Missoula Police Department

  • Agency: Missoula Police Department
  • Address: 435 Ryman St, Missoula, 59802 MT
  • Chief: Mark Muir (Chief of Police)
Phone: 406-552-6300
Fax: (406) 728-6690

Missoula Police Department is located at 435 Ryman St, Missoula, 59802 MT. The Chief of Police of the department is Mark Muir. The Missoula Police Department phone number is 406-552-6300.

Missoula Police Department News

Det. Guy Baker would like to speak to anyone who may have witnessed this event, that occurred last Sunday afternoon in the 1000 block of E. Broadway. Please contact him at (406) 396-3217.

"Behind the Badge"

***Update 1/12/18 - Per Helena PD, this male has been located. Sounds like he may be a 'traveller'...Please keep an eye out in case he makes his way to Missoula.

Changing weather conditions can make driving treacherous. Please consider staying home if you can. Otherwise, sloooooow down, and give yourself plenty of room to maneuver.

Snowing out there again this morning. If you go out, make sure you and your vehicle are prepared for inclement weather. During this time of year, it pays to drive defensively, and leave yourself a large reactionary gap, and plenty of room to stop. Drive Safe - Stay Safe!

Never leave your purse unattended!

Folks, if you are thinking about travelling anywhere on the west side of the state this weekend, we'd suggest you look at the MT Dept. of Transportation's Travel and Weather Report website before you leave. Current conditions from Hamilton to East Glacier and points all along the I-90 corridor are terrible right now.

Good morning, Missoula! It's snowing hard, as predicted. Please allow yourself a lot of extra time to get to work, be patient and drive carefully. Your safety is always the most important thing to us!

We are glad everyone is OK....

We just wanted to alert you that several people have been contacted over the phone yesterday by a male claiming to be from the US Marshall Service. The caller tells you that you have a warrant for your arrest, and then attempts to get you to give him a credit card number or go and get a money order, gift card, et cetera to send him. This is a common phone scam, but we just wanted to remind you that it continues and to not give out your personal or financial information to any person over the phone.

Thanks to ABC Fox Montana for this timely follow-up story. Please, please slow down for officers, deputies and Highway Patrol troopers you see on the side of the road.

Good morning, Missoula! Over the past seven days, we have responded to more than 70 car crashes within the city limits. Fortunately, most of them have been very minor. The primary cause is almost always a failure to stop in time (not enough space between you and the car ahead of you), or driving too fast for the slick road conditions. Please give yourself a little extra time, and be patient! Another storm system is expected later this week. Here's some things we've noticed driving thousands of miles throughout your city each year, in all types of weather: 1) Studded snow tires are fantastic, if you can afford them. 2) Tire chains are very affordable, and are great for in-town driving. Make sure you practice putting them on before it snows. 3) All-wheel-drive (AWD) and 4-wheel-drive vehicles are great for getting you through the snow, but don't prevent you from sliding on icy road conditions. Don't be lulled into a false sense of security! 5) The safest place to be during a snow storm is at home. Ask yourself if that last-minute errand is really necessary. 6) Check your auto insurance policy. Now might be the time of year to increase your coverage if you can. Will your policy cover you if you slide off the road and crash into a tree? Just know that having only liability insurance doesn't cover a lot of situations. 7) Mountain Line buses are still free! Let them do the driving if your vehicle isn't good in the snow. Here's the route information: http://www.mountainline.com/maps-schedules/route-schedules/

We are truly grateful for all of you who have reached out to us to thank us this holiday season, dropped off sweet treats and Christmas cards at the department, sent us thank-you notes, and just took the time to tell our officers how much you appreciate them. We are very fortunate to serve such a compassionate community.

Not that far away, do you recognize him/her?

If you can't lock your car while it's warming up, make sure you can see it and check on it frequently. If you can't do either of these, don't warm it until you are sitting in it.

Focus on safety; yours and your fellow citizens.