Wright City Police Department

  • Agency: Wright City Police Department
  • Address: 203 E Veterans Memorial Pkwy, Wright City , 63390 MO
  • Chief:
Phone: 636-745-3541

Wright City Police Department is located at 203 E Veterans Memorial Pkwy, Wright City , 63390 MO. The Wright City Police Department phone number is 636-745-3541.

Wright City Police Department News

Please share for Troy Police Department. This juvenile is listed as a runaway. Let’s try to help get her home safely.

We are accepting applications for a part time Records Clerk. If you are interested or know someone who is, stop by our office and pick up an application or visit us online at wcpd-mo.org.

Be on the lookout for Wright City Police spreading Christmas joy today....

Thanks to S & A Towing Inc. and the officers who participated in the continuing No Shave November program, we were able provide Christmas presents for our adopted families. Today, Officer Catron went shopping with a list of the children's wishes. This year we were able to purchase the entire list! Be on the lookout for Officer Catron spreading cheer throughout the week!

Remember tonight is the Wright City Chirstmas Parade. Please be prepared for traffic delays as the parade goes through town. The parade will start at 6pm. The parade route starts at Ruge Park and proceeds north on Elm Street to VMP. It will continue west on N. W. Second Street to Diekroeger Park. This route will be temporarily closed prior to the start of the parade and will re-open after the parade ends. If you plan on viewing the parade please arrive early prior to the streets being closed. Thank you for your patience and hope to see you all there!!!

As promised, those who helped suggest the name "Athena" for our new K9 will have an opportunity for a meet and greet. I'm asking for the following to contact our office for details... Jessica Brinkmann Kim Sprick Sullivan Lucy Poole Lara Hunter Stell

Thanks for having us!

You may have noticed several of our officers with beards this past month. Wright City Police Department is currently participating in No Shave November continuing into the New Year. For the month of November, Officers donated $25 to the Care to Learn program. Pictured below are two members of the Care to Learn Advisory Board, Officer Catron (left) and Kelly Brooks (right) with Lt. Deatherage presenting the $125 donation. Stay tuned for the month of December- No Shave donation!

Traveling First Responder Trophy from the Annual Holy Rosary Golf Tournament presented to the best score of all emergency services that compete. We have the honor of housing this trophy for the next year thanks to Officer Catron's team. Congrats Officer Catron on your golf skills!

What a wonderful surprise on a Monday! Very thankful for the Trotters Creek Subdivision for providing us lunch and dessert today! We truly appreciate citizens like you.

We would like to thank the community for such a successful night raising money for Special Olympics Missouri! Big thanks to S & A Towing Inc. for your generous donation, McDonald's for hosting and Wright City Fire Protection District and Legacy Drugstore for stopping by to support a great cause. With your help, we were able to raise over $1,000 and sold out of 2017 Torch Run T-shirts!

Officer Catron is currently at Wright City McDonalds with your last chance to buy 2017 Special Olympics Torch Run T-shirts! He also has coupons in exchange for your generous donations. $1 - medium fry, $5 -large sandwich and $10- medium extra value meal.

Today is the day, only 8 hours away!

Join the Wright City Police Department and Special Olympics Athletes on Tuesday, November 7th from 4:45 pm to 8 pm to raise money for Special Olympics of Missouri. Last chance to get your 2017 Torch Run T-Shirts!!

Come out and see Officer Catron tomorrow from 4:45 - 8 pm at Wright City McDonald's to support a great cause!

Come see Officer Catron aka Maverick tonight for Trunk or Treat from 6 -8 pm at Diekroeger Park!

10 Trick or Treat Safety Tips 1. Go During Safe Trick Or Treat Times You don’t have to wait until it is pitch-black outside to go trick-or-treating. A good trick or treat time is right after an early dinner and just before dusk when you can keep better track of your children and you are able to see the others that you encounter on the street. Besides, if you are the first person there, you will have the best selection of candy! 2. Steer Clear Of Masks While masks are a fun part of many costumes, do your best to recreate the mask with face paint. Having a mask on can sometimes impair the vision of the child wearing it. With face paint, it is easier for your child to see where they are going and they won’t have to lift their mask to have a conversation with a fellow trick or treater. If your child absolutely must wear a Halloween mask, make sure it’s a snug fit, is ventilated and has large enough eyeholes so they can see all around them. 3. Be Visible If your kids will comply, choose costumes that are brightly colored so that they are easier to see in the dark. If they really want a dark costume, apply some reflective strips to their costume. You could also have them wear glow necklaces or carry glow sticks and flashlights. 4. Never Go Alone It is important that your children have an adult chaperon at all times while trick or treating. You should also discreetly add some emergency identification information such as the child’s name, address & phone number to their costume or on a bracelet in case your child happens to get separated from the group. 5. Walking Tips Be sure that your children understand simple traffic rules, such as stopping and looking both ways before crossing the street, and staying in a crosswalk if one is available. If you have to cross at a light, make sure you have the proper “walk” signal before you proceed. Inform your children that they should never assume that they have the right away when crossing the street, especially at night on Halloween. 6. Knock On Doors That You Know Encourage your children to only trick-or-treat at homes where they know the inhabitants. If they know everyone on the street, except for one house, they could ask the neighbors about that one house. If a home is dark or has no Halloween decorations, that is typically a good sign that they are not up for trick-or-treaters. 7. Don’t Go Inside Trick-or-treaters always seem to run across a house or two where someone invites them to “come in”. Remind your little ones that they should never go inside anybody’s home while trick-or-treating. They can easily get the candy they seek from the porch or if the homeowner is persistent, inform them to simply turn and walk away. 8. Stay On Track It might be tempting to take a short cut through an alley or cut through someone’s yard, but that can sometimes pose a danger. Stay on streets and in neighborhoods that are well lit and where there are plenty of people around. 9. Say No! If you’re children are old enough to trick or treat in a group without you, be sure and designate a time for their return. Teach your children that if a stranger offers to give them a ride or take them to a Halloween Party, they should say “no”. Stranger danger is important to remember no matter how old your kids are, even while trick-or-treating. 10. Taste-Testing Patience Make sure your little goblins know that trick or treating is for gathering candy, not eating it as they receive it. You know they’re going to be tempted to take a taste before you’ve had a chance to inspect it, so pack a goody bag with some of your own Halloween candy so they have something to snack on if they just can’t wait until they get home.

Keys found on Horseshoe Ct. Please contact our office to claim 636-745-3541

We would like to reach out to the public and find out what you would like to see posted on our page. All suggestions will be taken into consideration. We appreciate your feedback.

Come join us at SunRise UMC O'Fallon and Wright City, MO for their Oktoberfest celebration Saturday, October 21st, 2017. We will be selling chili starting at 11 am. We hope to see you at this fun filled, family event!

Tomorrow, Officer Huston and K9 Athena will be out patroling the streets of Wright City. After six long weeks of training, they are ready to get out there and go to work. Congratulations Officer Huston and Athena for the dedicated work it took to get through the extensive training!!!