Hamilton Police Department

  • Agency: Hamilton Police Department
  • Address: 223 South 2nd Street, Hamilton, 59840 MT
  • Chief: (Chief of Police)

Hamilton Police Department is located at 223 South 2nd Street, Hamilton, 59840 MT. The Hamilton Police Department phone number is 406-363-2100.

Hamilton Police Department News

Please come support a good cause. We will be taking orders, bussing tables and pretty much getting in the way of the real workers at The Filling Station Grille this Friday (10-20-17). Please tip well as all of the proceeds will go towards the Marcus Daly Hospital Sprinkle Pink program which helps local people with obtaining mammograms and other cancer related care. Officers will be there working from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm. Please share and invite some friends. See you there.

We had a found tent and other outdoor gear turned in to the Police Department yesterday. It was located near Marcus and Kurtz. If you feel this is yours please call and provide a description in order to get it returned.

We enjoyed cooking up some burgers and dogs again for the incoming freshman class. Good luck to everyone starting school soon and we hope you had a great Summer.

**UPDATE** - Thanks to another donation we are now up to $3,035.00 for the scholarship fund for this year. Thank you again to everyone for your help and donations. This will really help impact some young lives. **ORIGINAL POST ** - Well we had another successful tournament. There were eight teams and we raised $2,035.00 for the scholarship fund. We would like to thank Fallen Tree Construction, The General Store, Naps, the City of Hamilton, Canyon View Church, Super One Foods and Team Salvo Softball for getting teams together. We would also like to thank Duggan Construction, B&B Storage, the Wade Family, Hamilton Softball Association, Osburn Irrigation, Super One Foods, Safeway, Hamilton Marketplace, Albertson's, Hamilton Packing Co, Mike Gray, Marc Snavely, Jason Strong, Buckie Brawley, Lincoln Schrock and everyone else who helped or donated. We couldn't have done it without you. We would like to give a special shout out to Michael Duggan. Michael received the scholarship last year and obviously didn't take it for granted. Without being asked, he came out all day to help by setting up the food and flipping burgers. Thanks Michael, we're honored to help you this upcoming school year.

Please come and join us at the softball fields across the street from the Fairgrounds this Saturday (07-15-17). We're having our 2nd annual scholarship softball tournament. We're full with teams, but anyone can come down and enjoy some lunch. We'll be cooking up some burgers and dogs and we'll also have ice cold soda and water. Come on by to watch some softball and help contribute to a good cause.

Please join us in congratulating Michael Duggan. Michael was the recipient of the Hamilton Police Association High School scholarship. He received $1,500 and will be putting it to good use this upcoming year at Flathead Valley Community College. Michael is a very hard worker and we're very happy to help him out. This money was primarily raised at the HPA softball tournament that was held last year. We're holding another one on July 15th and 16th, 2017. Please help us to keep doing this for students in our community. If you would like to form a team, or simply make a donation, please call Sgt. Bob Liercke at 363-2100. Also, if you want to just stop by and support the cause by having a lunch (all money will be given to the scholarship fund), come by the Hamilton softball fields on the 15th and 16th. Michael will be there flipping burgers, so you can congratulate him there as well. Congratulations again to Michael. Good luck.

Our condolences go out to the Broadwater County Sheriff's Office and the deputy's family.

This is a friendly reminder that cell phone use while driving within the city limits of Hamilton is prohibited. There has been an increasing number of violations of this city ordinance and we do enforce this law. Please drive safe and remember that your phone call or text is not worth being involved in an accident.

On 3/20/2017 the Hamilton Police Department received 4 reports of a SCAM in which the suspect, identifying himself as Deputy Walker, advises the potential victim that there is a warrant for their arrest. "Deputy Walker" demands the victim provide him with some sort of payment to clear up the warrant issue. This is a scam. Neither the Hamilton Police Department nor the Ravalli County Sheriff's Office employ a "Deputy Walker". We remind you to be cautious for any unsolicited phone calls and if there are questions to call the police department or the sheriff's office to inquire about the validity of suspicious calls.

This following is a press release from Velocity Training with minor additions from the Hamilton Police Department: HAMILTON, MT.- Members of the U.S. Navy Training Unit will be conducting military free-fall training in the Bitterroot Valley from March 14-24, 2017. During day and night, residents may observe jump aircraft and parachutists. The training conducted will pose no risk to residents and very little noise. This training allows Servicemen to practice parachute landings in terrain not normally available to them near their home station. We appreciate the support and consideration the citizens of Montana and the Bitterroot Valley extend to the the Servicemen during this training and thank them for understanding of any inconvenience the training may cause. In the event of an emergency, please contact your local law enforcement agency or dial 911.

As some may have noticed, the Hamilton Power Wash, located at 523 S. 1st was closed for several weeks after Christmas. This was due to the fact that sometime during the night of December 26th, 2016, the car wash was burglarized. The burglary resulted in frozen and damaged plumbing, damaged coin exchange machines, and damaged doors and door locks. The individual or individuals involved this burglary escaped with several hundred dollars in cash, a large quantity of quarters, the keys to all of the locks and equipment on the property, and a large quantity of carwash tokens. The theft of these items, and the damage caused by this burglary cost this local business a lot of money and the Hamilton Police Department is seeking any information that might lead to identifying and eventually prosecuting whoever committed this burglary. As always, the Hamilton Police Department cautions the residents of Hamilton to lock their homes and vehicles and report any suspicious activity at the time it is occurring. Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to contact Crimestoppers at (406) 752-8477 or Detective Dan Altschwager at (406) 363-2100. Callers to Crimestoppers can remain anonymous and may be eligible for a cash reward.

