Gibsonville Police Department

  • Agency: Gibsonville Police Department
  • Address: 129 N Main St, Gibsonville, 27249 NC
  • Chief:
Phone: 336-449-6677
Fax: 336-449-0678

Gibsonville Police Department is located at 129 N Main St, Gibsonville, 27249 NC. The Gibsonville Police Department phone number is 336-449-6677.

Gibsonville Police Department News

Please take a look at the vehicle in this photo ... it is a vehicle of interest in numerous car break ins in Gibsonville and Alamance County. Please contact the Gibsonville Police Department at 336-449-6677 if you have any information.

Gibsonville has been allotted a few spaces for the Beth Schmidt trunk or treat, so please call us at 336-449-7926 and speak with Officer Wilkins if you are interested!

Please, please, PLEASE lock your car doors! It is a sad truth that the time of trusting your fellow citizen not to steal is long gone. Those days when houses didn't even have locks on the doors... over. Unfortunately, criminals are taking advantage of the easy opportunity to rummage through your car when it's left unlocked. So PLEASE take 2 seconds and hit that lock button. You're sad when your stuff gets taken, we're sad when your stuff gets taken, and you deserve a better start to your morning than that!

Our hearts and prayers go out to the Waller family during this difficult time..

Congratulations and welcome aboard.

Only 3 weeks to go!

Our thoughts and prayers are with the dead, the injured, the family members, and the first responders in Las Vegas. 😔

Congratulations to Officer Taylor (in the middle) for completing 40 hours of CIT (crisis intervention team) training!!

This sweet dog appears to have been hit by a car recently. She can walk, but is going to be in need of some veterinary care. Please call 336-449-6677 if you know who her human is.

Those people who chose to deal in this poison need to be held accountable and suffer the consequences of their actions.

This is an excellent piece on just how devastating the heroin epidemic has become. It is blind to social status, race, or gender and it is a problem across the entire United States, including Gibsonville.

Ms. Jacobs from the Local Government Federal Credit Union stopped by this morning with gift baskets as a 'Thank You' for first responders on 9/11. We are so appreciative of everyone's support and random acts of kindness!

"Officer Hops" was found this morning on Pine Street. This is one super mellow and friendly bunny, so someone is definitely missing a pet. Please call 336-449-6677 if you know how to get him/her back home!

We know that most citizens out there are supportive of law enforcement, but we always appreciate the reminders 😊 This was the best thing we've gotten in the mail all week!

We wanted to thank those of you who attended our 'Friends Against Fraud' presentation last night. It was an excellent turn out and we are fortunate that the Guilford County Family Justice Center could share their wealth of information!