Liberty Police Department

  • Agency: Liberty Police Department
  • Address: 451 W Swannanoa Ave, Liberty, 27298 NC
  • Chief: Jerry R Brown (Chief of Police)

Liberty Police Department is located at 451 W Swannanoa Ave, Liberty, 27298 NC. The Chief of Police of the department is Jerry R Brown. The Liberty Police Department phone number is 336-622-9053.

Liberty Police Department News

Folks, we have another lost owner!! We aren't directly involved with this one, however, we always like to help. If you or anyone recognizes the dog in the photograph, kindly contact the number in the picture with that information. We will update this post when the owner is found. Thanks!!!

January's arrests and serious misdemeanors. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty. Mason, Bryce Cicero Simple Possession Marijuana Beitzel, Daniel Eli Break/Enter Motor Vehicle-16 Counts Misdemeanor Larceny-16 Counts Beitzel, Daniel Eli Possess Stolen Goods-16 Counts Bruce, Dennis Ricardo Assault on female Ortega, Maria Concepcion Illegal Burning Town Ordinance Violation Joerg, Joseph DWI, unsafe movement DWLR Mabry, Jennifer Lynn Aid and Abet DWLR McClain, Curtis Albert 39/25 DWLR for Impaired Driving Escutia, Antonio Jesus OFA Shoffner, Shaquin DWLR Shoffner, Shaquin DWLR (again) Phillips, Michael Brandon 50/35 Possession of marijuana Bullis, Timothy, Monroe Misd Larceny Johnson, Willie Douglas Misdemeanor Larceny Possess Stolen Goods

We are here to help... but not with credit card debt. I mean sure, we can direct you to a proper agency like the National Federation for Credit Counseling at or something like that, but, it has come to our attention that scammers are spoofing our phone number to make it appear like we are calling you asking for you to verify your personal information. Fortunately, something can be done!!! If you are ever in doubt of someone being who they say they are, ask if you can call them back at the MAIN company telephone number. Any legitimate business will honor this request. If they say no, hang up it is not real. ...and, just to clear the air, no, we didn't call and ask for your credit card information... we may have been trying to return one to you, but that is usually the extent of it. As always, if you need help with something that you think might be a scam, please call us. Though we'll help anytime, we prefer it beforehand.

12:20 update The sun is out, the snow and slush is going away, more people are out (Pro stock market tip of the day; Food Lion is doing well). Silk Hope Liberty Rd/E Dameron/Silk Hope Rd (how many names can the same road have in just 200 yards?) is in poor shape once you leave Randolph County. I would not try it after sundown as the those hills and packed snow will not be good. However, if there is no traffic, imagine the sledging opportunities! NC DOT is out and working Hwy 49, Butler Rd and Old 421. We are back in the Chargers and Caprices (rear wheel drive) and are not having difficulties on any road or street. Just be smart and don't rush. I suspect tomorrow morning will still be dicey but in the meanwhile things are significantly better.

8:20 update. Good morning! the sun is up and so are many of you. (And some of us are headed to bed after a long night). Before I do a run down of the roads, I want to mention something that bothers us. The driver. You know the one. Him. The one who is traveling at 12 mph in a 55 zone on a dry road. The one that has 5 cars piled up behind him. HE is creating a hazard. Please pull over when it is safe and let the traffic pass. I would much rather have one car slide off into a ditch than 5 cars all on top of each other. You may feel you are doing your civic duty by slowing down all the other cars on the road. What you are really doing is setting EVERYONE up for an accident. Don't be that driver. Now the good news. Hwy 421 is 4 lanes of 99% dry road. Watch out for inter changes and merge lanes. And this might surprise you but UNDER overpasses are icy. They stay in the shade and water and slush drip off the overpass down onto the road and refreeze. Hwy 49 is not in very good condition. There are extensive patches of packed snow (ICE) and slush (ICE) and even melted snow (ICE). Old Hwy 421 is much the same as Hwy 49. especially Old 421 just north of new 421. Maybe we should close the road and have a hockey game? Hwy 64 is in good shape and is much like Hwy 421, clear and dry. Local streets are still hit or miss. Many are clear and dry, and many are not. Be safe and good night (from our perspective).

5:20 AM Update: Good Frigid Morning to everyone, the time is now, well, whatever time you happen to reading this, but, know that it was 5:20, well, you get the idea. Not much new to report on the road conditions at this point but... Remember... At our current balmy temperature of 20 degrees, if the road looks wet, it is ice! Slow down and get there safe!

8:20 PM Update: The sun is gone, and so is most of the snow and ice... BUT that water will return to its former icy glory tonight... The only advice we have to add is that if you think the road you are on is clear, think again... Ice is still on every road... in varying amounts. Please remember for the morning, if it looks wet... it's probably ice.

