Spring Lake Police Department

  • Agency: Spring Lake Police Department
  • Address: Fort Bragg, 300 Ruth St, Spring Lake, 28390 NC
  • Chief: Troy McDuffie (Chief of Police)

Spring Lake Police Department is located at Fort Bragg, 300 Ruth St, Spring Lake, 28390 NC. The Chief of Police of the department is Troy McDuffie. The Spring Lake Police Department phone number is 910-436-0350.

Spring Lake Police Department News

Turns out, Lt. Spellman was on hand at Law Enforcement Appreciation Day at Methodist University as well. In fact, he threw out the pitch representing the Spring Lake Police Department. Check out the arm... pro or no pro?

Shout out to our very own Major Connor and Lt. Spellman for representing the Spring Lake Police Department at this event!

Join us in supporting the fight against child abuse. Know the signs. If you know something, report it. Every child deserves to be safe.

If you are looking for a great meal option that also supports a great cause... here is an option.

Just a reminder: Move over for safety vehicles. Its not just in the best interest for everyone, its the law. Drive safely and stay alert.

The Spring Lake Police Department had a great time at the 17th annual Spring Fling.They stayed pretty busy but Hope you had the chance to speak with them. Check out the full album on the town's website!


Join the members of the Spring Lake Police Department tomorrow at the 17th Annual Spring Fling. 10am to 4pm at Mendoza Park.

We, the members of the Spring Lake Police Department are committed to keeping our roads safe. April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Last year in North Carolina, 152 people were killed in crashes involving a distracted driver and nearly 25,000 were seriously injured. North Carolina law bans all cell phone use, both handheld and hands-free, for bus drivers and all drivers under the age of 18, and bans texting and emailing for drivers of all ages. For more information about distracted driving, please visit www.distraction.gov. Remember, operating a motor vehicle demands your attention - not only for your safety but for those around you.

The members of the SLPD are dedicated to serving and protecting all residents of Spring Lake. If you or someone you know has information that needs to be shared there are resources available. Information pertaining to a crime, of any nature, should be reported. We join with Gov. Cooper in shedding a light on this often uncomfortable topic but a topic that needs a voice. Governor Roy Cooper Declares April As Sexual Assault Awareness Month Proclamation Encourages Everyone to Embrace Their Voice Raleigh – Governor Roy Cooper has declared April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month (SAAM) in North Carolina. In honor of this year’s theme, “Embrace Your Voice,” Gov. Cooper and First Lady Kristin Cooper are encouraging citizens to stop sexual violence before it happens by promoting safety, respect and equality within their communities. The purpose and goal of SAAM is to raise public awareness about sexual violence and educate communities on how to prevent it. “Prevention of sexual violence is critical and we also need to make sure survivors are supported in their healing and seeking justice,” said Gov. Cooper. The NC Council for Women & Youth Involvement supports victims and survivors of sexual violence across North Carolina by offering resources on sexual assault, human trafficking and on family violence prevention services. The Division also administers funds for prevention and intervention programs to stop the cycle of violence in our communities. The Department of Administration’s Secretary Machelle Sanders said these programs are essential to the state to support survivors of sexual assault as well as educate others to facilitate change. “The sexual assault statistics around our nation and state are unacceptable,” she said. “It is critical that we continue to promote advocacy and support programs that educate our communities. It is an important time for everyone to embrace their voice on this issue.” According to the North Carolina Coalition Against Sexual Assault, 1 in 5 North Carolina women have been sexually assaulted at some point in their lives. While, 1 out of every 10 men will experience rape within their lifetime. In 2016, the North Carolina Rape Crisis Centers answered over 24,000 hotline calls from survivors of sexual assault or their loved ones. Free and confidential services are available across the state to all North Carolinians who experience sexual violence. These centers provide services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. For more information, please visit the NC Council for Women & Youth Involvement statistical brief page.


Caught in the act: a resident captured these photos of Spring Lake’s finest helping a motorist during their normal shift. All in a day’s work. Another example of why we have some of the best!

Take a moment and check out the full album from the 2018 Spring Lake Police Depatment's torch Run for Special Olympics of North Carolina. Again, thank you to everyone who helped to make this event so successful. Make plans now to join us next year. And we will see see you at our Car Show on June 9th. https://www.flickr.com/photos/148543752@N07/albums/72157695274035215

And a special thank you to all the Officers and Fire who participated but didn't run - they had the important job of ensuring the safety of the participants.

It was an amazing sight to see. Both the runners and walkers were awesome! Check out the full album.

The Torch Run brought out all sorts of supporters... From our smallest to even the 4 legged kind. Check out the full album.

The Torch Run was a huge success. Here are a few highlights. Be sure to check out the full album.

The opening ceremony for the torch run has begun!

If you have any information, please contact CrimeStoppers.

REMINDER: Tomorrow (Wednesday, April 4th) is the Spring Lake Police Department's Torch Run for Special Olympics for North Carolina. Motorist can expect delays in and around the area designated for the run while participants pass. This includes Main Street, the Poe Avenue Bridge, Lake Ave., South 4th St., South 3rd St. and portions of Ruth Street. Officers will be directing traffic during this period. We ask if you are traveling in and around this area during the scheduled run time that you stay alert and watch for runners, walkers and those who have chosen to support the event. The run is not anticipated to take longer than an hour to complete in its entirety. Delays will only be until the portion of the run/walk has passed that portion of the course. Thank you for your attention to this matter and thank you for your continued support of the Town and the spring Lake Police Department. We hope to see you at this most special event! Registration starts at 8:30 am. Run/Walk starts at 9:00 am. All participants will receive a certificate of participation. Veterans Park is where it will begin. (Veterans Park is located at the corner of Ruth and Main Streets.)

This Wednesday. 9am. Veterans Park. Registration starts at 8:30am. We will have members of the Spring Lake Police Department, our BLET candidates and others running. There are some who have opted to walk. Will you join us? You can run, walk or cheer. Just showing up makes the biggest impact.


Its a routine we can all benefit from.

Caught in the act... yesterday, members of the Spring lake Police Department spent time at Lillian Black taking part in their their "Donuts for Dads." The goal was to have men there to serve as positive role models for children without dads.