Boiling Springs Police Department

  • Agency: Boiling Springs Police Department
  • Address: 114 E College Ave, Boiling Springs, 28017 NC
  • Chief: Randy Page (Chief of Police)

Boiling Springs Police Department is located at 114 E College Ave, Boiling Springs, 28017 NC. The Chief of Police of the department is Randy Page. The Boiling Springs Police Department phone number is 704-434-9691.

Boiling Springs Police Department News

Current conditions... Portions of George II (NC87) at Fairway Drive is ice covered. Fifty Lakes Dr near Eden Road is still covered. East Boiling Spring Rd near Turner Rd. Most side streets are still covered with snow and ice.

There are several icy spots along George II (Nc 87). This wreck occurred near BSL Family Medicine.

Here are a few more images from around town. Continue to use caution if you have to be on the roads. Roadways are still very slippery in areas and conditions will worsen later this evening.

Driving Conditions around BSL are not looking too good. Here are some pics of Alton Lennon Drive, Fifty Lakes Drive, George II (NC 87), and East Boiling Spring Road. Please drive with extreme care if you just have to be on the roads.

Winter Storm Update...

There's a Blood Drive on Thursday December the 21st at the First Baptist Church in Boiling Spring Lakes.

A Lab mix puppy was found on Harper Lake Drive on Saturday. If you recognize this sweet boy please call the PD (910) 363-0011.

The Boiling Spring Lakes community is second to none when it comes to meeting the needs of others. We are blessed to have such great residents and friends who stepped up and met this immediate need. The Little Free Pantry was full of food and other items this morning. Thank you again for your support!!

**Please Help** The Little Free Food Pantry located at the Community Center in BSL is looking a little bare. Feel free to drop off any non-perishable food items to the BSL Police Department, The Office Coffee and Wine Bar, or at the Little Pantry. Thank you for helping our community!!

This sweet girl was found wandering around the South Shore & Crestview Road area and is now a current guest at our BSLPD kennel. Please call the PD at (910) 363-0011 if you recognize her.

We had a little Beagle brought to the PD. It was found on Wednesday. If you recognize this sweet dog please call the PD (910) 363-0011.