Southern Pines Police Department

  • Agency: Southern Pines Police Department
  • Address: 450 W Pennsylvania Ave, Southern Pines, 28388 NC
  • Chief: John Letteney (Chief of Police)
Phone: 910-692-2732
Fax: 910-692-7042

Southern Pines Police Department is located at 450 W Pennsylvania Ave, Southern Pines, 28388 NC. The Chief of Police of the department is John Letteney. The Southern Pines Police Department phone number is 910-692-2732.

Southern Pines Police Department News

Officer Wells and Junior Officer in training.

PUBLIC NOTICE: ROAD CLOSURE The Southern Pines Veterans Parade is taking place Saturday Nov 11th in downtown Southern Pines. both sides of Broad Street from Vermont Ave to Massachusettes Ave as well as the 100 blocks of East and West Vermont Ave will be closed. If you are attending the parade please be patient and use caution,

Saturday Nov 4th the Sunrise Theater will be hosting it's annual Blues Crawl in Downtown Southern Pines. The event will start at 5:00 pm and end at 1:00am, while there are no street closures, there will be approximately 1500 plus people walking along both sides of Broad Street. Please use extra caution if you need to be in the downtown area during this time.

Sunday, November 5

Happy Halloween. Drivers please use extra caution while on the neighborhood roads this evening. Parents please keep children close and when walking along the roads •A parent or responsible adult should always accompany young children on their neighborhood rounds. •Obtain flashlights with fresh batteries for all children and their escorts. •If your older children are going alone, plan and review the route that is acceptable to you. Agree on a specific time when they should return home. •Only go to homes with a porch light on and never enter a home or car for a treat. •Because pedestrian injuries are the most common injuries to children on Halloween, remind Trick-or-Treaters: ◦Stay in a group and communicate where they will be going. ◦Remember reflective tape for costumes and trick-or-treat bags. ◦Carry a cellphone for quick communication. ◦Remain on well-lit streets and always use the sidewalk. ◦If no sidewalk is available, walk at the far edge of the roadway facing traffic. ◦Only cross the street as a group in established crosswalks (as recognized by local custom). Never cross between parked cars or out driveways. ◦Don't assume the right of way. Motorists may have trouble seeing Trick-or-Treaters. Just because one car stops, doesn't mean others will! ◦Law enforcement authorities should be notified immediately of any suspicious or unlawful activity.

Household Hazard Waste and Shredding Event. Nov 18th at Pinecrest High School.

For a fun and safe night out with the kids, SP Recreations and Parks has organizaed a Haunted Haunt and Movie night this Friday, October 27th. See attachements for details.

Trick or Treat at participating Downtown Businesses starting at 5 pm and then join us at Downtown Park for Crafts, Games, and more! FREE!

SOCIAL MEDIA RELEASE On Thursday, October 19, 2017, dedicated members of the Southern Pines Police Department continued to relentlessly pursue leads on several investigations that, in spite of uncooperative victims and witnesses, warranted further investigation to protect the law abiding citizens in our community. At 11:30 am, members of the Investigation Division from the Southern Pines Police Department followed investigative leads which focused their attention to a home located at 160 Tray Street in Southern Pines, NC. As Detectives approached a vehicle in front of 160 Tray Street, a strong odor of marijuana was emanating from the vehicle. This vehicle was occupied by the driver, Shamonique Arnee Campbell and passenger Shalijwaan Ris Smith. As Shalijwaan Ris Smith stepped from the vehicle a large bag of marijuana fell to the ground from his lap. Officers observed that Shalijwaan Ris Smith had been sitting inside the vehicle concealing under his buttocks, a loaded .40 caliber Smith and Wesson semi-automatic firearm. Shalijwaan Ris Smith is currently awaiting trial for a prior offense of possession of a firearm with an altered serial number and drug charges; and also has a past conviction for possessing a stolen firearm. Detectives requested the assistance of the Patrol Division from the Southern Pines Police Department, along with assistance from Probation/Parole Officers from the NC Department of Public Safety, Division of Adult Correction, and Juvenile Justice. A search warrant was subsequently executed on the home at 160 Tray Street. In addition to the firearm noted above, also recovered in this investigation was 84 grams of marijuana, 9 grams of cocaine, a stolen SWD M11/9 firearm along with a 30 round magazine, a 100 round drum magazine and a silencer. Multiple rounds of ammunition were found to be hidden in air vents located throughout the home. Immanuel Jarie Brown, a convicted felon, was arrested for the drug and firearms violations. Immanuel Jarie Brown is currently on probation following a conviction for possessing a stolen firearm along with possessing narcotics. During this investigation, at the home located at 160 Tray Street, officers located the 17 year old male who reported to the Southern Pines Police Department on Monday, October 16, 2017, that he was shot by an unknown individual and then subsequently refused to cooperate with any police investigation. Detectives determined that this male had, in fact, accidently shot himself while seated in a vehicle in the Lowes Food parking lot on Old Morganton Road in Southern Pines, NC and was not shot by an unknown suspect. The .22 caliber semi-automatic firearm used to inflict this injury was recovered as well. This firearm also had an altered serial number. This investigation is ongoing. The following arrests were made on October 19, 2017: Immanuel Jarie Brown, 21 years of age from Southern Pines North Carolina was charged with Possession with Intent to Sell/Deliver Marijuana, Maintaining a Dwelling for Controlled Substances, Possession of a Firearm by a Convicted Felon, and Possession of a Stolen Firearm. Immanuel Jarie Brown was incarcerated in the Moore County Detention Center, held under a $150,000 bond. Shalijwaan Ris Smith, 23 years of age from Southern Pines North Carolina was charged with Possession with Intent to Sell/Deliver Marijuana, Maintaining a Vehicle for Controlled Substances, and Carrying a Concealed Handgun. Shalijwaan Ris Smith was incarcerated in the Moore County Detention Center, held under a $75,000 bond. This investigation is active and ongoing and additional arrests are anticipated. The Southern Pines Police Department will also be working closely with Federal Law Enforcement agencies pursuing Federal charges/prosecution in this investigation. Please join me in acknowledging and thanking all the officers involved in this investigation. The bravery and unwavering commitment to our law abiding citizens displayed by these officers is worthy of praise from the entire community. Thank a police officer today, it makes a difference! Chief Bob Temme

