Joplin Police Department

  • Agency: Joplin Police Department
  • Address: 303 E 3rd St, Joplin, 64801 MO
  • Chief: Lane Roberts (Chief of Police)
Phone: 417-623-3131

Joplin Police Department is located at 303 E 3rd St, Joplin, 64801 MO. The Chief of Police of the department is Lane Roberts. The Joplin Police Department phone number is 417-623-3131.

Joplin Police Department News

Press Release Parr Hill Park Shooting Contact: Captain Trevor Duncan 417-623-3131 ext 600 On October 22, 2017 at 2:09pm the Joplin Police Department started receiving numerous calls of a shooting at Parr Hill Park. Callers described that a male on foot and occupants of a black passenger car were shooting back and forth at each other. As officers responded, additional shots were reported by witnesses. Officers arrived in the area and located the black vehicle described as being a suspect vehicle that witnesses said shots were fired from. The vehicle was stopped at 14th and Kansas and a male was detained. After further investigation, that male was released without charges. The only injuries reported to us were two females in the neighborhood who weren’t involved but were struck. One female was struck in the ankle area by a ricochet and suffered a graze across her skin. Another female was shot through her clothing in the shoulder area and suffered a graze across her skin as well. Multiple witnesses provided information to us and evidence was collected over a several block area. At least one house was struck and damaged by some of the rounds as well. The incident was a shooting between known acquaintances, not a random act of violence. However, we are fortunate that the bystanders injured weren’t more seriously injured and that nobody else was injured or killed. As a result of the investigation, a suspect has been identified by detectives and we are seeking his arrest. Due to his age, we are unable to release any information about him.

Police activity We are working a shooting and have roads closed around Parr Hill Park (18/Kansas) along with 15/Kansas area protecting evidence and crime scenes. Avoid the area Updated info: (4:30pm) -There was more than one person firing a gun -at least one suspect is being looked for -two people in the neighborhood were grazed by rounds, one on ankle area and one in shoulder area (both minor scratches) -at least one House was hit by rounds -the incident covered several blocks resulting in the road closures Investigation is on-going

Tonight we were honored to attend the Red, White and Blue Banquet hosted by Tamko Building Products. This event honored and recognized Law Enforcement, Fire Fighters and EMS personnel from Barton, Jasper and Newton counties in Missouri. Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley was the guest speaker and delivered a wonderful speech in support of the states first responders. During the event, Joplin Police K9 Officer Adam Brannin was recognized as the 1st place award winner for the Officer of the Year. Congratulations Officer Brannin and thank you for all your hard work and dedication to our community. We are very proud of you! The Joplin Police Department was also recognized as the Law Enforcement Agency of the Year, an award we are grateful to receive as there were so many outstanding agencies nominated. We also want to congratulate the Joplin Fire Department, who was recognized as the Fire Agency of the Year, and to METS Ambulance Service as the EMS Agency of the Year. This was such an amazing event and we at the Joplin Police Department are thankful for the supportive community we get to serve each and every day.

Today is Buckle Up Phone Down Day!! Please challenge your friends, families and others to accept the challenge at and do their part in helping to save lives on Missouri’s roads. Let’s turn this day into a lifetime habit of buckling up and putting our phones down while driving!

Incident Spotlight (Four for the price of one today) Last night at 6:19pm one of our officers stopped a female for riding her bicycle on the city sidwalk at 7th and Harlem. (He recognized her ride by and saw she had warrants on his computer) She was arrested for city warrants and was in possession of meth and drug paraphernalia. Felony Drug Charges. Last night at 7:16pm one of our officers stopped a car at Broadway and Landreth for lane violations. The female driver was arrested for driving while intoxicated, driving while revoked, possession of meth, diazepam and oxycodone. Felony Drug Charges. Last night at 11:02pm one of our officers saw two females running across a field near 2nd and McKee. One of the females was arrested for a city warrant and was in possession of meth and marijuana. Felony Drug Charges. This morning at 3:47 one of our officers contacted a male for skateboarding on a closed business lot at 4th and Byers. He was found to have 5 city warrants and was arrested. He also had a syringe in his pocket that field tested positive for meth. (We don't recommend skateboarding with a syringe in your pocket, especially when it tests positive for meth) #jpdincidentspotlight

Update to North Middle School Stolen Bikes While the investigation is on going, several local residents contacted us wanting to purchase new bikes for the two kids who had their's stolen. The first one that contacted us and his family presented both children with new bikes today. Thank you for the generosity! #ourcommunity

Did you know? During the third quarter of 2017 (July-September) the Joplin Police Department arrested 1,955 people on 4,286 charges. The amount of people arrested is a 17.7% increase from the same quarter last year when we made 1,661 arrests.

