Belton Police Department

  • Agency: Belton Police Department
  • Address: 7001 E 163rd St, Belton, 64012 MO
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: 816-331-5522
Fax: 816.322.7057

Belton Police Department is located at 7001 E 163rd St, Belton, 64012 MO. The Belton Police Department phone number is 816-331-5522.

Belton Police Department News

Our phones are back up and working normally. Please use the non emergency number, 816-331-1500, for non emergency calls and 9-1-1 for emergency and in progress calls. Thank you for your patience.

For information, we are experiencing some phone problems and not receiving incoming non emergency calls. Be advised that 9-1-1 is still working and can be used until the issue is resolved. Thank you for your patience.

HUGE FAVOR!!! If you don’t want to read all just skip to the bottom for the favor. If you have been following this page you should understand by now that we are trying more than ever to build community relations. This effort is crucial in providing support for the community as a whole. Community oriented policing and in some cases intelligence led policing depends on community involvement. I understand some will say “do your job with old fashion police work”. We do this, however, it would be absurd to believe this is not a team effort, we need each other. The police can investigate and conduct interviews, but without community tips and cooperation cases take longer and the chances of successful case closure minimizes. There are several good ideas and proposals coming in the future that we hope make real differences, but they all hinge on the police/community team. Ok, the favor, if you are still with me. In order to make this all work and be successful we need max participation and the largest audience possible. Think of it this way, we all want to be warned when there is a dangerous storm or road closure, what if you had to like a page in order to hear those warnings, that would not be fair to you or your family. We cannot “force information” on your TV or social media feed. What we are asking is that you send invitations to all of your friends on Facebook to “like” and “follow” the Belton PD Facebook page. This will allow for max distribution of information with regards to police activity such as crime, crash sites, road closures and other special events. I know this is a huge favor but one that I think will pay off in the end and be the beginning of the community effort to reduce crime and build a stronger community bond.

So, we have to brag a little. Our very own Officer Folvarcik was caught doing some good deeds. Through Facebook posts and phone calls we were made aware that she was patrolling the neighborhoods Halloween night and walking around with children and passing out candy…..nope, not done yet, the night prior, when it was frigid cold, she was caught handing out blankets, food and hygiene items, that she purchased on her own, to homeless men and women in the area. This humble Officer did not tell anyone or ask for credit, actually she will probably not be happy that we are posting this, but she will just have to get over it. We understand that the public gets upset when they receive citations for violations, who wouldn’t, but this is a solid example of the type of Officer’s we have here in Belton. We ALL truly care about the community and want to see it prosper and succeed, and it will as we move forward and work together as a department and a community #oneteamonefight #beltonstrong #officerfolvarcikrocks #drugsarebadseatbeltsaregoodwearseatbeltsalways #ihatehashtags

Please keep your vehicles locked overnight and do not leave valuables inside of them. An ounce of prevention is worth its weight in gold!!!!😀😀😀

Why is the word abbreviation so long? That is all, carry on!

All we want for Halloween is 5,000 “follows” and/or “Likes”……and candy, lots of candy….oh, and no crime….oh, and world peace…oh, and a Chiefs Superbowl….and no crime, that would be great. Please, please, please (I’m not above begging) share, like and follow P.S. seatbelts are good, human darts are bad

This is Santino Johnson. He is wanted on Jackson County Felony for Unlawful Possession of a Firearm, and multiple Belton Misdemeanor warrants. On Oct. 23rd at around 1030pm, Belton officers attempted to stop a silver 2005 Mitsubishi Galant. That vehicle fled from Belton officers and ended up crashing in the area of 140th and I-49 in Grandview. The driver took off on foot and was never located. We believe that driver was Santino Johnson. If you have any information on the whereabouts of Mr. Johnson please contact the Belton Police department at (816) 331-1500 or your local law enforcement agency. Thank you for your assistance. Have a blessed day folks, and Mr. Johnson you may just wish to turn yourself in, it would make life easier for you.

UPDATED 8:32pm- We believe the problem has been fixed. Thank you for your patience. We are currently experiencing some technical issues with our non-emergency phone lines. We are aware of the problem and are working on getting the issue resolved. 911 is still functioning, if you have an emergency.

Carl loves police officers and wanted to hang out with a few of them for his party. Hope you had fun Carl !!!

Sorry to disappoint this morning, not much humor for this post, just pink fuzzy bunnies, raindrops on roses and lots of ‘Merica that’s why!! Officer Adamson, Belton PD and USMC Retired, Trooper Brandon Adamson, MSHP and several current and retired law enforcement officers gathered in South Dakota this past week to assist with a wounded military/law enforcement veteran pheasant hunt. This is always a great time of bonding, seeing growth in people and how great men and women bounce back and overcome huge obstacles. Sit back and enjoy some photos……. DISCLAIMER: Some pheasants may have been harmed during the course of this event. Seatbelts good, pretending you have an F35 ejection seat during a crash is just bad.

