Clayton Police Department

  • Agency: Clayton Police Department
  • Address: 315 E 2nd St, Clayton, 27528 NC
  • Chief: Glen Allen (Chief of Police)
Phone: 919-553-4611

Clayton Police Department is located at 315 E 2nd St, Clayton, 27528 NC. The Chief of Police of the department is Glen Allen. The Clayton Police Department phone number is 919-553-4611.

Clayton Police Department News

Tonight the Clayton Police Department is standing up for our Clayton Comets to say: THREATS AGAINST OUR SCHOOLS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Since the tragic school shooting in Florida, schools all across the country have seen an giant jump in threats of violence…almost 50 threats a day nationwide….and unfortunately Clayton is not immune. Clayton High School has had several UNCREDIBLE THREATS in the last two days, so tonight and tomorrow, we’re standing with them saying: THREATS WILL NOT BE TOLERATED. Clayton POLICE are joining Clayton High School, Johnston County Public Schools, and the Johnston County Sherriffs Office in a united front: even if they’re meant to be a joke, there are SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES for these kinds of threats to our schools. On Friday morning, you’ll see our Clayton Police officers at Clayton High, partnering with Sheriff's deputies and school leaders, in hopes our strong presence will help allay any fears. And although they have not received threats, Clayton Police will also be at Riverwood Middle, Riverwood Elementary, Cooper Elementary(Academy), Powhatan Elementary School, Clayton Middle School and West Clayton Elementary which all fall within our Town of Clayton police jurisdiction. These hoaxes cause public panic, force law enforcement to dedicate major resources and time to investigate, and carry SERIOUS consequences for students like suspension, fines or even jail time! Parents, talk to your kids! Many teens believe they can enjoy anonymity on social media, but investigators can find the sources of posts and in these cases they did. There are several students tonight who have learned the hard way that being interrogated by detectives and police about something you thought might be funny or would get you out of having to go to class. …is no fun. This is not a joke to us. Thank you to CHS Principal Bennett Jones and his fellow principals throughout the area for keeping our families, students, and parents informed. In his statement below, it’s clear the community worked together – swiftly reporting these rumors and potential threats as soon as they were spotted on social media; helping to flesh out the students behind them; quickly investigating to make sure they had no merit; and never hesitating to bring down the consequences for these UNACCEPATBLE disruptions in our children’s education. #CometsALLin MESSAGE FROM PRINCIPAL BENNETT: “Good evening Clayton High School Parents, this is your principal Bennett Jones calling with important information. Beginning yesterday afternoon, we were made aware of rumors of a potential threat of violence against our school. It was investigated by school and law enforcement officials and the source of the rumors was located and disciplined in accordance to JCPS policy and North Carolina statutes. I then sent the message to you last night informing you of the situation. Late last night and again this morning, it was reported that there was another social media posting indicating violence that was supposedly being planned against our school on Friday. We again started an investigation in conjunction with the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office and found the source of the social media post. The sources of the rumors in both instances have received consequences for their actions that have led to the disruption of our educational processes. Please let me be clear...there has been no credible threat that has been substantiated against our school. School officials, working with county officials and law enforcement, are committed to having school in a normal and safe manner tomorrow. I understand and support that as parents, you always have the right to determine what is best for your child in regards to attendance. However, if your child misses school tomorrow it will count as an absence. Fortunately, as with any absence here, students can make up absences during our COMET time tutorials and are allowed to make up work. We appreciate our local law enforcement officials working closely with administration to address this situation and finding the people responsible for the spread of this misinformation. Finally, I would like to thank the scores of parents and students that came forward with information that led to a relatively quick resolution of a very complex problem of sharing information via social media. I am proud of how our students responded in a responsible manner. Working together is the best way to ensure that our campus is a safe environment for everyone in Comet Country. Thank you for your continued support and for being COMETS ALL IN. Have a good night.”

#CoffeewithaCOP Chief Blair "Barista" Myhand!

JOIN YOUR NEIGHBORS & Clayton Police Department OFFICERS FOR COFFEE & CONVERSATION!!" No agendas or speeches! Just a chance to ask questions, voice concerns, and get to know your Clayton officers! Go through the drive-thru & get served by Police Chief Blair Myhand!

Traffic alert! Beginning at 9 a.m. and running until perhaps 5 p.m., crews will be closing one lane of N. O'Neil St as you come into Clayton guardrail repair. Look out for delays!

