De Soto Police Department

  • Agency: De Soto Police Department
  • Address: 17 Boyd St, De Soto, 63020 MO
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)
Phone: 636-586-8891

De Soto Police Department is located at 17 Boyd St, De Soto, 63020 MO. The De Soto Police Department phone number is 636-586-8891.

De Soto Police Department News

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the young men and women who attend class at De Soto Junior and Senior High School. Today I watched you demonstrate your thoughts and opinions in a mature and uplifting manner. Because of your examples today, you reinforce the positive notion of why so many of us love to call De Soto home. On behalf of our Department, it was our pleasure to be part of your school experience today. Sincerely, Chief Edwards

It has come to our attention that there has been speculation of a pending threat within our community. It is true a citizen made law enforcement aware of a possible threat, it is also true that this threat was jointly investigated by De Soto Police and the FBI. After a thorough investigation by both agencies, the determination was made that no threat existed. As always our agency will continue to work closely with the School Administration to address any and all threats as the safety of all students is paramount. If you have any additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact me directly at (636)586-8891 Please take a moment to share this with others to reduce the misinformation spreading mostly via social media. Joe Edwards Chief of Police

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We are trying to identify the individuals pictured reference to an incident that occurred at Walmart. Anyone with information can provide it anonymously by emailing or message this page or call the Police Department at 636-586-8891 reference report# 18-268

Our agency is trying to identify the individual pictured here from an incident that occurred at Walmart. While we recognize these are not the best photos we know that whoever knows this man and sees this will recognize him from the photos. Tips can be submitted via this Facebook Page or via email to You can also call the Police Department at 636-586-8891 reference report# 18-0293

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Clinton Mo Police Officers and their families

Regularly scheduled Siren testing happening now!!

Let’s help them out and spread it around..

The graph is from a CodeRed that was sent on February 24th 2018 Operator Intercept of Total Calls made was 53%. What does Operator Intercept mean? It means that 53% of the calls made by CodeRed were not reached because of the following: • The Phone has been Disconnected • The Phone Number has been Changed • The Phone Number is no longer in Service • You have moved and not updated your information on CodeRed. You need to login to CODERED and Update your information with your New or Correct Phone Number so that you can be reached in the event of an Emergency. If you move to another part of the City or out of City Limits, you need to login to CODERED and update your new address and phone number if it has changed. To make changes to your CODERED account from the Internet please use this address:

**Please share** Far too many times we get reports of stolen property and no serial number. The link below allows citizens to keep track of their property for free. In the event something happens your able to print lists for law enforcement to assist us in being able to find your property a bit easier. Please take some time to write down the serial numbers on your valuables.

We will be testing the Outdoor Warning System today. There is no emergency!!

Our own Officer Anderson has been in Texas training with our newest member. Officer Anderson will be the handler for his K9 partner Coco. We are excited to get Coco out on the streets.

***** Outdated***** A flash flood warning has just been issued for our area. Be be alert of roadways. #turnarounddontdrown

During times of hazardous weather we may utilize the Emergency Notification System to give those impacted updates. No time like the present to sign up if you haven’t already. Just another way to received warning and notices from the City of De Soto.

***** Outdated***** There are numerous areas of the city that flood. At time of intermittent rain some areas rise and fall. At this moment; Main Street at Valley is closed 2nd St at Valley is closed Other areas to keep an eye on when driving are: Valley at 7th Street Valley at 11th Street Main at Williams Street To report flooding or if you are in need of assistance please contact our agency at (636)586-8891 Thank you and be safe!

***** Outdated***** As a precaution a temporary shelter is opening at 1st Baptist Church De Soto located at 1000 Graceway for those individuals on the east side of De Soto who may become impacted in the event of flooding. If you need assistance please contact us at 636-586-8891

Mark your calendars

JCDPC has personal medication lock boxes to distribute to community members which help keep medications out of the reach of children! If you are interested in receiving one for FREE, please contact us at or 636-464-4423. Jefferson County Drug Prevention Coalition