4:20 PM Update: The sun helped a lot today, but not as much as our Public Works Department!!! Hats off to them. Most roads are fairly clear and wet. Shady spots are still very slick being still packed snow and ice. Specifically of note is the curve on East Butler Avenue... still a skating rink. Please remember to use an abundance of caution. Roads outside of town are not in near as good condition as the ones in town. Please drive carefully as it will begin to refreeze very soon.

12:20 PM Update: The sun is out, temperatures are rising... Public Works and NCDOT are out continuing to plow the snow out of everyone's way. Main roads are turning to slush and traction is coming back... slowly. Please continue to use caution though because even though the road you are on may be fairly clear, it may get slick very quickly! And remember... Once the sun goes back to sleep, you should too! With an expected low temperature of around 20 degrees tonight, all this slush and water will refreeze tonight making travel even more dangerous than this morning. More later.

5:20 AM Update: Road crews worked through the night, doing what they could. Which, to say the least, isn't a lot. Nothing against them, it's just when it gets down to 10 degrees, not even salt works. If you do need to go outside of Liberty, 421 has one(ish) maybe two lanes that are fairly clear... be sure to watch those on/off ramps, bridges, and intersections though... As Han Solo said in Star Wars, A New Hope... "Great kid, don't get cocky!

12:20 PM Update: The roads are still deteriorating... Actually, the roads are gone... Even all-wheel drive doesn't help a lot now... More and more accidents are coming in by the minute... Please stay home and let the road clearing crews work... Be safe.

People are calling and asking how the roads are...... well....this gives an idea...

10:20 AM Update: Reports are coming in about snow in the area... Can anyone confirm this??? But seriously folks, The roads are terrible... We have already responded to four separate accidents though fortunately no one was hurt. Stay at home... unless absolutely necessary.

8:20 AM Update: Roads are now covered... Traction is slipping... Temperature now shows to be 28 degrees... Stay at home if possible... Let's meet some other day. Today, all we might have to talk about is how much damage you've done to your car. Please drive safely if you have to!!!

Please see update for current conditions: The snow is falling... The roads are wet... Snow is sticking to the roads in places... My car says it's 30 degrees... If you can stay at home, please do. If you have to get out on the roads, please use caution.

We are excited to announce this event and hope it will be a success! So, come on out and have some coffee with a cop on January 13th!

We have recovered a quadcopter/drone in the Liberty area. So if you or someone you know is missing a drone, come to the PD and show some proof (i.e. the working controller, a description, etc) and we will reunite you....and no this is not a picture of the ACTUAL drone....

December's arrests and serious misdemeanors. All suspects are innocent until proven guilty. Bethany Bowman, Shoplifting, concealment of goods. JUVENILE name withheld, possession of a stolen firearm, possession of a stolen vehicle, injury to personal property, possession of drug paraphernalia. Ronald Green, possession of stolen property, larceny. Kristopher Walls, failure to appear, order for arrest (x2) Essie McKenzie, order for arrest. Jeffrey Abbot, failure to report property damage. Naomi Thomas, order for arrest, failure to appear. Zachary Short, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia. Randy Marks, DWI. Andrew Lackey, assault on a female. Marcus Bowden, order for arrest, failure to appear. Darion Crittle, careless and reckless operation of a motor vehicle, illegal passing, exceeding the posted speed limit. Jason Garner, larceny (x2). Michael Coltrane, trespassing. Shannon Mckenzie Larceny, warrant for arrest (x2), failure to appear order for arrest. Tyler Grindstaff possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, fictitious license plate Jaimes Amador DWI, no operators license, DWI-under 21 The average speed of a citation in a residential neighborhood (35 mph zone) was 53 mph

Thanks to everyone who participated in our canned food drive that benefited this community. All 1169 cans (packages) of food were donated to The Liberty Association of Churches to be distributed locally. Special thanks to Officer White for making the arrangements to make this happen.

UPDATE: I am not lost anymore!!! Someone has taken me in and given me a new foster home!!! Thanks for all the shares. Help me I am lost, I have wandered in the Food Lion and Dollar Tree looking for my family. I am super sweet and obviously a socialized lap dog.

Well, we decided it was better to reschedule the canned food drive than try to guess what the weather was going to do. The new date is Thursday, December 14th, 2017. If you have a donation and simply can't wait to donate what you have (that is a good thing) you can bring your donations by the police department. Thank you!

These fine gentleman are doing some serious work on the Liberty Veterans Memorial! It is not too late to have your veteran honored on the memorial. Please contact Terry Caviness at See More