Sebeka Police Department

  • Agency: Sebeka Police Department
  • Address: 213 E Minnesota Ave, Sebeka, 56477-0204 MN
  • Chief: Eric Swenson (Chief of Police)
Phone: 218-837-5911
Fax: 218-837-5443

Sebeka Police Department is located at 213 E Minnesota Ave, Sebeka, 56477-0204 MN. The Chief of Police of the department is Eric Swenson. The Sebeka Police Department phone number is 218-837-5911.

Sebeka Police Department News

Here we go again.

Inmate 2162018, owners can claim by calling 218 631 7600.

The new (much needed) addition to the fleet for Sebeka. A big thank you to Julia at Signs&Designs for doing the graphics and to Jim at Star Squads LLC for setting up lights and equipment.

In light of recent grumblings in town I would like to address the complaint with the audience. The hot topic of the Department using our own generated revenue to fund the newer patrol vehicles at no cost to the tax payers. I know right! It seems some people think we are going to be going out of our way to issue citations in an effort to bump up the numbers. The truth of the matter is we really do not have to change anything we have already been doing for a few years now. We will not be repelling from rooftops and smashing through windows in efforts to hand out citations. As for the concern for having a second full time Officer with the Department and a increse in Police presence costing the tax payer more, taxes did not drop when the station went from two to one Officer around 2007. I have had a discussion with the City Clerk and will be attempting to fund our own needs for equipment and general supplies out of the revenue we have already. Yes the job requires tools, unfortunately they are expensive tools. So until people stop driving outside the guidelines of the state statutes and stop disobeying ordinances/breaking the law, we will keep doing our thing. Local residents are always welcome to stop in and voice their concerns with the Chief in person.

Send us a message if you know this person.

We have updated the link to our City page on here. If you want information on city ordinances to clear any confusion and avoid arguments with Officers when they address an issue. You can be informed ahead of time and keep the blood presure down. Click on the link to and navagate to the middle left side of the screen under City Ordinances. Thanks and have a nice day.

Not only is it dangerous, you can also receive a ticket for texting while driving. Play it safe, it can wait.

Can't remember if we shared this here yet, so here it is. Happy New Year's Sebeka.

After years of dedicated service to the Sebeka community, Louie is saying adios and moving forward with his career. We will miss your positive out look and sense of humor Louie. Sent off with a pizza party last lunch.

Merry Christmas Sebeka. Be safe and stay warm.

Inmate 122117, witnesses say the dog jumped out of a Southbound truck at Hwy 71&co rd 12. If you know whom it belongs to have them contact us.

Local cub scouts visited with the city on Tuesday. They were learning about local government/laws and what functions the Mayor, Clerk and Chief have.

Drive safely folks, allow extra time to reach your destination and take it easy on the road. Winter is back.

The march of the great pumpkins is upon us again. If you are heading out to the stand this weekend be safe. Check stands and blinds for fall and trip hazards beforehand. Remember, treat every hunter as if they were loaded. Don't drink and hunt! Aim small, miss small. Good luck everyone and again, be safe!

PSA, There have been numerous theft complaints in surrounding communities recently. Low lifes have been going into people's vehicles and out buildings lately. Keep an eye out for any suspicious activity around your hood. Thefts are up this time of year at cabins and hunting shacks or really any area of opportunity. Keep car doors locked when you park it and maybe even invest in pesky trail cams. Remember to call dispatch right away if you see anything out of the ordinary.

On Tuesday, October 17, 2017 at approximately 10:50 p.m. A Sebeka Officer located a group of young adults hanging out on Tim's Trail in the dark. When several individuals noticed the Officer's presence they attempted to flee in their vehicle and struck Oak trees at approximately 45-55 mph. Both occupants in the car sustained substantial injuries and were taken by helicopters to the hospital. Marijuana and methamphetamine were found in possession of several individuals. Names of the individuals are not being released at this time. Sebeka Police Department was assisted on scene by; Sebeka Fire Department, Wadena County Sheriff's Office, Menahga Police Department, Minnesota State Patrol, Tri-County Ambulance, North Memorial Air Care and Sanford Air-Med.

Public announcement to the nerd that ran from an Officer last week on a dirt bike. You are ruining it for others when you do wreckless stuff like this. ATV's Snowmobiles and side by side UTV's are allowed in town as long as the operator is of age with an endorsement or proper training. The Ordinance is still 15 mph in town for these machines. As for a dirt bike, no dice. Dirt bikes or Off Highway Motorcycles (OHM) are never allowed on public roadways unless licensed, insured, have proper equipment and operator has an endorsement to operate. P.S. Fleeing an Officer is a felony and can result in felony forfeiture. Meaning we will take you to jail and sell the dirt bike or keep it to do wicked jumps and wheelies. Thank you to the community that cooperates with us and stays in compliance. For the parents out there, you can be charged for allowing operation of such machines if you let jr get on and go. We are still a small town and will work with the community. Had sport just stopped and spoke with the Officer he could have been educated, instead you crossed a line and the department can always use a bike to sell/ride.

Adult male found on Hwy 23, South of 12. The individuals were nice enough to bring the dog 6 miles or more away from where found to a local resident in town. If you know where he belongs contact us in PM or dispatch at 218 631 7600.

We are under way cleaning up folks. Bring us your junk if you live in town.

City Wide Clean-Up Day The city of Sebeka will be holding a City Wide Clean-Up Day on Saturday, September 23rd from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. All items can be brought to the empty field next to the City Shop/Garage - adjacent to Slover Avenue S. Items Accepted FREE of Charge: Aluminum Cans, Cardboard, Clothing, Furniture, Tires (limit 2 per household), Mattresses/Box Springs, Used Car Batteries, Building Materials, Newspaper, Rechargeable Batteries, Glass & Plastic Bottles, Various Metals and household appliances such as computers, TV’s, stoves, refrigerators, freezers, washers and dryers. Items NOT Accepted: Paint/Chemicals, Pesticides, Motor Oil and other Liquid Hazardous Waste – for information on how to dispose of hazardous waste, contact the Wadena County Landfill at 218-631-2474. This is not part of the city wide clean up. Brush Dump: The BRUSH DUMP is always available to accept yard waste (grass, leaves, brush, limbs). The brush dump is located West of the Industrial Park, on 127th Ave (County Rd 8). Rules: This is a service offered to Sebeka City residents. This service has been paid for by our residents on their monthly water bills and property taxes. Please be prepared to show your driver’s license. This is for residential use only. Businesses will not be allowed to dispose of business related items. Questions – Contact us at City Hall 218-837-5773 or City Shop/Public Works at 218-837-5759. Picture 1

Notice to local dog owners, it is against city ordinance to walk your dogs off leash. Dogs kept in city limits will be registered with the city clerk. The annual fee is $10.00 per animal per year.(confusing I know) Fine for dog at large is $50.00 per offense, fine for unregistered animal is $50.00 per animal. When observed happening it will be noted and a courtesy letter will be sent to the animal owner. We do not always have time to stop and talk to every rebel with out a leash, but town is small enough to know who it is. Individuals refusing to comply may be issued an administrative offense citation, payable to the city directly. Habitual offenders will be gifted a state citation with opportunity to explain to the Judge why you struggle with this concept. The department is aware most residents are understanding and follow the city ordinance, so this message is not for them. Any questions, feel free to send us a message.

PSA, School will be back in session soon, the sign is back up. And all of the stop signs around town at intersections are still fully functional. So watch out for the little people on the roadway going to and from.

Stolen from the 300 block of Minnesota Ave E. Bike was taken out of complaints yard. Any information on its location please contact dispatch at 218-837-5911.