The Southern Pines Police Department welcomes Bill List to the Southern Pines Police Department family. Bill will start working with our department on Monday, October 23, 2017, as our Community Services Coordinator/Accreditation Manager.

On Tuesday, October 17th, SPPD Crime Scene Technician (CST) T. Price visited a group of preschoolers and taught them about fingerprints. The children were delighted when they saw their fingerprints "magically" appear with special powder.

Thursday, October 12th. Sgt Embler and Ivy visited The O'neal School in Southern Pines.

On Monday evening, October 16, 2017, a 17 year old Southern Pines resident arrived at Moore Regional Hospital after sustaining a non-life threatening gunshot injury. The victim is currently not cooperating with detectives and it is unknown exactly where this shooting incident occurred. Unconfirmed information has led officers to consider that this incident may have occurred on S. Henley Street in Southern Pines. While the victim will not confirm or deny it, a probability exists that the gunshot wound was accidental, and self-inflicted, but our investigation is ongoing. In the unlikely event the victim wishes to cooperate further with this investigation, additional information will be provided at that time. If it is determined that this incident occurred outside the jurisdiction of the Southern Pines Police Department, this investigation will be turned over to the appropriate law enforcement agency. The non-cooperative victim has been transported to an undisclosed hospital for additional treatment.

The Southern Pines Police Department's Special Response Team (SRT) attended an intensive training program at Fort Butner in September. Team members are (L-R) Sgt. Embler, Lt. Heaton, Detective Coleman, Sgt. Edwards, Officer Rummel, Sgt. Smith, Detective Powers and Officer Dean.

The Southern Pines Police Department is concerned for the male in the attached pictures. It appears by his actions he is fearful of the upcoming winter weather which resulted in him stealing a dozen Polo jackets from Belk. We are asking for the assistance of the community in identifying this male so we can assist him in finding a warm place to stay. Please call our anonymous crime tip line at 910-693-4110.

Officer Rummel with a new friend. This young man dreams of one day being a police officer. #thinblueline #backtheblue #SPPD

Have you always wanted a job that truly makes a difference? Do you like being part of a team that works together every day to solve problems and improve the lives of the community? There are few jobs more important than being a Police Dispatcher. In an emergency, your voice is the one first heard by someone in need. Your skills save lives. The Town of Southern Pines is looking for highly motivated, positive, people-oriented candidates for our state-of-the-art Communications Center. If you have excellent computer skills, can multi-task in a multi-media environment and have a stable work history, we invite you to step up and answer the call! Please visit use the following link for further information:

