Carthage Police Department

  • Agency: Carthage Police Department
  • Address: 310 West 4th Street, Carthage, 64836 MO
  • Chief: Greg Dagnan (Chief of Police)
Phone: 417-237-7200
Fax: 417-237-7205

Carthage Police Department is located at 310 West 4th Street, Carthage, 64836 MO. The Chief of Police of the department is Greg Dagnan. The Carthage Police Department phone number is 417-237-7200.

Carthage Police Department News

We are needing your help identifying these two. If you have any information please contact us at 417-237-7200. 174629

The cold season is upon us which usually brings with it an increase in stolen vehicles. People start their vehicles to warm them up before leaving and then go back in the house leaving the running vehicle unattended. The problem with this is thieves are on the look out for this and take advantage of the running vehicle for an easy steal. Please be aware of this and if you choose to leave your vehicle running at least lock the vehicle and keep an eye on it while you are waiting for it to warm up. There are also remote start options available you could install on your car that would keep the vehicle from being stolen should you not be in it with the key. This is a much cheaper option than if someone takes off with your family's transportation.

Please help identify this subject. 174699

We are needing help identifying these people. If you have any information please call us at 417-237-7200. 174588

The Police Department is asking for your assistance in identifying this subject: 174558

We are needing your help identifying these two people. If you have any information please contact Det. Lt. Steffen at 417-237-7200 or #174203

We are needing your help identifying this person. If you have any information please contact Officer Kmick at 417-237-7200 or #174558

WANTED PERSON: HELEN K. STARK Helen has 6 felony warrants for her arrest. If you have any information on her location please contact us at 417-237-7200.

The Carthage Police Department needs assistance identifying these subjects. 174562

We are needing your help identifying these two. If you have any information please contact Det. Lt. Steffen at 417-237-7200.

Maple Leaf Festival Parade 2017 starts at 9:00 AM this Saturday, 10/21/2017. Parade Line Up Area: Every participant vehicle that will need through the street blockades MUST have a correct pass. A pass does not permit on-street parking or parking in any other restricted area. You will not be allowed to access the parade lineup area without a pass. Parade entry line-up, except the horses, is 7:30 AM. Line-up time for the horses at Central Park is 9:15 AM. Large entries need to get in place early. Vehicles parked in the parade staging areas that are not the parade entries, parked along the parade route or parked in no parking zones will be towed.

During the Maple Leaf Parade this Saturday, 10/21/2017, there will be a section of parking lot available for Handicapped Parking. The east side of the Carthage Junior High School parking lot at the corner of 6th St. and Grant St. will be for Handicapped Parking only. As of the end of school on Friday, 10/21/2017, that east row of parking spots will be CLOSED until after the parade on Saturday. You MUST have a displayed handicapped placard/license plate to park in those spots. Violators will be towed. Please see the attached picture for further information on the location of the parking spots. If you have any questions please call us at 417-237-7200. Please try to get there as early as possible. The parade route fills up very quickly with people setting up to watch the parade. You may need to contact an officer at a blockade to help escort you to the parking lot if the road is blocked.

NEWS RELEASE Incident: Assault 1st Degree Date: 10/12/2017 Time: 06:12 AM Location: 2nd St. and Lincoln St. Carthage, MO Suspect: James E. Hooper On 10/11/2017 at approximately 06:12 AM officers responded to the intersection of 2nd St. and Lincoln St. in reference to a stabbing. The victim, 34 year old Marlon Cifuentes De Leon, had been assaulted by 27 year old James E. Hooper. During part of the assault on Marlon, James stabbed Marlon in his right arm. Marlon was taken to Mercy Hospital in Joplin where he underwent surgery. Marlon is in recovery and in stable condition. James was apprehended in Cassville, Missouri this morning, 10/13/2017 at approximately 10:14 AM. James is currently in custody in the Barry County Jail on a 24 hour hold. Chief Dagnan Carthage PD UPDATE: A Jasper County warrant was issued with a $100,000 cash only bond.

The police department needs assistance identifying these subjects 174324 / 174325

We are needing your help identifying the owner of this truck and a white male and white female associated with it. If you have any information regarding the vehicle, it's location and the subjects please contact Det. Lt. Jeff Steffen at 417-237-7200.

Due to Oktoberfest on Carthage Square the west side of the square is now closed until after the event.

Anyone recognize them? 174064

Trying to identify this person. 174021

Please call us at 417-237-7200 if you recognize these two people. 173862

Need help identifying:

Fairview, from Industrial to Hazel, will be closed for approximately 3 weeks. If you need to travel from Baker to Hazel, using Centennial would be a better route for the next 3 weeks.

Anyone know this person?

On 08/31/2017 21 year old Charles Ward Kuentzel Jr. was arrested at his residence 520 Pine St. in Carthage on a felony warrant out of Wheeler County, Texas for Unlawful Restraint for taking a 15 year old female, missing from her home in Texas since 07/24/2017, and bringing her to Missouri. The juvenile was found is being reunited with her family. Charles was also charged here with Kidnapping 1st Degree, Endangering the Welfare of a Child 1st Degree and Fugitive from Justice. He is currently being held in the Jasper County Jail on warrants for the charges. He received a $100,000 cash or surety bond for the first two charges and a $10,000 cash only bond for the Fugitive charge.

Anyone know these subjects? Any help would be appreciated.

Anyone recognize them? The male that is not wearing the red visor is the one we are trying to identify in that picture.