Today we remember Officer William R. Gilmore who, on this day in 1982, was killed with a handgun as he was attempting to clear an area of improperly parked vehicles along with a large group of spectators. Officer Gilmore was attempting to leave the scene to get additional help, when a man approached and fired at Officer Gilmore striking him in the face as he sat in his patrol car. Officer Gilmore had been with the agency for 17 months and was survived by his wife, son, daughter and parents. The offender was tried and convicted and remains in prison today.

Quick one-block detour on Main Street today.

15-year-old Charged with 1st Degree Attempted Murder Clayton Police have arrested a 15-year-old girl after she attempted to shoot her mother with her father’s handgun in their home early Sunday morning. The mother was not harmed. Officers were initially called to a home in the Garrison neighborhood off Amelia Church Road just after 8 this morning. A friend had called 911 asking for a welfare check. When officers arrived they were able to talk to the young woman, as well as her mother and father. According to interviews, the parents say they were sleeping this morning, when the father got up to use the bathroom. The mother said she awoke to a loud noise and saw her daughter standing at the foot of her bed. The daughter then ran from the room, according to the parents. Officers discovered a bullet hole in the mattress close to where the mother's head would have been as she was sleeping. They also found the father’s handgun, which is normally kept in a holster by the side of his bed, in the home. Tonight officers are continuing their investigation. The young woman, whose name cannot be released because of her age, is being held in Wake County Juvenile Detention Center.

Clayton Police arrested 57-year-old Elizabeth Wilkins Yarborough at her home on Stetson Lane in Clayton today on charges of Second Degree Murder in the death of her adult son. The arrest was the result of a month-long investigation into the Christmas Day shooting of 32-year-old James Benjamin Yarborough Jr. On December 25, 2017, Elizabeth Yarborough, the victim’s mother, called 911 to her home at Riverwood Haven senior apartments and told dispatchers she needed help for her son. When Clayton Police officers arrived, they found her son lying just inside the apartment with a single gunshot wound to his head. Yarborough initially told officers that her son had shot himself with his own gun and his death was a suicide. Clayton Detectives continued to work the case and through exhaustive evidentiary examinations, numerous interviews, and questioning of Yarborough, they were able to establish probable cause for Second Degree Murder charges in her son’s Christmas day death. Clayton Police worked closely with the Johnston County District Attorney’s Office on this case. Yarborough is being held without bond in the Johnston County Detention Center in Smithfield. This is only the third murder case in Clayton in the past 4 years, the most recent being the murder of 25-year-old Garrett Howard Bridges in July of 2016.

Everyone needs to get off the road - conditions are getting treacherous. Will only get worse as temperatures continue to fall. If you commuting home, please take your time and take it slow.

This could easily happen here in Clayton! Don't be a victim! DO NOT LEAVE valuables out in the open in your car! #LockItORLoseIt

UPDATE: Everyone back on!! Stay warm everyone! ****** Clayton Public Power has restored power to most everyone, except those in the immediate area of the lines coming down (Stallings & O'Neil streets). It may not be until 9:30 that crews can get those lines and equipment back up, but they are working as quickly as they can in these frigid temperatures. We're so sorry...we're still investigating what even caused this. It wasn't an accident, and there appeared to be no ice on the lines. We also haven't found any limbs down that could have fallen on the lines. But we're still investigating...immediate issue is getting EVERYONE back on! We know it is bitterly cold. Make sure to keep all doors to the outside shut. Use towels to block drafts coming in from window and door cracks. It's also possible to insulate windows with black blankets. The black draws heat from the sun. If the sun's beams are coming through the window, put the blankets on the floor where the sun is directly shining instead. Running a bathtub of hot water also draws in heat to the house. Turning faucets to a trickle helps prevent pipes from freezing. If needed, wrap pipes in insulation or newspaper. Open kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow warmer air to circulate around the plumbing. ******* Clayton Public Power hoping to have the majority of power back on to Downtown Clayton, NC, US 70 and areas west in about 20 minutes after lines came down at N. O'Neil and Stalling streets this morning. O'Neil Street closed. We know it is cold and our crews are working in this chill to get the power back on ASAP!

Our officer will be on the road regardless, but they don't want to see you after sundown. Get home safely tonight before the roads become even more treacherous than last night. #BlackIce