Please join us in welcoming Officer Michael Eldridge (and his family) to the Hamilton Police Department. Officer Eldridge brings nine years of law enforcement experience to the department and we're happy to have him here.

Please join us in welcoming Officer Jessica Hayward to the Hamilton Police Department.

Multiple businesses in town were broken into last night and we're asking that if anyone has any information please contact dispatch at 363-3033, the Hamilton Police Department directly or the Bitterroot Valley Crime Stoppers. Any information is helpful and we thank you for your support.

We hope everyone had a good time at the fair. Some of you may have seen the bike that goes left when you turn right and right when you turn left. The goal was to make it 14 feet and you win $100. At the time Officer Niemeir made it further than anyone else, so if you see him be sure to congratulate him in this achievement.

It was a wonderful parade yesterday and we want to wish everyone a safe and fun fair week. One of the scariest things we have to deal with at the fair every year is lost children. So when you come in the fair stop by the Cop Shop near the front gate and introduce us to your children, that way they have an idea of where to go if they get lost. Have fun and enjoy your fair fare.

A Word from the Bike Cop Officer Don Niemeir Hello again everyone. It’s another beautiful summer in Hamilton, Montana, and I am so lucky to have the bicycle patrol duty again. I really enjoy being out in the community on a bicycle. It gets me out of a patrol car and out of the office and so is a nice change of pace that I look forward to every year. The close interaction with the community, inherent with the bicycle patrol, is the best part of my job. I am really grateful to the citizens of Hamilton for the support we feel from you all here at the Police Department in general and specifically for the support I feel for our bicycle patrol program. I enjoy riding a bicycle and I know many of you do as well because I see you out and about. Hamilton is a bicycle friendly town but there are a few issues we should discuss. During my interactions with folks I hear a few common complaints. Motorists complain that bicyclists are on the wrong side of the road, aren’t stopping for stop signs or otherwise not obeying traffic laws and cyclists complain to me that motorists don’t know what to do when they encounter a cyclist in the roadway. There are a few basic rules that if followed by cyclist and motorists alike would make everyone on the roadway safer. Cyclist and motorists should know what to expect when they encounter each other while sharing the road. So here is my attempt at summarizing: First of all to the motorist; sharing the road does not mean sharing the lane. There simply is not enough width in a single lane for a bicycle and a motor vehicle to share it safely. A cyclist is required by law to ride as far to the right as practicable. For me this is usually one or two feet into the lane. I ride where I do in the lane for several reasons but basically it is for my safety. I am more visible to motorist and they are more inclined to slow down and then pass me legally instead of just trying to "share" my lane. This is also the position in the lane I am legally required to occupy. So motorist, when you encounter a cyclist in the roadway that you are overtaking, slow down and assess the situation. If you need to pass and can do so safely if is lawful to cross the centerline, and even a double yellow line, to do so. The main thing is to slow down and be safe. Allow yourself at least five or six feet between your vehicle and the cyclist. And lastly for the motorist, when you encounter a cyclist waiting to cross at a cross street without traffic controls; unless the cyclist is in a crosswalk, he or she is a vehicle. Do not stop in the roadway to “yield” unless it‘s required to avoid a collision. The cyclist is not expecting you to stop and neither is the traffic behind you. It just causes confusion and an unsafe situation for everyone. Alright cyclist, now it’s your turn! I see many cyclist around town who know how to share the road and do a great job. They move smoothly with and through traffic and seem very comfortable doing so. I like seeing these riders and appreciate the example they are setting. Unfortunately for every rider I see sharing the road correctly there are many more who do not. So cyclist, if you are one who rides on the sidewalk (legal if not in the downtown, but also the main cause of bicycle vs. vehicle crashes…just sayin’) you are legally a pedestrian, just as if you were walking. However, if you are in the roadway, you are a vehicle and as a vehicle you MUST obey all traffic laws. This isn’t optional. Montana Code 61.8.602 states, “Every person riding a bicycle shall be granted all of the rights and shall be subject to all of the duties applicable to the driver of any other vehicle…” So thank you all for indulging me this little rant! But seriously, if we all do are part, sharing the road will become second nature and we will all be safer because of it.

We were able to celebrate Ty Jessop's birthday today. Ty is an incredible boy who some day wants to be a police officer (although that was only after he found out he couldn't be a Ninja Turtle). Ty and his family toured the P.D. and were able to check out a patrol car. Thanks for coming by Ty, it was fun!

Officer Neil loves the new hit game “Pokemon Go”. However, don’t let Officer Neil catch you driving while playing. Some of our officers have stopped drivers who have ran stops signs as they were distracted by playing. We’ve also noticed people walking downtown while looking at their phones intently. This poses an obvious safety hazard if you’re walking near traffic. Please play safe and look up from your phone from time to time, you may see some of our beautiful scenery and great shops. Also be aware some criminals are using the game to lure people to a location and rob them. Sometimes we don’t think of these unforeseen dangers in things like this. So please be safe and we’ll do our best to keep you posted on safety concerns such as these.

The Hamilton Police Department is currently accepting applications for the position of Patrol Officer. For more information and to download and print the application packet visit our website: http://www.cityofhamilton.net/departments/police_department.html Application packets must be received or post marked by JULY 8TH, 2016. Late submissions will not be accepted. Testing will take place on July 16th, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. at the Daly School.

Thank you to everyone for your support. We raised over $1,600 for the scholarship fund. It was a long day but everyone stuck in there and we had a blast. Please tag your friends that were a part of this and share this on your wall.

The 2016 Your Choice Program was a huge success! Thanks to all involved. This dramatization of a car accident has been put to video to continue to share this important message about seat belt safety and the dangers of drunk driving. Please take a moment to watch and share this video. Help us keep our community, friends, and family safe! https://youtu.be/GJDK3oUYEYU