Grain Valley Police Department

  • Agency: Grain Valley Police Department
  • Address: 711 Main Street, Grain Valley, 64029 MO
  • Chief: Aaron Ambrose (Chief of Police)
Phone: 816-847-6250
Fax: 816-847-6259

Grain Valley Police Department is located at 711 Main Street, Grain Valley, 64029 MO. The Chief of Police of the department is Aaron Ambrose. The Grain Valley Police Department phone number is 816-847-6250.

Grain Valley Police Department News

TOMORROW, November 10th, beginning at 9:30 am, Dillingham Road will be closed to both north and southbound traffic for approximately four hours. The pedestrian bridge for the Dillingham walking trail will be installed during this timeframe. There will also be traffic disruptions from Duncan to Dillingham as the bridge will be transported along that route.

CITIZEN ALERT : Please do not be alarmed. You may have recently noticed that several of your Grain Valley Police Department members are looking rather......hairy? Alas, they are again participating in the "No Shave November" event and are raising donations for a local cause or charity to be determined. Please prepare your children so they do not run or cry, our officers do this as a show of support and remain the same dedicated law enforcement professionals as they were before they lost their razors. This photo is from 2016, and we will post the 2017 "hairy boys" photo at end of the month.

UPDATED!!!! Please consider donating to help Grain Valley Police Department's first annual Shop with a Cop!!!!!! FOR THE PARTICIPANT NOMINATION FORM!!!!!!

This Friday, Nov 10, Dillingham Rd will be closed from 9:30 am-1:30 pm due to bridge installation at trail.

Property Crime Map for 10/16/2017 thru 10/31/2017

Grain Valley Police wish everyone a SAFE Halloween evening. Please be extra aware of trick or treaters who may be in the roadways.

On Saturday, October 28th, the Grain Valley Police Department hosted the annual Community Shredding Event, held in conjunction with the National Drug Disposal Day. Citizens were invited to bring unused prescriptions and medicines in for secure disposal via DEA. They could also bring in up to three boxes or sacks of documents for secure shredding (to prevent potential identify theft if simply thrown in trash). With the help of our excellent (and cold) VIPS (Volunteers in Police Service shown in photo), a total of 148 pounds of drugs were collected for disposal. Also collected was approximately 3,500 pounds (1.75 tons) of paper documents that were securely shred at the scene. HUGE thanks also goes to our shredding sponsors, the Bank of Grain Valley and the State Bank of Missouri. Each of those fine institutions contribute to the costs for the shredding truck. Thank you, Alan Lefko and Jeff Smith for your ongoing support of the community.

Thank you to Captain Jeff Palecek and Sergeant Scott Hedger for each serving this community for 25 years!!!! Their dedication to the Grain Valley Police Department was recognized with a reception and commemorative plaques.

Greetings all – Just wanted to drop a quick email with some common questions that we get regarding the DEA Drug Disposal Drop-Off at Grain Valley PD this coming Saturday morning (October 28). . Q&A Q: May we accept the containers that the drugs come in as well as the drugs? Yes, you may. No need to separate the drugs from the vials. Plastic and glass are acceptable; however, NO NEEDLES. Q: What about epi-pens? Yes, you may drop off epi-pens. Q: May we accept pre-loaded syringes? Yes, as long as the needle has been removed by the patient. Q: May we accept inhalers? No. We can’t accept inhalers or any aerosol medications because they “pop” or explode at the incineration facility. Q: May we accept veterinary drugs? Yes. Veterinary drugs are available by Rx and over-the-counter (OTC). ALL Rx and OTC drugs are acceptable. The species of the “consumer” does not matter. Q: My local pharmacist says we have to remove the Rx label from the vials before we can accept them per HIPPA privacy rules? No. HIPPA does not apply to you or this situation. This is a voluntary project that is consumer driven. You are under no obligation to remove anything from any label. The consumer should remove or deface the label if they are concerned before placing the vial in the box. All material in these containers will be incinerated. You may reassure the public that their privacy is being protected. Q: May we accept medications from a nursing home? Yes. Medications dispensed to clients in a nursing home are prescribed to the patient and are not the property of the nursing home, so they may be accepted. Q. A local doctor/veterinarian/pharmacy or hospital has outdated drugs they want to drop off. May we accept those as well? No. Doctors, pharmacies and hospitals purchase drugs direct from wholesalers and MUST keep records of all drugs they receive and dispense or administer. These entities have a system available to them that allows them to return drugs to the supplier or dispose of them by using a DEA registered company to do that for them. If they have any questions, tell them to contact their local DEA office for clarification. Q: Should we count the drugs or keep a log? No. These drop-offs are intended to be anonymous. Do NOT count or inventory the drugs. In fact, we advise you not to touch them at all. Have the consumer toss the container into the box and they walk away. It is that simple. We are not opening the boxes at all. We don’t want to risk an accidental needle stick or expose ourselves to whatever contagions may be present and neither should you.

