Raymond Police Department

  • Agency: Raymond Police Department
  • Address: 114 E Main St, Raymond, 39154 MS
  • Chief: Frank Price (Chief of Police)
Phone: 601-857-0515
Fax: 601-857-0514

Raymond Police Department is located at 114 E Main St, Raymond, 39154 MS. The Chief of Police of the department is Frank Price. The Raymond Police Department phone number is 601-857-0515.

Raymond Police Department News

Today's scam call of the day is 601-286-2826 this time they say they are with the Fire Fighters and Emergency Responders Association. It's a new one every day it seems like. Please be smart people. Do not send anyone any money unless you know the association is legal and legitimate.

The weather sirens sounding this morning are a test. Please do not be alarmed.

There's a new scam today. They're claiming to be the Firefighter's Association and they're calling from 601-258-6580. This is a scam too and the first voice you hear is another robo call. If you answer yes when asked if you would like to make a donation it will connect you to a real person. Please do not fall victim to this scam.

Please be aware that scammers are calling residents claiming to be with the Association of Police and First Responders. The number they will call from is 662-200-4869. This is a scam and the first voice you here is a what is known as a robo call. It will appear to answer your questions and respond but is just a computer program. If you answer yes when asked if you would like to make a donation it will connect you to a real person. Please do not fall victim to this scam. They called here at the PD and I managed to play along long enough to have some fun. I even called back a few times before they blocked all of our phone numbers here at the Police Department. They claim to be trying to help the injured police officers but for some reason would not accept my generous donation of one million dollars.

Anyone know where James can be found? The Raymond Police Department would also like to locate Mr. Hurst for questioning in a recent auto burglary in our town.

Please be careful on the roads. If you do not have to be out just stay home. Emergency personnel are already stretched thin trying to handle all the accidents and weather related emergencies. Don't add yourself to the long list of people needing to be rescued.

The Raymond Police Department has received numerous calls and has been advised that there is a picture going around social media of a dog that the poster says does not have adequate shelter in this weather. I have not seen this picture and can't find it anywhere on social media so I don't know exactly what the picture shows. We have responded to this residence in the past for similar complaints from anonymous sources. However, I responded to the residence myself this morning. The dog pen, was empty and I could hear the dog barking at me from inside the enclosed garage. It appears the dog has adequate shelter and is being taken care of. If anyone has access to this picture please share it with us so we can be sure we are checking on the correct address.

Here's another good one of Chief Hancock.

How about a little TBT from RPD. Everyone should recognize Chief Clyde Hancock who served Raymond for many years but how many of the others can you name? I'm guessing these were taken in the mid 80's?

Please be aware that our office will be closed on the state-declared holidays of December 25th and 26th in observance of Christmas. However, there is ALWAYS an officer on duty protecting our community, and if you need us, you can still call our office number and the Hinds County Sheriff's Department can dispatch us to you. If it's an emergency, of course, dial 911. Have a blessed Christmas and a wonderful holiday season!

Please make note: road closure on Clinton Street November 12-18!

The Raymond Police Department would like to thank Boondocks Firearms Training Academy for their generous donation. We look forward to partnering with Boondocks FTA to enhance the departments firearm training program. **Chad Winkler of Boondocks FTA presents Chief Jason Crotwell with a check for the Raymond Police Department.**

OWNER HAS BEEN LOCATED!!!! Still trying to find the owner of this dog before we have to take him to the rescue league. Anyone recognize him?

Does anyone recognize this dog. He has been wondering the downtown area for a couple of days. He has a collar. Looks like an older dog. He won't let us get close enough to catch him. Please share and see if we can locate the owners. I know it's not a good picture but that's as close as I could get to him and he won't stay still for a better shot.

OWNERS HAVE BEEN LOCATED!!! Anyone missing this dog? Contact Raymond PD to claim. Must provide proof of ownership. Or if anyone is willing to foster until the owners can be found please call.

The Raymond High School Homecoming parade is this afternoon, Sept. 28th at 5:30 pm. This will create some traffic congestion around town. Please plan ahead and take an alternate route around Main Street if at all possible. Normal traffic flow should resume by 6:30 pm. Please be patient and courteous during this event. Streets affected will be Main Street, Port Gibson Street, Town Square, and Palestine Street. Thank you, Chief J. Crotwell