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Belton Police Department is located at 7001 E 163rd St, Belton, 64012 MO. The Belton Police Department phone number is 816-331-5522.

Belton Police Department News

Dustin Carbah has been taken in to custody.

Update on Tornado sirens. We are still looking at some of the policies in regards to setting them off and the length of the siren to continue to go off. I am going to list the sirens that the City of Belton currently has and their locations. This might make it a little easier for people to figure out if they are able to hear sirens from their location or if they are too far away. I have also listed the storm shelters. Note that some of these are for citizens that live in those communities. The siren locations are: • Greg & Stewart • 162nd & Vicie • 163rd & Kentucky • S. East Ave & Commercial • Cambridge Rd & Mullen • Cambridge Rd East of Cleveland • 58Hwy & Cleveland Ave • 165th & Holmes • 17070 Aaron Ln • 114 Turner Rd • Loch LLoyd • 174th & S Benton • 155th & N. Scott Ave • E. Cambridge Rd & Emerson Dr • S. Scott Ave & Melody Ln. • W. Markey Park & Guerra Dr. • 155th & Harris Ave Storm Shelter Locations: • Belton High School- It is opened when warning is issued. This is the only one that is considered available to the entire public. • Springdale Lake Estates- has 2 for their residents. One by the office and the other in the far north east corner of park on Narcissus. Opened by management. • Lazy Acres- has one for their residents. Opened by management. • Southfork Mobile Home Park- has one for their residents at the Club House. • Belton Fire Station #2- 16300 N. Mullen Rd. should be used as a last resort.

The Belton Missouri Police Department is currently accepting applications for full time Police/Fire/EMS Dispatcher. (Communications Officer) The Communications Unit focuses on customer service, citizen and officer safety and the identification and apprehension of criminal suspects through the use of a variety of highly advanced technology systems. The Police / Fire / EMS Dispatcher acts as a liaison between citizens and police officers during a call for service and/or emergency situation to help ensure the safety of everyone involved by accurately accumulating and relaying important information. They elicit necessary information from callers, via emergency and non-emergency lines, and make decisions regarding the nature of the call and what course of action is required. The dispatcher is also responsible for inputting this information into our Computer Aided Dispatching system via keyboard while at the same time communicating with first responders in the field utilizing a complex two-way radio system. They are also responsible for recording and monitoring all activities and locations throughout the shift while maintaining proper records. Starting base salary for this position is $15.59 per hour or $32,422.00 yearly Qualifications: You must meet the following minimum qualifications in order to apply: • You must be at least 18 years of age • You must possess a high school diploma or GED equivalent • You must be a US citizen or able to legally work in the United States • You must be able to accurately type a minimum of 40 words per minute • You must be able and willing to work various shifts and weekends and holidays. • You must pass written tests, a background check, physical and drug screens, personality inventory, and CVSA (voice stress analyzer) Personal Attributes: Personal attributes that would assist in becoming an effective police/fire/ems dispatcher include the following: • Ability to work as part of a team • Ability to make quick decisions • Good communication and interpersonal skills • Ability to multi-task under pressure Applications may either be picked up at the Belton Police Department- located at 7001 E. 163rd St Belton MO 64012, or send an email to to have one emailed to you. Completed and signed paperwork may be emailed, mailed to the police department or hand delivered to attn: C. Wills. All required paperwork must be completely filled out and received no later than 5 PM June 22, 2018. No online resumes or generic applications, or faxed documents will be accepted. Below is a list of required documents. (Must be the Belton Police Dept documents) Belton Police Department Application Personnel History Questionnaire Information Release Form For additional information, contact Dispatch Supervisor Carla Wills at 816.331.1500 ext. 228 or email at

Mr. Mills is in custody. Thank you for your assistance.

This is Gregory Mills. We have a questioning advisory out for this individual regarding the home invasion we had several weeks ago. He is currently homeless and has several Belton warrants out for his arrest. Please contact Lt. George or Det. Richardson with information.

Please read and share with others. Thank you.