On behalf of the entire Southern Pines Police Department, I would like to take this opportunity to express our deepest sympathy to a devoted supporter of the Southern Police Department, Ms. Christine Carlson Roth, the mother of fallen Atlanta Police Officer John Richard Sowa. It was on this date in 1997 that her son, John Sowa died in the line of duty. “Police Officer John Sowa was shot and killed as he, and another officer responded to a domestic violence call at approximately 9:45 pm. He and his partner were both shot in the head as they arrived at the scene. Officer Sowa was killed and the other officer was critically wounded. The subject then hid in his apartment for six hours before giving up and being taken into custody. The 44-year-old subject was convicted of Officer Sowa's murder and subsequently sentenced to death on March 3rd, 2000. He was executed by lethal injection on October 19, 2016. Officer Sowa had served with the Atlanta Police Department for three years. He is survived by his wife, mother, stepfather, and sister.” Christine, please draw comfort in knowing that you have always been in in our thoughts and prayers, and even more so on this tragic day. You are very special to all of us here at the Southern Pines Police Department, and it is an honor knowing you, and reflecting on the sacrifices you, your son and your entire family have made. There really are no words, your loss is beyond a tragedy. John made the ultimate sacrifice, giving his life by doing his job, and we will continue to do whatever we need to do to remember him, and to honor him. Chief Bob Temme

On Monday, October 9, 2017, Officers from the Southern Pines Police Department, while on S. Hardin Street in Southern Pines, observed a male subject known to have outstanding warrants for his arrest. Officers were additionally aware of a past incident where this wanted individual fled on foot from a bail bondsman and was reported to have been armed with a firearm. This subject was identified as Vinton John Huntley Nation, 28 years of age, residing on S. Hardin Street, Southern Pines, NC. Vinton Nation refused to give officers his name when asked. Vinton Nation, later in the conversation with the investigating officers, provided both a fictitious name and date of birth. The investigating officers attempted to make a positive identification of Vinton Nation for more than nine minutes by interviewing individuals on the front lawn of Vinton Nation’s home. All individuals interviewed denied knowing Vinton Nation, and would not identify the male in the vehicle outside the home. With Vinton Nation still seated in his vehicle, he was clearly instructed by officers not to reach for anything inside his vehicle. One hand was cuffed while Vinton Nation was still seated in his vehicle. Vinton Nation then suddenly reached for the glove compartment. Officers stopped Vinton Nation from this action, and he was removed from the vehicle as he was still resisting by holding onto the vehicle’s steering wheel. Vinton Nation was combative, resisting arrest and failed to follow the directions from the arresting officers who instructed Vinton Nation to place his hands behind his back in excess of ten (10) times, as well as giving over twenty four (24) commands seeking voluntary compliance. Vinton Nation continued to grab the investigating officers clothing and equipment during a struggle on the ground. The officers struggling to take Vinton Nation into custody used appropriate subject management techniques to gain control of the situation by stunning, distracting or incapacitating Vinton Nation. These approved techniques, which included the use of hands and knees were not successful, and a Taser was used to aid in taking Vinton Nation into custody. Once in custody, officers recovered 17.5 grams of cocaine, 3.5 grams of marijuana, a digital scale, a crack pipe, drug packaging equipment and 5 dosage units of Ecstasy. Vinton Nation had indicated to investigating officers that he was in need of medical attention, stating he had back pain and was having difficulty breathing. The arresting officers, in accordance with department policy, summoned Emergency Medical Services to transport Vinton Nation to Moore Regional Hospital. On Monday, October 9, 2017, at 9:10 pm, Vinton Nation was released from Moore Regional Hospital with no notable injuries. Upon reaching the exterior of the hospital, while handcuffed, Vinton Nation fled on foot from officers, and at the time of this information release, Vinton Nation has not been apprehended. Currently, Vinton Nation will be facing the following charges when he is once again taken into custody: Possession with Intent to Manufacture/Sell/Deliver Cocaine, Possession of Cocaine, Possession of Marijuana, Possession with Intent to Manufacture/Sell/Deliver a Schedule I Controlled Substance, Possession of a Schedule I Controlled Substance, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, Resist/Delay/Obstruct an Officer, Failure to Appear and Credit Card/Financial Identity Fraud. The Failure to Appear warrant for Vinton John Huntley Nation was issued when he failed to appear in court following an arrest for 1. Statutory Rape of a Child, 2. Indecent Liberties with a Child, 3. Sexual Battery, 4. Child Abuse and 5. Resisting/Delaying/Obstructing an Officer. Vinton Nation does have additional prior arrests for 1. Assault on a Female and 2. Communicating Threats. Vinton John Huntley Nation is a black male, 28 years of age, black hair, brown eyes, 160 pounds and is 5’9” tall. Vinton Nation was last known to be operating a 2007 black Dodge Nitro bearing North Carolina registration EJW-6778. If you have information about the whereabouts of Vinton John Huntley Nation, please contact the Southern Pines Police Department at 910-692-7031 or dial 911. Information can also be left anonymously on the Southern Pines Police Department’s Crime Tip Line at 910-693-4110. The Southern Pines Police Department will also like to provide the following information: Every person who shall conceal, hide, harbor, feed, clothe, or offer aid and comfort to Vinton Nation, in violation of NCGS § 14-259 “Harboring or Aiding Certain Persons” is subject to arrest for a Class I Felony.