This is Christopher Lusk. He is wanted on 1st Degree Felony Stalking and a Misdemeanor Failure to Appear on an Order of Protection Violation. He is believed to be staying somewhere in Mullendike, which is in rural Raymore, MO. We also have information that he frequents the Blue Springs, MO area. Many investigative hours and department resources went into the filing of this case and we would love to have him picked up. Please contact the Belton Police Department (816) 331-1500 or your local law enforcement agency if you have any information on the whereabouts of Mr. Lusk. Mr. Lusk if you happen to see this post it would behoove of you to just go ahead and turn yourself in on these charges. Your cooperation would certainly be appreciated. To everyone else, PLEASE SHARE!!!

Reminder National Prescription Drug Take Back Day is tomorrow. Take advantage of this drug take back program! Turning in unused medicines to a take-back program is the safest and most environmentally protective way to dispose of unused medication. So gather all your expired medications! We'll be collecting unused and expired medications for safe disposal at two locations Belton Price Chopper 109 N. Cedar St. and at the Belton Police Department 7001 E. 163rd St. Saturday Oct. 28th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Take advantage of this drug take back program! Turning in unused medicines to a take-back program is the safest and most environmentally protective way to dispose of unused medication. So gather all your expired medications! We'll be collecting unused and expired medications for safe disposal at two locations Belton Price Chopper 109 N. Cedar St. and at the Belton Police Department 7001 E. 163rd St. Saturday Oct. 28th from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Regarding our T-shirt drawing, we have our winner!!!!!!...congratulations Michelle Sullivan. Notice she followed all of the criteria listed, way to pay CLOSE ATTENTION to the post 😲😲😄😄😄 Contact Lt. George at 816-348-4405. Just leave him a message and he will call you back. Thanks for playing and congrats again Michelle.

This Saturday Oct 28th is drug take back day. Old and unused prescriptions may be taken to one of the following locations between 10am - 2pm to be disposed of. Price Chopper in Belton, 109 Cedar Belton, MO Front lobby, Belton MO Police Department 7001 E 163rd St Belton, MO

Regarding our incident from Saturday night Oct 21st, 2017. ISAAC DEWAYNE COTTON has been charged in the Cass County Court with one count of Assault 1st Degree or Attempt-Serious Physical Injury or Special Victim, and one count of Armed Criminal Action, both of which are felonies. His bond has been set at $150,000.

Well Folks remember our ride-along contest from a few days ago. It just so happens.....well you can figure out the rest.....Ya that did happen, what are the odds?

Regarding our previous incident this evening, Isaac DeWayne Cotton Jr is in custody and charges are pending. Thank you for all of your assistance

This evening a Belton police officer went to make a traffic stop on a suspicious vehicle when the driver evaded him. When the vehicle eventually stopped the suspect exited the vehicle and opened fire on the officer. The officer was not struck and is doing fine. More information will come later.

To the Cooper family who wrote that awesome review of the department and to everyone else...... And we love our citizens. Kimberly you bring up an excellent point about being human. Just so happens that we have the same beating heart that everyone else has, and with that beating heart comes the same emotions; sadness, anger, happiness, and fear. We are moms, dads, sons, daughters, brother and sisters. We coach our kids in sports, have 4th of July parties with neighbors, walk our dogs, go on family vacations, and forget to take out the trash on Wednesday. This is our chosen profession, but it does not define who we are as people. God has given our professionals a gift, the gift of nobility and altruism. While well equipped everyday to exercise those qualities, unfortunately those human emotions sometimes get in the way. We say things we shouldn't and then regret what se said. We are susceptible to seeming unfriendly, rude, and uncompassionate, and may unintentionally take out our own personal frustrations on others, just like others who are in crisis may do with us. Please understand that ALL of our officers are brave and well-intended men and woman who come to work every day knowing there is a possibly that this could be their last. But we do it for the greater good, for the humanity of service to others before ourselves. So just know that we have YOUR back everyday and will continue to serve to the best of our ability despite what gets in our way. We are the THIN BLUE LINE. Thank You for your support. Please Share👮‍

Ok, this should make everyone happy. Those of you that love and support first responders here is a great way to support a good cause. For those of you, and I'm sure this doen't apply to anyone in Belton, that do not like law enforcement here is a good venue to watch LEO's and firemen duke it out aaaaaaand raise money for a good cause. It's a win win!! Oh, and you can watch our very own Cass County Deputy Corporal Bill Talley win the entire thing!!