Summer Fest Notification: This is to advise you that on Friday June 1 and Saturday June 2, the second annual Belton SummerFest will be held at Memorial Park. We anticipate much interest in this event and as such, be advised there may be vehicles parked on your street by Festival-goers. These vehicles must be legally parked per the police department, but street parking is permitted as allowed by law. Additionally, there will be approximately a 15 minute Fireworks display beginning at 9:30 pm on Saturday, June 2. The Police Department, Emergency Management and Fire Department are aware of the event and staffing the area as necessary. We appreciate your understanding as we work to offer our community a fun, family-friendly annual event. Sincerely, Belton Parks and Recreation

Happy Mother's Day from the Belton Police Department!!

This is a follow up post in regards to the tornado sirens. They have been checked by the company that maintains them. Most checked out in proper working order, there were batteries changed in a few. We are still actively evaluating the current procedures regarding the tornado warnings and setting the sirens off. In the next week or so I hope to have an update on the procedures and will put it on here as well. Thank you for your patience.

Everbridge Cass County Missouri Emergency Notification & Weather Warnings System Emergency telephone alerts to the entire county or targeted areas has been implemented in Cass County. Using the 9-1-1 data base of landline telephones, addresses and mapping, the system will be activated by public safety officials when necessary. A list of some incidents that this notification will be used are: Environmental (Natural Disasters) Fires Floods Dangerous Water Conditions Water Safety Alert Dam/Levy Breaks Search and Rescue Missing Children Missing Elderly Missing Disabled Evacuation Notices Evacuation Routes Man-Made Disasters Terrorism Threats Nuclear Hazards Bio Terrorism Threats Chemical Spills Gas Leaks HAZMAT Emergencies Crime Hostage Situations Prisoner Escape Warnings Sexual Predator Alert Amber Alert A separate feature is the WEATHER ALERT NOTIFICATION. Those that would like to be notified of weather warnings (NOT weather watches) must sign up. The weather warning notifications will be given to targeted areas. If your address is in the path of the storm, you will receive notification via your registered phone, whether you register your landline phone or your cell phone. If you are not in the path of a storm warning, you will not receive a notification. No waking you up in the middle of the night if you are not in danger! But, you must sign up for this free service! You can click on the link below to sign up FAQs How does the Emergency Notification System work? If a situation arises that citizens need to know about and act to protect their lives or property, a person of authority will notify the appropriate 911 center. The 911 Operator will activate the proper prerecorded notification or current-scripted notification by selecting the specific area. This is done by online access. Everbridge mass dials the affected area and distributes the message. What if I am not home and do not receive the message? If you have an answering machine, it will give you the message when you get home. But if you have registered your cell phone the message will go to your home phone AND your cell phone. You will not miss an emergency notification. But you must register your cell phone information. How does the Weather Alert Notification work? Everbridge uses our data base and the information from the National Weather Service to issue telephone notifications in case of weather warnings. Using the mapping provided by Cass County 911, when your location is pinpointed as being in an area of a weather warning, the registered phone numbers are called and you will receive a prerecorded message informing you of the danger. Is the Weather Alert Notification going to wake me up in the middle of the night with constant warnings? No. The alerts you receive will only be those alert that affect your registered location. If a warning is issued in Cass County but not in your registered location you will NOT receive a call. Even if you can hear sirens from inside your house, we encourage you to have the weather alert notifications. You may have a child at home that you need to check on. Or, you may not hear the siren but would hear the phone ring. The deadliest tornadoes occur after dark and through the night. What can I do if I decide I to cancel the Weather Alert Notification? To cancel your Weather Alert Notification you can click on the link below You can cancel or change your information at any time. How much do I have to pay for the Weather Alert Notification? Not a penny! It is free to all Cass County residences and businesses. Will my information be used for anything else other than the Emergency Notifications or the Weather Alert Notification? No, absolutely not! How do I know my information is current and correct? At any time you may go onto the Everbridge website and put in your current information. This will update the data base. It will not make another record. The landline database is updated four times a year; in March, June, September and December. If you move, you should register immediately. The database for the Emergency Notification System will be updated with your current information during the update. But until the next update you will want to be registered so that you will receive any emergency notifications. Remember to update your cell phone information as well! What should I do when I receive an Emergency Notification? The message will tell you what to do or where to find out more information. What should I do when I receive a Weather Alert Notification? Everyone should have a preplan for weather warnings. You are urged to know what to do ahead of time to protect you and your property. For instance; in a tornado you need to go to the basement and wait for an all clear. If you do not have a basement to go to, you will need to go to a center room in the house or building; preferably one without a window. If you have a bathroom in the middle of the house or building, it is a good idea to have a twin mattress to cover yourself with as you lie in the tub. Visit for additional information. If I have a problem with the Emergency Notification System or the Weather Alert System who should I call? We want these systems to assist you and keep you safe. If you should have any complaint or concern, please contact Robin Tieman, Cass County Emergency Services Board Executive Director, 816-887-1952 or EMAIL

