Marshville Police Department

  • Agency: Marshville Police Department
  • Address: 113 W Main St, Marshville, 28103 NC
  • Chief: Mike A Gaddy (Chief of Police)

Marshville Police Department is located at 113 W Main St, Marshville, 28103 NC. The Chief of Police of the department is Mike A Gaddy. The Marshville Police Department phone number is 704-624-6767.

Marshville Police Department News

The Easter event was a great success. Thanks to the Town of Marshville for hosting the event and thank you to those who assisted. It means alot when our community comes together for these events. We hope to see everyone at the next one!

Stop by and drop off any unwanted or expired medication at CVS in Marshville on April the 20th from 2pm - 4pm

Vendors for the Marshville Craft Fair are set up and ready

Thanks to Christine and all of the waitresses and cooks at Christine's Wagon Wheel,LLC for helping the Marshville Police Department raise $1,031.93 this past Friday for Levine's Children's Hospital. This money will go straight towards helping kids and families with the cost of cancer treatment. It would not have been possible without the support of the Marshville Community! We are so proud of the community for supporting an awesome cause and going above and beyond what we expected. Stay tuned for our next community event!

If anyone has any information on this suspect who was involved in a recent robbery. Please Contact Lieutenant J. Carrier at Marshville Police Department 704 624 6767

National Night Out 2017

We hope everyone can come and enjoy this event with us on August 1st from 6pm until 9pm.

Marshville Police Department will be at CVS till 4pm. Please bring any unwanted or expired medication.

National Night Out was a great success. 8/2/2016 if you missed this year make sure you come next year for the great food and entertainment. Thank you to all the agencies that were there. Thank you for all of the assistance from everyone for making this possible and a special thanks to Officer Spurlock for his dedication and service to make this event happen in Marshville.

We would like to thank every agency who was able to make this checkpoint possible. We made 64 traffic violations and 9 physical arrest including 5 DWI arrest, 7 misdemeanor drug arrest, 1 felony drug arrest and 3 firearm charges.

Medicine drop off this past friday was a huge success. Thanks Officer Spurlock for your dedication to this event. Thank you CVS for allowing us to set up this event on your property.

Thank you Gwen Million general manager of Wilco Hess for your generous donation of water for National Night Out

Miltree community event

Come visit us for National Night Out. This is a free event with free food, beverages and entertainment. 6140 W Marshville blvd East Campus Church. If you have any questions contact J.A. Spurlock 704-624-6767

Congratulations to our new Sergeant. Sgt. T. McClellan.

Friday 6/12/2015. Marshville Police Officers hard at work during the Traffic Light Campaign.