Farmville Police Department

  • Agency: Farmville Police Department
  • Address: 3672 N Main St, Farmville, 27828 NC
  • Chief:
Phone: 252-753-4111
Fax: (252) 753-2752

Farmville Police Department is located at 3672 N Main St, Farmville, 27828 NC. The Farmville Police Department phone number is 252-753-4111.

Farmville Police Department News


Good morning. I wanted to take a few minutes to address a post made about an animal welfare issue and provide some actual facts about the situation. First, the Farmville PD would not sit by and knowingly allow any animal to be neglected or abused. If we are called, not tagged in a Facebook post, about any issue, we will respond. The Farmville PD was contacted one time about the issue regarding two dogs being left outside and officers responded twice on that day. Making contact with the owner on the second attempt. After making contact with the owner, the dogs were placed inside a heated storage barn with food and water. Officers went by the house today to check on the welfare of the dogs and when we arrived, we spoke with a family member that stated the dogs were put back inside the same heated storage building because of the temp outside. The reason for this post is because if I hadn’t been tagged in the post, myself nor the Farmville PD would not have had any idea about the concerns. If you have questions, concerns, or would like actual facts about this incident or any other, please contact the Farmville PD. Thank you!!

We love being a part of Mrs. Trump’s class.

Due to the generosity of local businesses and the citizens of Farmville,we were able to include ten children in this years Shop with a Cop program. Hopefully we provided these children with a positive experience and a great Christmas. The Farmville Police Department would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

We greatly appreciate every donation we have received from citizens and businesses of Farmville. We are only 480 dollars short of our Shop with a Cop goal. We will be using this money to take ten children Christmas shopping. Any donation that you would like to make will be greatly appreciated.

We would like to thank everyone that has donated to Shop with a Cop. We are still taking donations in hopes of reaching our goal.

Thank you to everyone who participated in “Cops on the Roof”. Below is an email from Chief R. Wilhite of Winterville PD. “Weather too bad to continue......100 bikes donated. Huge success. Thanks to all our LE partners. If folks have bikes to donate who missed the event, we are directing them to bring to local police department or Sheriff's office. Thanks again. Bigger next year.” If anyone has bikes they wish to donate to “Cops on the Roof” the Farmville Police Department will gladly take them.

"Cops on a Roof" is an event to benefit Toys for Tots. It begins Dec 8th and will run until 100 bicycles have been donated to the program. Officers from agencies in Pitt County will take turns manning the roof of Toys R Us until the goal is reached. Come see us at Toys R Us and help a worthy cause.

There has been some concern raised on Facebook in reference to an event involving a silver vehicle and some suspicious activity on East Prince Road. Earlier today officers made contact with the individuals operating the silver vehicle. We would like to reassure everyone that there was no criminal intent by the driver or passenger of the vehicle. The driver of the vehicle was taking photos of the vehicle. The driver stated that he was taking photos and as the child came up on his bycicle he stated “want to get in my shot” in a joking manner. We appreciate the concern and thank you to the Town of FarmVille citizens for being our eyes and ears. Although this situation wound up being a misunderstanding. We feel that the way it was handled was appropriate. Everyone should stay aware of their surroundings and if there’s any concern please contact the Farmville Police Department at 252-753-4111.

Our Shop with a Cop event is quickly approaching and we are still trying to reach our goal. If you are interested in helping us provide ten children with an amazing Christmas please contact Sgt Tyndall at 252-753-4111. Donations can also be made at the Farmville Police Department.

Recently I received an email that looked as if it was from a Law Enforcement agency stating that I had an outstanding parking ticket and asked that I click on the attached link to pay the ticket. I recognized this email as a phishing email and did not click on the link. If you receive an email that has an attachment that you are not familiar with, don’t click on the link. I have attached a picture of what the email looked like. Just for information purposes, phishing scams are typically fraudulent email messages appearing to come from legitimate enterprises (e.g., your university, your Internet service provider, your bank). These messages usually direct you to a spoofed website or otherwise get you to divulge private information (e.g., passphrase, credit card, or other account updates). The perpetrators then use this private information to commit identity theft.

A great Halloween video starring Jason Tyndall, Jeffrey Spencer, and Mrs. Trump's class.

Officer Jeff Smith and Officer George Stokes spoke to the Head Start students about career day. Looks like everyone was having a good time.

The holiday season is quickly approaching and we want to get a jump on raising money for our SHOP WITH A COP program for 2017. The SHOP WITH A COP program pairs Officer with underprivileged children in the community to provide Christmas gifts. Not only does it provide a positive building relationship between officers and children, it shows a true giving spirit to those in need. Anyone wishing to make a donation may do so at the Farmville Police Department or contact Sgt Jason Tyndall at 252-753-4111,no monetary gift is to small. This program relies on the generosity of the citizens and business owners. Thank you.

The persons in these photos are suspects in a larceny at the Speedway from Sunday. If anyone knows the identity of the two please contact Officer Hawkins or the Farmville Police Dept at 753-4111.

The Farmville Police Department will begin the DARE program at Sam D Bundy in October. We would like to take the time to thank the following organizations for sponsoring our DARE program. -Flanagan Consulting -The Little Rocket -D and D Mechanical -Harvey's Fertilizer and Gas Co. -Mestek -Mikes Hauling and Tree Service -Jessica's Gun Shop If you or your organization would like to be a sponsor of The Farmville Police Department's DARE program please contact Sgt Jason Tyndall at 252-753-4111.

This dog was picked up on East Wilson Street near the intersection of Pitt Street. He has an injured rear leg and we are attempting to locate his owner. If you know who this dog belongs to please contact the Farmville PD. 252-753-4111

Putting this out again this year. Please be careful when around the schools and school buses. Be familiar with the rules for school buses and school zones. The mistake you make could cost someone their life.

Protect and Serve!!

At the request of a member of the community we have put together a presentation named "Drug Identification And The Effects They Have On Children". In the presentation we will talk about the types of drugs commonly seen in Farmville, the signs and symptoms of drug use, and your rights as a parent. The presentation could take up to an hour and a half to two hours depending on questions from the audience. If this sounds like a presentation that interests you. Please contact Sgt Tyndall at the Farmville Police Department at 252-753-4111.

Most of you may not know that this will be our second year teaching the DARE program at Sam D. Bundy Elementary. Teaching this program comes at some expense. If you or someone you know would like to support the Farmville Police Department DARE Program please contact Sgt Tyndall at the Farmville Police Department. 252-753-4111

It looks like we are ready for our National Night Out event. We are looking forward to seeing everyone. The fun starts at 6pm. Sgt Jason Tyndall.