Richland Police Department

  • Agency: Richland Police Department
  • Address: 201 South Chestnut Avenue, Richland , 65556 MO
  • Chief: MJ Hurney (Chief of Police)
Phone: 573-765-4144

Richland Police Department is located at 201 South Chestnut Avenue, Richland , 65556 MO. The Chief of Police of the department is MJ Hurney. The Richland Police Department phone number is 573-765-4144.

Richland Police Department News

Congratulations to our Lady Bears for winning the Class 2 District 9 Championship! Salute!!!

Better watch your step out there today! Please watch yourselves today if your out and about, the roads are very slick and dangerous. So, if you have a pass from school or work today, try to stay put. If you do venture out, please drive slow and cautious. -402

01/14/2018 Please use caution if your out on the road's this morning. As you can see we have a little snow on the ground. Plan to leave a little earlier, so you can drive a little slower. Be safe out there! -402

01/02/2018 Arrest...In the 200 block of S. Chestnut Avenue. Timothy R. Ingerson age 21 of Richland, Mo. was arrested for burglary 2nd degree. Ingerson was transported to the Pulaski County Jail and placed on twenty-four hour hold pending warrants. Warrants were later obtained and Ingerson is being held on $20,000 Cash Surety Bond. There was over a $1000 of property stolen and damaged as discovered during the course of the investigation. Nearly all the stolen property was recovered by Richland Officers. The arrest comes as a result of a short term investigation by the Richland Police Department. 408,404, 405

01/02/2018 The thought of an active shooter in our school's scares me to death. But if we want to think or believe that this couldn't happen in our community or in our schools then we are naive. On 01/02/2018 active shooter training took place at the Richland R-IV School's. Members of the Rolla Police Department provided current training concepts and procedures to faculty and area police officers. Police departments that participated included, Richland Police Department, Waynesville Police Department and Crocker Police Department. Though the subject matter was very sensitive, Richland faculty were given a lot of valuable information that helps them in their own classroom environments and school's. Simulation gunfire was also added during the training to allow faculty to hear what gunfire actually sounds like echoing through the halls. "This training is the first step to continuing education for our teachers, students and employee's" said Superintendent Doug Smith. The training also included actual room clearing techniques for responding police officers as taught by Rolla SWAT leader Steven Gray. Gray said, "The days of setting up a barricade outside and waiting it out are over, as a first on scene police officer the mission is to get inside locate the threat and eliminate it". He noted that physical fitness and being in good shape were crucial as well. The training was hosted by Richland R-IV School's and the Richland Police Department. We would like to thank Captain Jim Macormic and SWAT Leader Steven Gray of the Rolla Police Department for providing the excellent training. -402 *It should be noted that no live ammunition was used during the training.scenario's.

12/31/2017 Good morning Richland! Well the count down is on and the new year will soon be upon us. Just remember for those of you that will be counting down the new year with adult beverages, please please be responsible. Rule number #1, Don't drink and drive. Rule #2, Don't drink and drive and finally rule #3, Don't forget rule #1 and rule #2. Extra patrol will be on this evening watching our city streets for impaired driving. I'm pretty sure the surrounding area will be in the same mode with lot's of extra troopers and deputies watching out for the same. Don't bring in the new year with a DWI or even something worse. May this year be the best for you and your's. From our police department to you, Have a very Happy New Year!! -402

12/16/2017 It's Shop with a Cop Day! Richland Officer's and other Pulaski County Law Enforcement Officer's are out playing Santa today with our kids from the community. It's a great time to say the least. Look at how much fun they are having, and the kids are having pretty OK time too! Some of the other agencies include, St. Robert Police Department, Waynesville Police Department, Pulaski County Sheriff's Office,Crocker Police Department,Dixon Police Department, Missouri State Highway Patrol and Military Police Officer's from Ft. Leonard Wood, If I've missed anybody please forgive me. The children are all area school kids, grades K-8. We sure hope they had a great time!! -402

The Richland Police Department would like to welcome Officer Tim North to our team. Officer North has a full time position with the city of Richland and will be completing his field training in the next few months. If you should see him out and about, please welcome him. -402

It’s not to late to drop by the police department and support one of our furry faced officers for a great cause and donate towards the Shop with a Cop drive, we accept loose change too!

Local Officers go all out for Shop with a Cop fund raising. We even go against our normal clean shaven look and get all scruffy faced for the cause. But when Theresa Turner Steward and her wonderful staff at American Family Insurance contribute they really go all out! How about those beards ladies! Thank you for your support for this wonderful cause. -402

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Thanksgiving! May your day be blessed and full of love and family. -402

Last night at the regular Richland City Counsel Meeting, State Representative Steven Lynch from District 122 presented a House Resolution to Assistant Chief Jaime Solis of the Richland Police Department for an award he recently received from Gov. Eric Greitens. Thank you Representative Steven Lynch

Hey let’s give Chief Bates a big old salute for serving the city of Richland for ten years consecutively. Last night at city council chief Bates was presented with his 10 year pin. Thanks chief for all you do. -402

We would like to thank Amazing Grace Fellowship, in Crocker for hand delivering us a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner yesterday for the officers. We appreciated it, and to show our gratitude we ate every bit of it! Thanks again for thinking of us.

Officers will be out enforcing the posted speed limit in these areas.

10/30/2017 Ok Folks, it's that time of year where officers at RPD are going to start looking a little scruffy with "No shave November". Sponsor your favorite officer by donating to a very worthy cause, Shop with a Cop. So support your community's kids and donate. Let's make this year our best yet!

Today at the Governor's Mansion, Jefferson City, Mo. Assistant Chief Jaime Solis received the medal of merit award. We are proud of our Major.

It was a great honor to stand with these outstanding individuals today with Governor Eric Greitens. The presentation of medals was given for medal of merit and going above and beyond the call of duty either as a first responder or civilian. I would be remiss not to mention all our local Law Enforcement, Fire and EMS who put it on the line everyday. As I received this recognition, my thoughts were with you. I would also like to thank the City of Richland, Chief Gary Bates and the Officers at the Richland Police Department for whom I serve. Also thank you for all the well wishes from all my friends and family. -402

Very proud of my Assistant Chief Jaime Solis....

The Richland Police Department would proudly like to announce Assistant Chief Jaime Solis will be awarded the Medal of Merit from the Governor and Missouri Department of Public Safety this Saturday, October 28. The medal of merit is one of Missouri's most prestigious and highly ranked awards for Police Officers. Major Solis is well deserving of this award and we are very proud to have him on our squad. Major Solis responded last year to a distressed person who was in the process of attempting suicide. This very distressed person had his finger inside the trigger guard breathing erratically and was visibly upset. He was not responding to the request to surrender the weapon. Major Solis continued talking to him in a calm manner, attempting to stop his life ending plan. After continuous negotiation, the subject became more communicative and ultimately made the weapon safe by ejecting the loaded round. He handed the weapon to Major Solis. After securing the weapon, Major Solis continued to communicate with him and offer support. The subject was still showing signs of distress. Major Solis convinced the subject to go to the hospital for evaluation and treatment on his own accord. Assistant Chief Solis, we are proud of you and you’re efforts to keep all citizens of Richland safe. You are an exemplary Police Officer. We salute you! -401