Cabool Police Department

  • Agency: Cabool Police Department
  • Address: 510 Cedar Ave, Cabool, 65689 MO
  • Chief: Lynn L Jones (Chief of Police)
Phone: 417-962-3993

Cabool Police Department is located at 510 Cedar Ave, Cabool, 65689 MO. The Chief of Police of the department is Lynn L Jones. The Cabool Police Department phone number is 417-962-3993.

Cabool Police Department News

With the temperatures hovering around freezing, and the rain we are getting right now, remember that bridges will freeze before the road surfaces. Slow down and give the car in front of you plenty of room.

Road conditions are good this morning, but please allow extra time to clear your windshield and side windows.

If you have any information, please contact the Texas County Sheriff's Department at 417-967-4165

Cabool Schools will NOT be in session tomorrow 2-12-18.

Please use extreme caution if you must get out tonight. Expect slick roads.

Please be careful when you come out of your house this morning. Streets have been treated and are in good shape. Your sidewalk however, is probably very slick.

2/7/18 Cabool Schools will not be in session today.

For the most part, roadways are back to normal. However, there are still slick spots. If you can, postpone getting out first thing this morning and let the road crews and sunshine have a chance to work. If you must get out, slow down, and give the car in front of you plenty of room.

Due to weather, Cabool Schools will not be in session tomorrow 2/5/18.

Please Slow Down. It may not look slick, but by the number of slide offs and wrecks being worked, it is very slick.

Cabool Schools will be in session tomorrow 1-19-18. The buses will be running snow routes.

A few tips for driving on snow covered roads. 1- Slow down 2- Increase following distance 3- Don't ride your brakes when going down hills Please be careful when driving on snow covered roads. Plan ahead, pack an emergency kit in case you slide off the road.

Area roads are very slick this morning. Please slow down & allow extra time for your morning commute.

Please use caution when driving in slick conditions. For the latest road conditions check out the MoDot road conditions website.