Joplin Police Department

  • Agency: Joplin Police Department
  • Address: 303 E 3rd St, Joplin, 64801 MO
  • Chief: Lane Roberts (Chief of Police)
Phone: 417-623-3131

Joplin Police Department is located at 303 E 3rd St, Joplin, 64801 MO. The Chief of Police of the department is Lane Roberts. The Joplin Police Department phone number is 417-623-3131.

Joplin Police Department News

Incident Spotlight On Saturday evening at 7:49pm an officer stopped a vehicle at 7th and Joplin for not using a turn signal and a license plate violation. The female driver was arrested for 3 JPD warrants. She identified her male passenger by a false name. When contacted, the passenger identified himself by a second false name. Upon further investigation, his real identity was determined and he was arrested for 2 JPD warrants. He smelled strongly of marijuana and was taken to jail. While trying to determine where the marijuana was concealed, the male was found to have two bags of marijuana, a bag of crack cocaine and a bag of powder cocaine, all concealed down the front of his pants. He was arrested for the felony drug charges. #jpdincidentspotlight

Missing-Runaway Natasha Combs she ran away on 03-16-18 and was last seen at the North Park Mall. Any information contact Detective Ben Cooper 417-623-3131 ext 440

Trying to Find the Owner We had a Gretsch G5420T Electromatic Hollowbody guitar turned into us. It was located on March 16 at 507 S Connor in the West parking lot at approximately 0730am laying next to a vehicle. Please contact Cpl. John Isenmann at 417-623-3131 to claim.

Info wanted The pictured white Mazda SUV did a hit and run against a parked vehicle on Pearl, south of 32nd last night, causing a lot of damage to a citizen’s vehicle. Suspect vehicle should have damage to front driver’s side. Actual vehicle on bottom, exemplar photo on top. Message us with info if you can help.

The 10th and final DWI of our multi-department enforcement effort tonight: 1st and Roane-Webb City, arrested by Webb City Missouri Police Department Thanks to everyone who planned ahead this weekend and those who followed our page. There were 20 impaired drivers taken off the local streets in two evenings. (We missed one Friday night, Jasper County Sheriff's Office got a second DWI at Zora and Missouri, the same location of our first DWI Friday night.) Thanks to MADD for feeding officers both nights and keeping them hydrated. #dontbeastatistic

DWI #8 at 7th and St. Louis DWI #9 at 14/Main-arrested by Jasper County Sheriff's Office

DWI #6 Murphy and Main DWI #7 3rd and Wall #drivesoberorgetpulledover

DWI arrest #5 of the evening, 26/Missouri. Tell everybody we are out and encourage them to not drink and drive. We are far from done but would love to see zero additional DWI arrests. #drivesoberorgetpulledover

Did you hear we are out in full force tonight? Officers tried to stop a vehicle at F and Main. Driver decided to run from us in his vehicle for about 10 blocks to Michigan and Valley. Then he decided to run on foot for a couple blocks. Our officers chased him down and he is being processed for DWI and numerous other charges. Vehicle is being searched and towed and he is on way to jail. #drivesoberorgetpulledover

As promised, we are getting busy. Zora and Duquesne-Arrest made for driving under influence of drugs E Street and Main-arrest made for DWI Vehicles being towed now and both drivers on way to jail. #drivesoberorgetpulledover

We are out tonight looking for impaired drivers! If you get out, you will notice a heavy police presence. Several people have messaged us asking how they can help, and they can! If you see an impaired driver or know of someone who is driving impaired, give us a call! The SWMO DWI Taskforce is out in full force! What is the SWMO DWI Taskforce? It’s a group of law enforcement agencies in Jasper, Lawrence, Barry, Barton, and McDonald Counties that collaborate efforts to keep impaired drivers off the roads so that you and your families are safe! If you get a DWI you can expect: a loss of driving privileges for at least 30 days, fines, court costs, jail time, $200+ tow bill, legal fees, you could lose your job, family disappointment, social embarrassment, your auto insurance may cancel you and more. There so many reasons to chose a ride service or have a sober friend. That responsible ride will cost far less than your tab. We sincerely ask you, please drink responsibly. #drivesoberorgetpulledover #groupeffort #buzzeddrivingisdrunkdriving #arrivealive #savemolives