Grain Valley Police have coordinated information related to this incident since first reported last night (Monday). Grain Valley School District officials were immediately involved and were proactive in notifying parents. In an abundance of caution, today there is an increased presence of Grain Valley Police, assisted by Jackson County Sheriffs Deputies, at several Grain Valley Schools. As earlier reported, no tangible threat to any school or student has been confirmed as a result of the social media post. The police investigation is continuing.

Thanks for being a good sport Officer Bob! Congrats to the Eagles for their defeat over our next door rivals in Oak Grove! @GV_Schools

Grain Valley Police Officer Jason Werges traveled to Chicago last weekend to take part in the Chicago Marathon on Sunday! He completed the 26.2 mile race in just over 5 hours. Officer Werges wishes to thank the community for the support he received as he raised $2,000 to benefit the American Cancer Society, in honor of his sister-in-law who lost her battle with cancer in 2015.

Chief Starbuck addresses 3rd Graders from Grain Valley Schools Stony Point Elementary visiting for a field trip!

Grain Valley School Resource Officer Danny Iiams and Oak Grove Police Department School Resource Officer Bob Marshall met today to exchange hats! The Officer whose favorite team loses, will wear their rival's hat on Monday. GO EAGLES!!!!!

During the evening of October 10, 2017 a "Snapchat" posting began to circulate on social media and some individuals in Grain Valley received it (and shared it). The post made a veiled threat, which was not specific to any person or location. Grain Valley Police immediately coordinated information with Grain Valley School District Administration. The school district notified all parents of the incident. It has been determined that the post originated in another city and state (over 1,400 miles away), and is not believed to have had any specific intent for the Grain Valley, Missouri area. Law enforcement in the source city were notified and have made contact with a person at the location where the posting originated. At this time there is no tangible threat to anyone in this area from the post, which has continued to circulate and be shared in many locations including Grain Valley, MO. Law enforcement will continue to monitor this incident and respond accordingly.

The Blue Springs Police Department will be facilitating a session of RAD classes, beginning November 2nd! Register at or by calling 816-228-0137. If you are unable to attend this session, there will be another session coming to Grain Valley after the first of the year. Stay tuned to this Facebook page for upcoming RAD class dates.

Today the Grain Valley Police Dept, took part in Officer on a Train. This event is a crossing gate enforcement project intended to increase public safety awareness at the three railroad crossings in Grain Valley. An Officer rode in the train while others patrolled the railroad crossings. When the “Officer on a Train” saw violations, he radioed to the patrol officers who issued citations to the offenders, usually for crossing the tracks despite crossing bell and lights indicating the oncoming train. Thank you to Kansas City Southern Railroad and Operation Lifesaver for making it happen! For more information regarding rail safety, visit

Officer on a Train for railroad crossing safety took place today in Grain Valley. @olinational! #USRailSafetyWeek

GVPD in coordination with Kansas City Southern Railroad and Operation Lifesaver Missouri work to keep citizens safe

THIS WEDNESDAY, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) along with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will conduct a nationwide test of the emergency alert system at 1:20 pm. The test will last approximately one minute.

DID YOU KNOW? Grain Valley Animal Control has partnered with to help reunite owners with lost pets and help adoptable pets find new homes! If you have lost your pet go to or if you'd like to view adoptable pets in our area visit

UPDATE 09/24/2017 AS OF 7:40pm: All suspects were taken into custody in this incident. Thank you to the community for your cooperation. Grain Valley officers are assisting Blue Springs and Independence officers in locating subjects who ran from a vehicle that was being pursued in the 1400 block of Willow Dr.. Two subjects are in custody, officers are looking for three others.

Thanks to all who were able to attend last night’s National Night Out event! And THANK YOU to all the agencies who were on hand educating attendees on their operations and distributing safety information including: Central Jackson County Fire Protection District, Blue Springs Police Department, Cass County Sheriff’s Office, Jackson County Sheriff’s Office, Missouri Department of Conservation, Jackson County Park Rangers, Blue Springs Community Emergency Response Team (CERT), Lee’s Summit Police Department, Missouri State Highway Patrol and Grain Valley’s Volunteers in Police Service (VIPs). Additionally, thank you to the following for their contributions to the event: Papa Murphy's Pizza, Funtastic Balloons, Ron's Tow, "Hot dog Chef Santa" Chuck Johnston and Grain Valley Market.

Last night during our Nat'l Night Out the @LSPDPIO Bomb Squad demonstrated the power of explosives. THANKS to them and all agencies present.

The women and men of your Grain Valley Police Department want to thank the students of Matthews Elementary School for the wonderful stack of "Hero" letters you sent us. You will never know how much these mean to police officers. To Mrs. Barr's 2nd Grade class and Mrs. Brockhaus's 3rd Grade class.....YOU ROCK. We wish all you peace, success and happiness.