Bourbon Police Department

  • Agency: Bourbon Police Department
  • Address: 355 E Pine St, Bourbon, 65441 MO
  • Chief: Michael Pennock (Chief of Police)
Phone: 573-732-4838
Fax: 573-732-3160

Bourbon Police Department is located at 355 E Pine St, Bourbon, 65441 MO. The Chief of Police of the department is Michael Pennock. The Bourbon Police Department phone number is 573-732-4838.

Bourbon Police Department News

On 5-15-2018 the Bourbon Police and the Franklin County Drug Task force conducted a joint investigation. As a result of that investigation Wyatt Zelch was arrested with approximately 3/4 lb of ice metamphetamine. Zelch has been charged with resisting arrest, with further drug charges pending.

Be sure to always pay for your gas. Then you won’t have to come back to pay, or issued a summons .... or arrested. Instead of complaining... pay for your gas. “I FORGOT” will not keep you from consequences.

Thanks to all our first responders who participated today!!

Thank you Calvary Baptist church for the gift basket.

Wanted to thank Frank Magel for his help in identifying suspects in a counterfeit investigation

I also wanted to thank Officers centuzi and Yates for responding to a emergency in Bourbon. Thank you C P D

Thank you Officers scharfenberg and Friedmann of the Cuba Police dept. for assisting the Bourbon Police in a counterfeit money investigation. And Trooper Barclays assistance as well.

Update: Joe Knorr is in custody.

Wanted to thank CCSD for their help!! Thanks again !!!

The Bourbon Police Dept conducted a investigation into allegations of child sexual abuse. During this investigation two suspects were interviewed about the allegations. Bourbon officers were able to get a confession from one of the suspects. They are identified as Brittaney Dodson and Thor Garris. They were later arrested and charged with Child Molestation. Their bonds were set at 400,000 and 475,000 cash only.

Update: Joe Knorr is a person of interest in a Rape investigation. If you have any information concerning his whereabouts please call 573-775-4911 immediately.

Joe Knorr is wanted by the Bourbon Police. He should be considered armed and dangerous. If located please call 911 immediately.

Press Release: On 2-6-2018 The Bourbon Police Dept. received a report that a female victim had been assaulted at her residence. Bourbon Police and MSHP members responded to the scene. The female victim indicated that a male suspect dressed in Full Camouflage clothing, and carrying a black backpack forced his way into her residence, and assaulted her. The suspect left a short time later. The area was canvassed for evidence, and officers attempted to locate the suspect. Officers from Bourbon Police, Crawford County Sheriff's Dept., MSHP, Cuba Police, and Sullivan Police were in the area conducting a search for the suspect for several hours. The victim was transported to the hospital and released. If anyone matching this description is located please call 911 immediately. Do not attempt to approach this subject. If any suspicious activity is observed please notify your local law enforcement agency.

I'd like to thank Tammy Harmon and People's Bank for buying the Bourbon Police Dept. lunch. Thank you so much for your support!

Thanks again Frank Magel for the Fentanyl overdose class you gave to all of your first responders. We had a great turn out from all of the first responders in the area. Thank you Cuba, Sullivan, Bourbon, and Leasburg fire for you participation. We were very fortunate to get a subject matter expert, and nationally recognized instructor here. Thanks again!!

We would like to thank DEA TFO Frank Magel for his assistance in investigating two overdoses in the last two days in Bourbon. Thank you !!

Thank you Girl Scout Troop 54268 for singing us Christmas carols.

Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley announced on Wednesday that a Dent County jury found Nathan Hilliard, 27, guilty of statutory rape and statutory sodomy. The victim had participated in a videotaped forensic interview by Child Advocacy Center professional Linda McQuary. Hawley said the jury watched the video and heard from both the victim and McQuary. Chief Paul Satterfield the investigating officer, also testified at the trial. "My office continues to make clear that we have no tolerance for those who prey on our most vulnerable citizens," Hawley said. "I hope the victim and the victim's family find some justice in this guilty verdict." Hilliard's sentencing is scheduled for Jan. 22. He will face a minimum of ten years in prison with the possibility of a life sentence for the crimes. I'm very proud of the team involved in this conviction, and very glad that the victim was finally able to receive justice in this case.

The Bourbon Police Dept would like to say thank you to Frank Magel and the DEA for all of its assistance in multiple drug investigations.

Thank you Malachi and Adalyn

Thank you Mrs Dace and your class for the cards

Deacon Zelch has been located and taken into custody, thank you to everyone for the tips and information that led to his arrest.