Cassville Police Department

  • Agency: Cassville Police Department
  • Address: 302 Main St, Cassville, 65625 MO
  • Chief: Dana Kammerlohr (Chief of Police)
Phone: 417-847-4700
Fax: 417-847-3126

Cassville Police Department is located at 302 Main St, Cassville, 65625 MO. The Chief of Police of the department is Dana Kammerlohr. The Cassville Police Department phone number is 417-847-4700.

Cassville Police Department News

The City of Cassville and the Cassville Police Department would like to send out a huge heartfelt THANK YOU to all the veterans on this day set aside to honor your service. While veterans should be honored everyday, we especially want to remember and honor you today. No matter your role, rank or station in serving our great country, your selfless dedication to the preservation of the freedoms we all enjoy is so very humbling. God bless you all!

The storm sirens going off was for the monthly siren TEST, they are all working like they should.

Testing storm sirens now.

The members of the Cassville Police Department, as well as the entire city of Cassville send thoughts and prayers to the family and friends of slain Clinton Police Officer Gary Michael. Rest In Peace our brother in blue.

Anyone missing a Parakeet? Message the page or contact the police department at 417-847-4700.

Busy night....Severe thunderstorm warning has been reissued with up to quarter size hail and high winds in the Exeter area now, heading towards Cassville.

A flash flood warning has been issued for our area due to the heavy rains. Please be careful in your travels and watch for water in the roadways. Also a tornado watch is in effect until 2:00am.

We have not received any storm warnings at the moment, but radar is showing a strong cell entering the Cassville area. Please be prepared to take shelter as necessary.

The National Weather Service has advised Barry County Emergency Management that storms are expected to arrive in Barry County in the next two hours. Please be mindful of approaching storms and make preparations now to go to a safe place should severe storms develop.

The National Weather Service is advising of the chance for large (described as baseball sized) hail and damaging winds associated with a storm system that will be going through the area tomorrow afternoon/evening. Timing has been estimated between 4:00pm and midnight for the worst of the weather; however, the exact path isn't well defined yet. Please be careful and watch the weather, especially with any outdoor activities Saturday evening. Also, remember our veterans this weekend, who give selflessly to keep this country free! Have a safe and happy weekend!

We have been notified of a potential scam that we need to pass on to the public. Please share with everyone. Unfortunately any time there is a disaster, the greed of scam artists is one of the grim results that adds to the devastation. Barry County Emergency Management personnel have reported the following information: There have been questions regarding residents receiving phone calls, with a Shell Knob prefix, asking to set up appointments to assess storm damage. These calls are NOT from Barry County Office of Emergency Management! County, State, and Federal emergency management officials will NOT contact individuals to request to do damage assessment. Officials conducting damage assessment, which is underway, will do so in person and they will have Official County, State, or Federal identification. If there are questions regarding these individuals please contact the Barry County Office of Emergency Management at 417-737-1142. Please share this information with our community. Please remember: BOEM, SEMA, and FEMA do not call individuals to set up damage assessment. There has NOT been a federally declared disaster Only after a declaration will FEMA officials schedule time to meet with individuals. Only after an individual has requested assistance will BOEM or an NGO follow up with individuals to assess needs. There is NEVER a charge for BOEM, SEMA, FEMA, or an NGO’s assistance. If residents are asked to pay for “disaster” services or are asked to provide personal information they should contact the Barry County Sheriff’s Office or Local Law Enforcement immediately. Thank you, David Barry County Office of Emergency Management

All the streets in Cassville should be open now. Cassville Public Works has been working hard removing barricades and cleaning debris off the streets this morning. A huge thank you to all those involved, and the Church of Christ who opened their doors and allowed those displaced to stay at their facility during the worse of the flooding. Thank you all, we truly live in a great community!

Public Service Announcement!!!: Please do not be out driving around sight seeing in the flooded areas. This creates an issue with emergency personnel and can cause more damage to property due to the wake the vehicle puts off driving through the water. DO NOT DRIVE THROUGH TAPED OFF OR BARRICADED STREETS. THEY ARE BLOCKED FOR A REASON AND IF CAUGHT, DRIVERS WILL BE TICKETED.

The National Wether Service is issuing a flash flood emergency for the city of Cassville and all residents along Flat Creek. Flooding appears emanate at this time. If you have not done so, please evacuate low lying areas, and otherwise limit ANY travels in this area.

City Limit Road Closures: 7th Street Bridge closed for repair from previous flooding, Partridge Drive and Skyline Drive Bridge, West 14th Street from Presley Drive to Oak Hill. Outside City Limits, State Highway 76 at Hilltop, State Highway Y at Ash Cave, State Highway C at McDowell. Turn Around Don't Drown!!!!!!

Be aware!!

Everyone needs to be prepared with an evacuation plan throughout this weekend, as there is a potentially severe flooding risk. Cassville Public Works has done a great job over the past year or so preparing the creek beds, as much as allowed, to handle water more efficiently; however, forecasts expect up to 8 inches of additional rain to fall in our area by Sunday evening. Cassville crews will be out monitoring the waterways and streets all weekend and will make every attempt to notify residents of rising water and flooded streets. Keep in mind the creeks rise fast in Cassville, so prepare now and be ready in case flooding does occur.

The members of the Cassville Police Department and the City of Cassville offer their heartfelt condolences in the passing of Master Sergeant Carl Cosper. Carl was a true inspiration to everyone in his family of blue. He will be greatly missed by all. Prayers of comfort to his family and friends. Rest In Peace Carl and know that your legacy will live on in everyone who knew and loved you.

The Cassville Police Department and the City of Cassville would like to extend their condolences to the families of Kelley Williamson and Randy Yarnall. They will be missed in the community and the community of storm chasers. Kelley and Randy were good to alert us of pending storms that were threatening to our area. We know there were several who followed these two while they were actively involved in storm chasing in different areas of the Midwest. Our hearts hurt for the families and our prayers are with them during this time of sorrow.

This is obviously a scam. People pay attention, if you think you may be getting scammed, call your local police or Sheriff's Department and definitely do not give the caller any of your personal information and DO NOT SEND THEM A DIME!!!!!!

The National Weather Service has issued a tornado watch effective until March 07, 2017, at 3:00am. The leading edge of a cold front is forecast to enter Barry County sometime after 11:00pm, bringing the chance for high winds, heavy rain and the potential for large hail, as well as possible tornados. Please be prepared to take cover if necessary, and be mindful of the potential for unsettled weather as the front moves through.

We have some keys with a US Air Force Key Chain that were located in the High School Football Field Parking Lot Saturday October 8th, 2016. Contact the Cassville Police Department at 417-847-4700 if you have lost a set of keys matching this description.

We located a female Pot-Bellied Pig in Sherwood Forest tonight. If anyone is missing this animal please call Barry County Central Dispatch at 417-847-3121 and arrangements will be made to return her.