Incident Spotlight This morning at about 430am Officers were dispatched to the 700 block of West 1st. The resident reported hearing glass breaking to the south and then saw three people leaving the area on bikes. Officers were able to get into the area quickly and located all three people. It was discovered that forced entry had been made at 102 and 108 S. Sergeant. The owner of the properties was contacted. The owner described some of the items she found missing and the items were located on the three people that officers contacted. They were also in possession of a stolen bicycle that had been stolen from the residence at an earlier date. These subjects are also suspects in the bicycle theft at North Middle School yesterday. That investigation is on-going. #jpdincidentspotlight

Missing Juvenile We are trying to locate Brian M Kerns, 16, who is reported missing/runaway. He may be headed to the KC area. Brian was last seen last night wearing a white and black t-shirt, light colored jeans, and red Nike shoes.

We know this picture isn't great, but we would really like to track this guy down. He stole not one, but two bikes from North Middle School yesterday afternoon. He even cut the lock off one of the bikes. It's hard to explain to a kid why someone would steal their bike. He arrived on foot and some parents had seen him milling around, so we think someone will be able to help us still.

Incident Spotlight This morning at 4:46am we recieved a 911 call to the 1200 Block of Furnace. The caller reported a male had came into their house through a window. The victim, who was woken up from being asleep, held the male down until police arrived and took him into custody. He had came into the room through a window screaming for help, and was under the influence of drugs. He was arrested for a probation and parole violation warrant for second degree assault and first degree burglary. #jpdincidentspotlight

Thank you FBC Webb City for the yummy treats!

Police Activity In Cedar Ridge There will be some police K9s and their handlers on foot in the Cedar Ridge neighborhood this evening. (NW of 32nd and Country Club) No reason for concern (unless you are committing a crime), they are just training.

Press Release 1501 S. Jackson Standoff Contact: Captain Trevor Duncan 417-623-3131 ext 600 On October 17, 2017 at 11:13am our department received a call for a check well-being at 1501 South Jackson. The caller reported being on the phone with a female at the residence when her husband came in and made threats. The husband also said he would shoot the caller if they came over. There was concern for the well-being of the female. Our officers arrived and attempted to make contact and learned the male was armed with a gun, holding a small child, pointing the gun at a female. Due to the threats, the Joplin Police Department SWAT Team was activated and began responding. Attempted negotiations with the suspect continued. The female and child exited the residence to safety. The male exited the residence and was taken into custody at 11:51am. Our detectives began their investigation. There are no injuries from this incident. No further information is being released at this time.

Press Release Shooting/Fleeing arrests Contact: Captain Trevor Duncan 417-623-3131 ext 600 On 10-17-2017 at about 1:38am one of our officers was stationary at 7th and Jackson and heard three gunshots. An officer at the police station heard them as well. As officers began investigating, a caller reported they had occurred around 9th and Grand. An officer observed a Gray Honda Civic at 8th and Pearl driving westbound at a high rate of speed. The officer turned around on the vehicle, and the vehicle turned north on Moffett and accelerated away. The officer began attempting to catch up and stop the vehicle. The vehicle didn’t slow or stop for emergency equipment that was activated on the police car. The vehicle crossed 7th and turned west on 6th from Moffett. The vehicle then turned north in the alley and went up to 5th where it came to a stop across 5th street. A felony car stop was conducted and the male driver was taken into custody along with a female passenger. The male driver, Jaymes Wright, 25, Joplin, was arrested for 31 JPD Bench warrants, a Webb City Warrant, resisting arrest, driving while intoxicated, driving while revoked, possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. The female passenger, Danielle Evans, 24, Joplin, was arrested for possession of marijuana. A loaded handgun was recovered from the vehicle, along with a spent shell casing that was found lodged on the exterior of the vehicle. The incident is still under investigation and it is unknown exactly where the shooting took place and if any damage occurred. Officers were unable to find the location or evidence of a scene.

