toward you." Any concerns you may have, contact the police department. Don't wait. Get the information to law enforcement as soon as possible. It is really a hard reality, but we have to teach our kids and each other how to be observant, how to be aware, and how not to be fooled! 👁️‍🗨️See something! Say something!👁️‍🗨️ Go to: http://kidshealth.org/en/kids/street-smart.html

FOUND PROPERTY TURNED IN TO POLICE: Missing your LG cell phone? Contact the Police Department to identify it. Will have to know the password to unlock it. 05-15-2018 18160743

May 15, we honor the fallen - National Peace Officers Memorial Day Blessed are the peacemakers.

Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. ~ Matthew 5:9 In 1962, President Kennedy proclaimed May 15 as National Peace Officers Memorial Day and the calendar week in which May 15 falls, as National Police Week. Established by a joint resolution of Congress in 1962, National Police Week pays special recognition to those law enforcement officers who have lost their lives in the line of duty for the safety and protection of others. For more information, please see: http://www.nleomf.org/programs/policeweek/

As Summer approaches a reminder: -- Never leave children alone in or around cars, not even for a minute. -- “Look Before You Lock” – Get in the habit of always opening the back door to check the back seat before leaving your vehicle. Make sure no child has been left behind. -- If you see a child alone in a vehicle, get involved. Call 911 immediately. If the child seems hot or sick, get them out of the vehicle as quickly as possible. See the Summer Safety Tips from KidsAndCars.org for more information! Keep everyone safe this Summer! Look Before You Lock!

On May 7, 2018, Chief Corey Nellis had the opportunity to attend the PTA Sponsored Buddy Breakfast at the Avon Elementary School. Chief Nellis also presented Summer Safety Tips to parents and others in attendance. Thank you for the hospitality Avon Elementary School. If you have any questions about Summer Safety Tips, please feel free to contact the police department or message here! ☀️ Have a great upcoming Summer 2018! ☀️

Avon City Wide Garage Sales are going on today and tomorrow! Drive safely and use due care with all the vehicles and pedestrian traffic that will be in the city. Pedestrians must use due care as well always watching for traffic. Any questions or concerns, contact the police department 320-356-7575.

Questions on burning? 🔥🔥 Go directly to MN DNR Burning Permit information site for more information. 🔥🔥

Sex Trafficking in Central Minnesota -- It is a reality. If you were unable to attend the Sex Trafficking in Central Minnesota presentation last night at the high school in Albany, posted is a flyer that was available with important contact information. IF YOU SEE SOMETHING - SAY SOMETHING! The names listed as contacts WANT you to call them. Even if you think it is "nothing" but it still is concerning you, call them. They will speak to you, answer questions, provide information... but if you don't call they won't know and your information could be vital in saving someone from the human trafficking nightmare. Want more information on Sex Trafficking in Central Minnesota? Contact Investigator Jason Thompson or Rebecca Kotz from the CMSAC! Get educated. You could save a life!!

🔜Reminder: Today at 6:30pm - Little Theater at Albany Area High School.

Spring Driving Tips from the National Safety Council and the Minnesota Safety Council.

REMINDER to still drive with caution and due care as roads may be icy or snow packed in areas. Have ample windshield washer fluid to clear dirty windshields. Thank you to all those who worked so diligently and long hours removing the snow from the roadways, and those who worked keeping our roads safe during our Spring snow event. Now, bring on Spring! 🌷

REMINDER for City of Avon: Over 2 inches of snow means no parking Can't say it enough... be prepared.. slow down.. headlights on.. stay off the roads if you don't have to travel. Spring will be here soon!

Be prepared for whatever Mother Nature decides to do! Remember: Headlights on! Slow Down IF you have to travel! If you do not have to travel.. stay home. Stay back from plows! Be prepared.

National Weather Sirens will be sounding at 6:45 PM tonight. This is a test and part of the Severe Awareness Week preparedness. Statewide Tornado Drills The sirens will sound at: 1:45 p.m. and 6:45 p.m. Just because these are just drills doesn't mean you should not treat them like they are real. Practicing these drills will help prepare you and your family for a real tornado event.

☔⚡Severe Weather Awareness Week - April 9-13, 2018⚡☔ Be prepared! Severe weather awareness week preparedness - go to Stearns County website: https://co.stearns.mn.us/LawPublicSafety/EmergencyServices/Preparedness/Campaigns From the website: "Each day we focus on a different topic that relates to summer weather safety. Choose a link to learn more about alerts and warnings, severe weather, floods, tornadoes and extreme heat. Now is the time to put together your plan so you know what to do when severe weather happens." Sign up for important weather related notifications at: https://member.everbridge.net/index/453003085611523#/login

City of Avon Property Damage

Please take the time to read and educate yourself!! Minnesota is currently looking at revising law related to civil forfeitures. One of the proposed bills will make Minnesota a safe haven for drug dealers, drunk drivers and sex traffickers in a time where we need more resources to fight these issues. The linked Star Tribune article supports continued civil asset forfeitures. From the article: "We ask every Minnesotan to join our collective effort. Please contact your legislators and urge them to allow police and prosecutors to keep this important crime-fighting tool." Contact your local legislator if you have any questions. If you need information on who represents you for your legislator, go to https://www.gis.leg.mn/iMaps/districts/.

Officer Falconer received the Law Enforcement Congressional Badge of Bravery today. Pictured is Officer Falconer with City of Avon, MN Mayor John Grutsch, Officer Chad Klocker, and Chief Corey Nellis. Chief Corey Nellis states "This is a tremendous honor for the Avon Police Department to have the State of Minnesota's first recipient of this Law Enforcement Congressional Badge of Bravery. It was an honor to be present with Congressman Emmer and Senators Klobuchar and Smith, as well as all those who were in attendance today." Left to right: Mayor John Grutsch, Officer Chad Klocker, Officer Jason Falconer, and Chief Corey Nellis.