Sebeka Police Department

  • Agency: Sebeka Police Department
  • Address: 213 E Minnesota Ave, Sebeka, 56477-0204 MN
  • Chief: Eric Swenson (Chief of Police)
Phone: 218-837-5911
Fax: 218-837-5443

Sebeka Police Department is located at 213 E Minnesota Ave, Sebeka, 56477-0204 MN. The Chief of Police of the department is Eric Swenson. The Sebeka Police Department phone number is 218-837-5911.

Sebeka Police Department News

Found at Jefferson St S. & 3rd St S.W. on Friday April 13. The bike appeared to be abandoned. If you would like to claim this discarded gem contact us.

Thank you class of 2030. You are important to us as well.

Happy Easter Sebeka

Make it stop!

Yes, we are aware of the rogue turkeys running around on Minnesota Ave and City park over the last few weeks. We do not want to have to destroy them when there are plenty of nuisance dogs in town that qualify for that response before the birds. We will work with the DNR to see if they have a solution or maybe some of you have the answer? Until then please be patient with our troublesome bird friends. Thank you.

PSA (public service announcement) We have been receiving some calls for Scams in town lately. Now we realize of course the elderly are the ones being targeted and most probably do not have Facebook. We would like to bring awareness to the ones that do. If you have some family members you think might have been effected by something like this, feel free to educate them on the topic. Let them know to never give out any information over the phone or even by mail. One of the Scam's we are seeing is callers threatening with law enforcement action if they do not pay the amount of $375. Or claiming they have won a super prize if they send the Treasury Department $1,500. Again, do not give out personal information to anyone calling. If the IRS or any other government entity is contacting you, I'm sure they already know everything about you.

Round 3

Here we go again.

Inmate 2162018, owners can claim by calling 218 631 7600.

The new (much needed) addition to the fleet for Sebeka. A big thank you to Julia at Signs&Designs for doing the graphics and to Jim at Star Squads LLC for setting up lights and equipment.

In light of recent grumblings in town I would like to address the complaint with the audience. The hot topic of the Department using our own generated revenue to fund the newer patrol vehicles at no cost to the tax payers. I know right! It seems some people think we are going to be going out of our way to issue citations in an effort to bump up the numbers. The truth of the matter is we really do not have to change anything we have already been doing for a few years now. We will not be repelling from rooftops and smashing through windows in efforts to hand out citations. As for the concern for having a second full time Officer with the Department and a increse in Police presence costing the tax payer more, taxes did not drop when the station went from two to one Officer around 2007. I have had a discussion with the City Clerk and will be attempting to fund our own needs for equipment and general supplies out of the revenue we have already. Yes the job requires tools, unfortunately they are expensive tools. So until people stop driving outside the guidelines of the state statutes and stop disobeying ordinances/breaking the law, we will keep doing our thing. Local residents are always welcome to stop in and voice their concerns with the Chief in person.

Send us a message if you know this person.

We have updated the link to our City page on here. If you want information on city ordinances to clear any confusion and avoid arguments with Officers when they address an issue. You can be informed ahead of time and keep the blood presure down. Click on the link to and navagate to the middle left side of the screen under City Ordinances. Thanks and have a nice day.

Not only is it dangerous, you can also receive a ticket for texting while driving. Play it safe, it can wait.

Can't remember if we shared this here yet, so here it is. Happy New Year's Sebeka.

After years of dedicated service to the Sebeka community, Louie is saying adios and moving forward with his career. We will miss your positive out look and sense of humor Louie. Sent off with a pizza party last lunch.

Merry Christmas Sebeka. Be safe and stay warm.

Inmate 122117, witnesses say the dog jumped out of a Southbound truck at Hwy 71&co rd 12. If you know whom it belongs to have them contact us.

Local cub scouts visited with the city on Tuesday. They were learning about local government/laws and what functions the Mayor, Clerk and Chief have.

Drive safely folks, allow extra time to reach your destination and take it easy on the road. Winter is back.

The march of the great pumpkins is upon us again. If you are heading out to the stand this weekend be safe. Check stands and blinds for fall and trip hazards beforehand. Remember, treat every hunter as if they were loaded. Don't drink and hunt! Aim small, miss small. Good luck everyone and again, be safe!