Friendly Reminder: Welcome to the official Belton Missouri Police Department Facebook page. Please understand that this forum does not take the place of 9-1-1 or non emergency calls. If you experience an emergency please dial 9-1-1 or contact the police department's non emergency line at 816-331-1500. General Information: The purpose of this site is to present matters of public interest in the City of Belton, MO. We encourage you to submit your comments,but please note this is NOT a public forum. Comments posted to this page will be monitored but not always replied to. The page is monitored frequently, however replies may not be initial or immediate. The City of Belton and the Belton Police Department, reserve the right to delete comments that: contain false information, obscene language or sexual content, threaten or defame any person or organization, (including the Belton Police Department) support or oppose political candidates, political organizations or ballot propositions, promote illegal activity, commercial services or products, infringe on copyrights or trademarks or are not topically related to the particular posting. In addition, should you (the end user) be formally charged with a criminal offense or be arrested in connection with a criminal offense, your image may be displayed on our page. By "LIKING" or "INTERACTING" with our page, you agree to the above terms.

There have been lots of questions about the storm event from last night with regards to the sirens, tornado watches, warnings etc. We may have another event today and want everyone to be as prepared as possible. Here are the definitions of Tornado Watch and Tornado Warning. • Tornado Watch- A tornado is possible. When there is a Watch, you should move to be near enough to a shelter or sturdy building that you can be inside safely in a few minutes if there is a warning or if you see signs of a tornado approaching. Remain alert for approaching storms. Watch the sky and stay tuned to radio or television for information. • Tornado Warning- A Tornado has been sighted or indicated via radar by the National Weather Service. You should take shelter immediately. Move to an interior room on the lowest floor of a sturdy building. Avoid windows. The only all-clear notification is when the warning has expired or has been removed by the National Weather Service. Some questions that have been asked on our Facebook page: • Have you moved sirens? No. The sirens have not been moved. • Did you test the sirens this week, on 05/02/2018? No. We did not test the sirens on Wed due to the possibility of severe weather threat. (They are tested the 1st Wed of the month at 11am unless there is a possibility of severe weather) • Why didn’t we get an all-clear signal or alert? The only all-clear notification is when the warning has expired or has been removed by the National Weather Service. • Why don’t the sirens continue to go off? The sirens are set off manually by the 911 dispatchers when told to do so by the shift commander, fire chief, or the Emergency Management supervisor or patrol officer. They are programmed to go off for 3 minutes. If they are told to set them off again they do so at that time. • Why can’t I hear the sirens inside my house? They were designed to notify people who are outside of their residence. The link below from the National Weather Service FAQ’s may answer a lot of those questions. Below are some links to information that may be helpful and further answer several questions that have been asked on the Facebook page. FAQ’s from the National Weather Service about outdoor warning sirens- The link for Cass County’s Emergency Notification System.- Hopefully this information is helpful and will clarify some of the questions. If you still have questions please call the Police Dept at 816 331 1500. If you notice any issues during the monthly test please contact Disp Supervisor Carla Wills at 816 331 1500. Dispatch has received a few calls today about some issues from last night’s events and will be passing that information on to Emergency Management so they can contact the company that maintains the sirens.

If you did not hear your tornado sirens or had difficulty hearing them, you may call the Police Department and speak with DISPATCH Thursday morning AFTER 7AM to report the issue. Please DO NOT call tonight, wait till tomorrow morning. Thank you! **Please note, tornado sirens are meant as an outside alert. They are not typically heard from inside your home. They also do not continuously sound during a tornado warning. They run for approximately 3 minutes and will not sound again unless they are activated an additional time.

The National Weather Service has issued a Tornado Warning for Cass County until 10:30pm tonight. If you need shelter, the Belton High School is available.