We thought we were very clear about this weekend. We are working a two vehicle crash at 20/New Hampshire with a drug-impaired driver. Luckily no injuries. We haven’t even got the extra officers out yet. ✅ Driving impaired ✅ crashed into another vehicle ✅ arrested ✅ car wrecked and towed ✅ headed to hospital and then jail #drivesoberorgetpulledover

It's no secret, we are out all weekend looking for impaired drivers. Last night we made 9 DWI arrests in less than 6 hours. Tonight, we will have even more officers out from multiple jurisdictions in the Joplin area looking for impaired drivers. Plan ahead, don't drink and drive. We hope to have zero DWI arrests tonight due to people taking our advice. Follow our Facebook tonight! #drivesoberorgetpulledover

It’s not too late to call a ride. We are giving rides too, but they aren’t where you want to go. DWI #7-at 8/Main DWI #8-at 6/Main DWI #9- at 7/Pearl #drivesoberorgetpulledover

DWI arrest #6 at Schifferdecker and Sunset. We aren’t going home yet. Make sure you are sober if you are about to head home, or make other arrangements. #drivesoberorgetpulledover

We are still serious about impaired driving. We aren’t hiding that we are out in force. DWI arrest #5 at 18th and Maiden Lane #drivesoberorgetpulledover

We are out there. We are looking for impaired drivers. We appreciate everyone making safe plans and using ride services and designated drivers, you guys rock! For everyone that isn’t, we are still out looking for you! 3rd DWI arrest of tonight-24/Range Line 4th DWI arrest of tonight-9th/Joplin #drivesoberorgetpulledover

Second impaired driving arrest of the night, this time at 10th and Connor. Freshly reported stolen vehicle, revoked driver, driving on sidewalk and then on wrong side of road. Vehicle was returned to rightful owner. #drivesoberorgetpulledover

We’ve made our first impaired driving arrest of the night at Zora and Missouri. Passenger arrested for drug charges too. #drivesoberorgetpulledover

Do you have a sober driver this weekend? If you don’t, we’re looking for you..... #drivesoberorgetpulledover

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Police Activity Regarding the police activity at 1233 East 36th Street, we are working a stabbing. There is no danger to the public. A female was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, and our detectives located the suspect driving at 20th and Range Line and arrested him. The investigation is on-going, and this is a domestic violence related incident.

Officer of the Month January 2018 On January 30, 2018, Officer Bobby Brown and K-9 Pax were assigned to weekly K-9 training. During the course of this training, Officer Brown heard a call over the radio that indicated a male had fled from Office Depot with a stolen computer. The suspect was last seen running to a wooded area and a clothing description was given out. The male was identified as a suspect from several previous larcenies throughout the City of Joplin and he was also a suspect in a recent burglary that detectives had charges on. The caller also reported that the suspect had run through Competitors Warehouse and had dropped a knife he had been carrying. When Officer Brown and K-9 Pax arrived on scene, they attempted a track to locate the suspect, without success. Patrol units cleared the scene and returned to normal duties. Despite patrol units clearing the scene to handle other in-progress calls, Officer Brown remained in the area in hopes of locating the suspect. Officer Brown conducted several patrols in the area and began watching areas the suspect could emerge from the wooded area. Approximately one hour after the initial call had come out, Officer Brown located the suspect near 24th and Patterson emerging from a wooded area. As Officer Brown got out of his patrol car to contact the suspect, he told the suspect to stop. At this time, the suspect ignored all the commands Officer Brown was giving and attempted to flee. Officer Brown then gave the suspect more commands to stop or a Police K-9 would be released. The suspect then began to run in the opposite direction to avoid apprehension. Based on the facts that the suspect was wanted on felony burglary charges, he had shown that he had, at one time, been armed with a knife and was actively fleeing to another wooded area that would cause safety concerns for officers if allowed to enter the wooded area, K-9 Pax was released. K-9 Pax was able to close the distance and successfully apprehend the suspect. Officer Brown because of your professionalism, persistence and your commitment to the City of Joplin, Zachary Vogel was apprehended for several outstanding charges including burglary. This level of professionalism is only one example of your dedication you have for the police department and the citizens of Joplin. Respectfully, Matthew Stewart Chief of Police

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