Incident Spotlight (We had a super busy weekend so here is another highlight from this weekend) Last night at 11:08pm our officers were dispatched to McDonald's at 1123 South Range Line. The caller said there was a vehicle in the drive through lane with two females passed out in the car, one of which was the driver. Our officers arrived and found both females passed out. The 25 year old female from Grove, Oklahoma was arrested for DWI. Her 26 year old passenger from Grove dumped her purse out on the ground when asked for her ID, and said "my ID is down there somewhere." The officer spotted 3 Xanax pills in the belongings and she was arrested for possession of a controlled substance. #jpdincidentspotlight

Incident Spotlight This morning at 3:53am one of our officers had stopped just inside the entrance to Dover Hill to work on paperwork. A PT Cruiser turned into the Dover Hill Entrance, drove just passed the police car and then stopped. The officer exited his car and the driver opened his door. The driver asked if the park would get him to "the outer road." The officer quickly discovered that the driver had a revoked driving status. He was arrested for driving while revoked and had meth in his sock. The female passenger was arrested for a Seneca warrant and had meth in her bra. The 29 year old male from Aurora and the 26 year old female from Joplin are being held on Felony Drug Charges in our jail. #jpdincidentspotlight

*****UPDATE****** Malachi has been located and is safe. **************************************** Missing Juvenile: Malachi Willard, a 12 year old male, was last seen in the area of 9th St and Connecticut Ave around 4:30 PM Saturday (10/14/2017). Willard was last seen wearing pink and black Nike shorts, a pink shirt, light green coat, with a gray and black Northface backpack. If you have seen Willard please contact the Joplin Police Department at (417) 623-3131.

This evening one of our patrol sergeants stopped in at Tropical Smoothie Cafe for some energy. He had just worked a 5k run and works overnight tonight. A kind lady in front of him who had just ordered swiped to pay for his order too and insisted on paying for his food. Thank you to her and everyone that makes such kind gestures to us! #ourcommunity

Incident Spotlight Overnight one of our officers stopped a car at Junge and Jackson for traffic violations. The driver was arrested for Driving While Revoked. K9 Belgon alerted to the vehicle. Methamphetamine was located inside the vehicle. Unknown chemicals and supplies consistent with the creation of Methamphetamine was also located. ODET responded and took possession of the Lab materials. Felony drug charges for the driver. #jpdincidentspotlight

Good job Detective Brian Leeper! “Just wanted to share how awesome one of your officers was today! My daughter is currently in a wheel chair due to a fractured leg in a cast and he was so kind to open the door for us then he asked Reagan if she would like a sticker . he took time from his lunch break to go out to his car and get her some stickers and take a picture with her. He made her day ! I just wanted to say thanks to officer Brian (i didnt catch his last name ) for taking time from his lunch to make a little girls day , she wore her jr police officer sticker proud!”

Incident Spotlight This morning at 517am one of our officers ran a license plate and discovered the driver of the vehicle had a Joplin City Warrant. As he got the information the driver had parked at a residence and gone inside. The officer watched the male come back out of the house and get into the back seat of the vehicle. Another officer joined the first officer and they contacted the male. He first pretended to be asleep. He then came to, grabbed a pair of vice grips and began threatening to kill himself by using the vice grips on his throat. He refused to cooperate and became more confrontational. A taser was deployed but wasn't effective. A second taser was deployed, causing the male to drop the vice grips. He was removed from the car but kept fighting the numerous officers that were now on scene, before finally being taken into custody. Medical attention was brought to the scene and he was transported to the hospital for a 96 hour evaluation. With preliminary information it appears that narcotics were involved in the incident and the male possibly swallowed an unknown narcotic. Nobody was injured in the incident. #jpdincidentspotlight

********Scam Alert!******** We have came across these counterfeit $100 bills almost daily whether it be on car stops or from businesses. We have made numerous arrests and numerous businesses in town have fallen victim. As a department, we have seized more than 50 fake $100 bills with the same serial number in the last couple of weeks. At a glance, they look real, but there are numerous things wrong. Mostly, they say "For Motion Picture Use Only" in place of other lettering. Counterfeit pens detect these easily and they don't feel like real money. Also, when people have more than one, the serial numbers are usually the same on each one. Don't be a victim! There are several variations of these bills currently in circulation just in our area.