Bernie Police Department

  • Agency: Bernie Police Department
  • Address: 206 W Crumb Ave, Bernie, 63822 MO
  • Chief: Justin Allen (Chief of Police)
Phone: 573 293 4454

Bernie Police Department is located at 206 W Crumb Ave, Bernie, 63822 MO. The Chief of Police of the department is Justin Allen. The Bernie Police Department phone number is 573 293 4454.

Bernie Police Department News

To All Bernie Citizens: As you may have seen on social media, there is a foreign exchange student identified as Oleksiy "Alex" Krasnoperov going door-to-door selling children's books for Southwestern Advantage. Some social media members are sharing information claiming this individual as being part of a Russian child trafficking scheme. THIS IS NOT TRUE. The Bernie Police Department has conducted a thorough back ground check of this individual and the company. They are legitimate and currently possess a valid peddlers License in the City of Bernie.

May we never forget freedom isn't free. Have a safe holiday weekend.

This week is National Police Week. I would like to encourage you all to show a little love to our officers this week. I personally would like to thank each of you for coming to work every day, going to calls not knowing what your walking into without hesitation and keeping our city and citizens safe. I know the sacrifices you make, long ours, missed family time and holidays and even sometimes just the luxury of a hot meal. Thank you! We do appreciate you!! - Stacey

Be safe out there folks! The rain isn't going to stop for awhile.

Thank you so much for the Dispatcher Appreciation Dinner! You went above and beyond Carol Moreland and Brandi Anthony.