Anderson Police Department

  • Agency: Anderson Police Department
  • Address: 713 Business 71, Anderson, 64831 MO
  • Chief: Randy Wilson (Chief of Police)
Phone: 417-845-3723
Fax: (417) 845-6565

Anderson Police Department is located at 713 Business 71, Anderson, 64831 MO. The Chief of Police of the department is Randy Wilson. The Anderson Police Department phone number is 417-845-3723.

Anderson Police Department News

Okay, so we have accumulated a lot of wallets and driver's licenses lately that were turned in by the good citizens of Anderson. If anyone has lost any personal identification or wallets lately, check the list below. If your on it, feel free to come pick up your belongings. If you know someone on this list, please let them know we have their property. Thank you, Chief Daniels Cassie Cash Jeremy Harbaugh Wayne Weston Jesus Rodriguez Martinez Jesus Gomez-Angeles Gary Eads Isaac Strack Kyle McKinley Fields Brandon G Guillen Jared Clark Tara McCarty Natosha Williams Stephanie Massey

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WEATHER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As I'm sure everyone is aware by now, there has been a lot of rain that has come down so far. There is another 3-4 inches expected in the next 24 hours for McDonald County. Jefferson street is already closed at the Beaver Branch crossing due to water over the bridge. Please use good judgement and do not attempt to drive through moving water. Also, if you see any severe flooding, don't be afraid to let us know so we can close roads as necessary. Thank you, Anderson PD

Big thanks to the folks over at Osmun Armory for the GLOCK care package.

In collaboration with the Anderson Elementary School, Anderson Public works has installed "No Parking" signs on the West side of Chapman Street along the school property. This has been done with the highest regards to our students safety as they travel to and from school. Although at this time several of these signs are affixed to temporary post, more permanent fixtures will be arriving soon.

Welcome home from Afghanistan, Assistant Chief Aaron Scott Lemon! We are so thankful you're safe back home with your family! The ones you love most and your brothers and sisters in blue! Looking forward to you going "on duty" for the first time! Chief Daniels

Amber Alert out of Green County with stolen vehicle

Good reminder from Monett Police Department.

This key was turned into our department after the vehicle thefts that occurred the week prior to Christmas. If anyone is missing a Ford key fob, let us know! If it fits, it ships (you can have it).

Just before 6:30 AM on 12/26/17, The Anderson Police Department responded to a report of a stolen 2004 Dodge Durango, black in color. The vehicle was stolen from Casey's General Store on 59 Highway and left traveling West on West 76 Highway. The male in the orange shirt is believed to have came to the store with the female in the pink shirt and then leave in the Durango while she put gas in their white/ off-white passenger car. If you feel you can help identify these individuals please feel free to send us a message or call McDonald County Dispatch at 417-223-4318.

Happy Halloween everyone! Come on out for hotdogs, hot cocoa, lemonade, candy and the bounce house! Courtesy of the National Guard!

Lock up for MS! October 4th at high noon, Hometown Bank in Jane! Please come help Chief Daniels bond out! All proceeds go to help fight multiple sclerosis. His bond has been set at $500! Come give to a good cause and have fun doing it!

Good Morning Anderson! As we get ready for our day, we would like to remind everyone there are excited children, parents, and teachers starting the school year. Please slow down this morning and allow everyone to get where their going safely. Have a wonderful first day of school!

We just wanted to remind everyone again that we have a display case outside our department with canned and dried goods (beans, rice, noodles, etc) for anyone in need. There are also personal hygiene products such as tooth brushes, toothpaste and soap. This is offered to anyone in need with no questions asked and is never locked. Please just have respect for the next person and only take what you need. We also have a freezer inside with meat, boxed meals, pizzas, etc. Just stop by and get what you need for your family. We are always looking for donations as well, so if you are interested just bring them by or call us at 417-845-3723. Thank you, Anderson Police Department