HE IS IN CUSTODY!!! We would like to thank our viewing public for their assistance in locating this career criminal. We could not have done it without you. Please share this information and ask friends and family to follow our page. The more folks on board, the more it can help our cause in locating people who do not need to be on the street. Please join us in being our eyes and ears. Your input is very valuable to us.

School Resource Officer Tim York donated several soccer balls acquired by his family, to the school district. Thanks TIm.

JOB OPENING!! Part time Victim / Court Advocate The Belton Mo. Police Department is accepting applications for the part-time position of Victim / Court Advocate with the City of Belton, MO. Qualified individuals must be 18 year of age, have a high school diploma or GED equivalent, be a U.S. Citizen and possess a valid driver’s license. The applicant must have an understanding of domestic violence, sexual assault and women’s issues. Screening and processing criteria requires the applicant to successfully pass a background check and an oral interview. This position requires you to work both Adult Abuse court Wednesday mornings as well as Municipal court Wednesday evenings. This is a 24 hours a week position, at $13.11 / hr. Applications may be picked up at the Belton Police Department, 7001 E. 163rd St., Belton, Mo. 64012 or email and the required paperwork will be sent to you. All required paperwork must be delivered to the police department. The position will remain open until it is filled. Online or faxed resumes, applications or other documents will not be accepted. For more information please contact: Victim Advocate Elizabeth Crow Office: 816-348-4430 E-mail: / Required Paperwork: Belton Police Department Application Personal History Questionnaire Information Release Form _______________________________________________________________________ Belton Police Department Victim Services Unit Victim Advocate Part Time Job Description Part Time advocate Assist clients as necessary in obtaining Ex-Partes. Attend Wednesday Adult Abuse Court. Provide up-to-date information to clients at full order hearings about their choices and process of the court. Keep Order of Protection List current. Keeping data of New and Old Protection orders up to date. Make available a weekly list of client cases that are on the Belton Municipal court docket. Attend Belton Municipal court every Wednesday evening. Assist and give court support to clients at Belton Municipal court and other courts as needed and warranted. Obtain weekly dispositions of Belton Municipal court as pertains to the unit. Keep Victims informed of dispositions, warrants and continuances for Municipal, Adult Abuse Court, as well as some State Court dockets. Do initial case paperwork and first contact on cases, as needed. Do follow up contact with clients. Send follow up surveys when a case is closed, as needed. Transport clients, as needed. Keep unit warrant files current. Maintain communication with victims. You will have minimum of 20 hours of training and then will need to keep 48 hours of MCADSV training a year as per required by our grant. All other duties as needed or assigned. Job Qualifications: Full Time and Part Time Paid Positions High School Diploma or GED. An understanding of domestic violence, sexual assault and women’s issues. The ability to communicate both orally and in writing in a clear and concise manner. The ability to work with people of various ethnic, racial and socioeconomic backgrounds. No serious criminal offenses. There will be a background check completed.

Saturday April 28th from 10am to 2pm the police department will be participating in the National Prescription Drug Takeback Initiative. We will have a location at Price Chopper in Belton, 109 N Cedar, and the police station, 7001 E 163rd St. For more information visit the following link:

This is Randy Hundley Jr. He is a convicted felon and has an outstanding warrant out of Cass County for a weapons offense. He is to be considered extremely violent and unstable. Please contact the Belton MO Police Department or the TIPS hotline at 474-TIPS (8477) with any information. You may also email Lt. George at Your assistance would be greatly appreciated as we need to get him off the streets.

Thank you for all who assisted us in locating Mr. Hill. He is now in custody.

These are photos of a suspect in regards to a Robbery that occurred during the early morning hours of April 13th in the 200 block of Westover Rd. The police department would appreciate any assistance in identifying this individual. Please contact us at 816-331-1500 or the TIPS hotline at 474-TIPS (8477). You may also email Det. Richardson at or Lt. George at Thank You.

This is Demetrius Shytuan Hill. He is wanted on a Cass County warrant for violating the conditions of his bond, $25,000 cash only warrant. What we would really like is for the public to assist us in locating Mr. Hill so we can speak to him regarding two recent shootings in Belton. Mr. Hill should be considered armed and dangerous, so please take notice. If you have any information please contact the police department or the TIPS hotline at 474-TIPS (8477). If you wish to remain anonymous you may contact Det. Mike Strong at Thank you for your assistance. PLEASE SHARE....THANK YOU.